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How to Send / Receive iMessages in Airplane Mode

Have you always wondered just what on earth is the use of the Airplane mode? Apart from using it when you are flying high up in the air( business or pleasure ).

Can you Send/Receive iMessages in Airplane mode?

Airplane mode once turned on will disable all voices, text, telephone and any other signal transmitting technologies like WiFi and Bluetooth!

Airline mode prohibits the use of equipment transmitting a signal while you are in the flight and prevents the devices you are carrying from transmitting these radio frequencies.

Airplane mode is a setting that is available on all your smartphones, iPhones and iPads.

Why is it important to turn on this setting when in an aircraft?

Well, So the radio frequencies as mentioned above don’t lead to a malfunction in the plane’s electronic systems. The radio in the phones emits electromagnetic interference.

Flying or not turning on the Airplane mode will help you disable or shut out all your battery draining apps and extend your device’s battery life. Turning on the Airplane mode also helps you solve other software related issues you may be struggling with within your phone.

Some other important uses of Airplane Mode other than just in flights

  • If you are facing trouble with your phone’s connection
  • When you want a quiet day and don’t want to be disturbed by the outside world.
  • Extending the battery life of your phone, your data, as well as the WiFi, will be shut down so you will not be receiving any text or call.
  • Your phone charges rather quickly when it is on Airplane mode.

How to Turn on Airplane mode, on iPhones ?

Step 1- Start by opening up the settings on your iPhone

Step 2- Right under your name the first thing you will spot is AIRPLANE MODE. Slide the circular icon to the right and turn the bar Green!


You may also simply slide up from the bottom of the screen, tap on the airplane icon. The icon turns orange and that means your Airplane mode is now on.

Airplane Mode does not shut your phone down completely. You can still use some apps and games, access the front and back camera and even play videos and music but only if it was previously downloaded Since Airplane mode blocks your connection to all networks, be it WiFi or cellular. Making phone calls or sending out texts is not possible! There is no Internet connection because the iPhone has Airplane mode turned on and connecting to the  WiFi connection is out of the question too.

It is baffling, isn’t it? You assume if you leave your friend/boss/family an iMessage they would receive it and be able to respond when your iPhone is off the Airplane mode!

Apple users can easily send a text or iMessage in Airplane mode but only to other Apple product users ( Mac, iPhone. iPad )

Your iPhone will send an iMessage to the other apple device when it is within range of a WiFi connection. That is all that your iPhone will need!

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How to Send iMessages in Airplane mode:

Step 1- Open up the settings to turn on the Airplane mode. You can also turn on the Airplane mode by swiping up from the bottom of your screen and accessing the control center of your iPhone.

swipe up airplan mode

Step 2- Exit the setting/control panel of your iPhone. Open up the messages, you will spot the green icon with the message bubble inside it!

Step 3- Type out a message that you would want to send to your friend/Colleague and hit send. A message that states TURN OFF AIRPLANE MODE or use WiFi TO send and receive messages.

Step 4- Tap on the settings and enable your WiFi

wifi enable

Step 5- Your message will be delivered to the concerned person only if he/she is using an apple product! ( Mac/iPad/iPhone)

Please keep in mind that iMessages only work between 2 apple devices and the WiFi is of no concern here and you will only be able to send iMessages and not simple texts that require the use of cellular data.

That is how can easily send iMessages to other Apple devices even when they are on Airplane method  Mode.

A lot of articles also state that this method could also be used to talk to people and also save money by simply using the iMessages instead of the phone’s cellular network.

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