How to Delete Your Apple ID Account?

Delete Apple ID Account: Apple provides all its users with the option to delete or deactivate their Apple ID, while still being able to receive a copy of all the data that is associated with your Apple ID that the company Maintains on its servers. 

You can either delete or deactivate your Apple ID account. One. It’s remembering that while deactivating is a temporary process, deleting will remove all your associated data permanently and will be an irreversible action.

Once deleted you will not be able to reactivate your account or reopen it through Apple. All the Apple services including photos, videos and all the information you have stored in your iCloud will be deleted and not accessible ever in the future.

Also, you will not receive any calls or messages that are sent on your account via iMessage text messages, FaceTime camera, or iCloud mail. 

How to Deactivate or Delete Apple Id Account?

While deleting accounts while all your Apple Store appointments and support cases are canceled, the AppleCare plans you may have purchased remain valid. All the Digital Rights Management required content is deleted, while the ones which do not require DRM such as iTunes music purchases work normally. 

Therefore if you are not planning to use your Apple account for some time, it is recommended to deactivate the account instead of deleting it.

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A deactivated account can be easily reactivated by contacting Apple Support and providing the unique access code received during deactivation. If however, you have decided to delete the account, make sure you take care of the following pointers : 

  • Back up all the data that you have stored in your iCloud, including any Apple or their party app data. If you have any DRM free purchase, make sure to download it along with iTunes Match tracks that you might not have copies of or any other media or music you need. 
  • As all the remaining subscriptions are canceled at the end of the billing cycle during deletion as well as deactivation, make sure you review the, once. 
  • Make sure you save all the important Apple-related information that you may need now or later. 
  • To avoid any issues in the future, Sign out of all your devices, using that Apple account ID or iCloud. Once deleted you will not be able to sign out of iCloud or turn off Find my phone activation location on your Apple devices. So if you do not sign out before deleting the account, you may not be able to use your device anytime after that. 

Remove devices from Apple account by following steps

  • Go to appleid.apple.com and with your Apple ID sign in.
  • once signed in, scroll down the page to the device section. 
  • one by one choose each device that you have attached to that Apple ID and click Remove. 
  • A box will appear in that click on remove (device) to confirm. 

Remove devices from Apple account

Remove devices associated with your Apple ID on iOS

  •  On your Apple device, click on the Settings app.
  •  Tap on the Apple ID banner at the top of the settings screen.
  •  Scroll down the page to the section which has your Apple device and click on it. 
  •  Tap on Remove account and confirm the same by clicking on Remove in the dialog box that appears. 

One all the above work is done and you have safely done everything, it is time to delete your Apple ID account.

How to Delete Apple ID Account?

Once all the above things have been done, device removed from Apple account you are now ready to delete Apple ID account permanently. Follow the below steps: 

On your iOS device, whether Mac, PC or iPad open your browser and navigate to the privacy page. This option is not available on iPhones so use the devices mentioned above.

Delete or Deactivate Your Apple ID Account

  • On a web page, enter your Apple ID along with the password. You may have to answer the security question or authorize two-factor authentication on another device if prompted. 
  • You will see a tab labeled, Delete Apple Id account. Under that click on Get started.
  • You will be asked to specify the reason for deleting the account, choose an option from the drop-down, you can also choose “prefer not to say,” and select Continue. 
  • You will be shown the deletion terms and conditions, check off the read and agree with box and continue further. 
  • As you delete Apple Id account, you will have to specify some way of receiving the updates for your iOS devices. You can choose the email Id which was used in your Apple account. And can choose a different email I’d or also on the phone. Once chosen click on continue. 
  • You will be sent a unique access code, which can be used to contact the Apple Support   Team. If you wish to change your mind about deleting the account after a short period or any other issue regarding your account. Once done click on continue. 
  • Enter the access code and click on continue. 
  • Review all the important details and click on Delete Account. 

You will be shown that your account is being deleted and the entire process may take up to seven days. While the verification is still on, your account will be active.


Deleting your account is a permanent affair. So make sure that you are extremely sure and backed up before deleting your account. The above steps will help you in backing up your data and deleting your account. 

Until the request for deletion is being processed, you can contact Apple Support. And with the unique alphanumeric access code that you may have received in step 7.

Whereas once the account is deleted, there is no turning back. Apple can’t cancel the request, reopen your account, or restore your data.  If you still have any questions about the Apple Privacy Policy or other topics you can contact Apple support center.

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