Best Free Apps For Creating Animated GIFs on iPhone

Messaging is the most used mode of communication right now, and the simple text gains emotion through emojis and Gifs. Gifs are more fun and expressing you can share your mood or add some sarcasm through it. You can share Animated GIFs on android text messaging apps, iMessage, or social media apps.

You can either download it from the internet or can use certain apps for it. Gifs are also available on some of the best android keyboard apps like google or GIF. There are certainly many options for using Gifs and many ways to use them; you can even put Gifs on Insta story and as many as want.

Gifs are a new trend on social media and messaging apps. What is even better than sharing a Gifs is sharing a customized Gif. There are many apps available on the App store as well as Google play that lets you create Gifs. You can create a gif from a video clip or an image by using GIF creating apps.

Know-How to Create Gifs For iPhone and iPad

In this article, you will find some best free apps for creating Animated GIFs for iPhone and iPad users. These apps are a great option if you are bored sharing the same kind of Gifs on your chats. The same kind of Gifs is not only monotonous, but it also kills the expression on your text.

Tumblr’s App

Tumblr App

If you love Gifs, Tumblr is the place to be; people have been using Tumblr to post and reblog Animated GIFs images. Tumblr is used vastly for Gifs, and so to make your task more easy Tumblr introduced Gif making features in mobile App.

You download the Tumblr app and make a Gifs from your preferred Video else; you can use photos bursts option from your iPhone’s camera and turn that into Gif.

Tumblr is one of the well-known names when it comes to microblogging, dominated completely with visual content. People use this platform to post every kind of content from Gifs to blogs and Videos.

You can use Gifs by installing the Tumblr app on your iPhone. If you already have installed the App, make sure you update it with the recent version for using the Gif making tool.

The Gif making feature can only be found in the Tumblr app and not on the website, so you have to download the App for making gifs, you can then share it directly to other apps.

Here are the steps of creating Gif on the Tumblr app

Step1: Download and open the Tumblr app on your phone and login or sign up with your credentials.

Step2: Click on the menu button at the bottom of your screen and select the compose button one with the pencil icon.

Step3: Click on the red colored photo post button; it is encircled by all the other post type button.

Step4: You will see a camera option on a new screen, tap on it if you wish to click a photo and use it on the App. Else select a grid of the photos already on your Photo Gallery. Provide Tumblr app access to your device photos and videos if you haven’t initially.

Step5: Select videos and photos grids that have GIF label on the top right corner. The label means that the photos bursts or videos are suitable for creating Animated GIFs.

You can simplify the process by clicking on the Gif button on the bottom of the screen. This will eliminate all the single photos and showcase only ‘videos and photos bursts’ that can be converted to Gif.

Step6: Gif will be previewed on the screen where you can edit it. For Video, select any three-seconds of the timeline to turn it into a GIF.

Step7: Click Next and select the speed of your Gif you can make it four times faster than the original or slow it down a bit. All your edited Gifs will be previewed, so you know how it appears and makes some further changes if you want.

Step8: Press Next now you will see some optional editing button here; you can apply some cool stickers by clicking on the sticker button or write down a word on your Gif by tapping on the text button. The magic wand button is used for different filters.

Step9: Press Next, and your Gif is ready for posting. Animated GIFs created by Tumblr will have a blue label on your photo gallery; it means ready to post. Use it with the messaging app or on social media apps.



Looking for an option that is easy and offers small file size Gifs than try GifBoom. It has fast loading time and lets you create stunning Gif images. It features several video editing tools with lots of video effects that users can apply to their Gifs.

Here you will see a rich set of customization tools like filters, motion, time-lapse, elements, and more all these editing features make it a powerful Gif creation app. Along faster loading time, you get to access strong privacy controls here.

Step1: Download the GifBoom App from Appstore on your iPhone and finish signing up.

Step2: Tap on your profile and select settings, click on the advanced settings.

Step3: Don’t forget to select save to camera roll option to save the Gif on your phone.

Step4: Click on the camera tab and select one of the options for making Gif you can choose from videos, images, or an existing gif file.

Step5: Now on the next screen, you will get the editing option that includes speed controls and adding effects on your Gif. Edit your Gif as you prefer and click on the Next button for a preview.

Step6: mention a title for your Gif and add on some description and text as you want and select publish your Gif is all ready for sharing or posting.

Step7: After you publish your gif files, are saved on the Gif boom account in two formats, one is.gif and other in .mp4 format.

If you want to use these gifs on other devices like your laptop, you can save these gifs on your dropbox.

PicsArt Gif & Sticker Maker

PicsArt Gif & Sticker Maker

Pics Art lets you create your imagination in a different form; with this App, you can customize Gifs, images, stickers, videos, and more. You don’t have to switch between apps if you like creating and customizing media content; this versatile App has it all. Pic Art is only for iOS devices; you can download PicsArt only on iPhone and not on Android devices.

When you create a gif export it to the pics art gallery to show your work to other pics art users, you can also see the creativity of other artists in the gallery and can use it as a reference.

With PicsArt, you can create Animated GIFs in many ways, select from a series of photos, videos, or even from other Gifs. There is an in-app camera that lets you click photo series and make gifs instantly. There are tons of customization effects for you to add in your Gif. You can apply so many color filters and effects and text with different fonts and whatnot.

At PicsArt, there is not a single method of creating Gifs; it’s a creative box where you can bring out creativity and imagination and design a gif accordingly.

For example, you can select an image from your gallery apply one of the color filters pon it, now again select the same image in the original format and make a gif with both images with color contradiction. With PicsArt, you can create gifs from any images or videos; there are no exceptions here.

Giphy Cam

 Giphy Cam

Giphy is a search engine for Gifs, and it is one of the most used platforms for finding gifs. At the Giphy search engine, you get all kinds of gifs in different categories, so it’s easy to find them. If you are wondering why we are talking about a search engine instead of an app, it’s because Giphy has an app too called GiphyCam.

One of the best things about Giphy Cam is that it allows users to take a quick video and turn it into Animated GIFs. There are other options, too, that includes turning Gif from still images, Videos, or series of photos. Apart from filters and effects, you will find many cool add-ons to customize your gifs such as stickers and even face-tracking accessories and more.

Here are the steps of creating Gif on the Giphy Cam app

Step1: Launch Giphy Cam App on your iPhone, for recording a gif you have to press and hold the record button, till the loop completes. If you prefer photo series over videos, then just tap the record button that will shoot a five frame burst mode Gif.

Step2: The next step is adding filters and special FX. Once you create Gif from selecting or recording media, you can enhance gif effects with photo filters from 3D to a classic black and white. Giphy Cam has over forty overlays and effects.

Step3: It’s time to share your creativity with your friends. You can save the gifs on your iPhone or share it instantly in messaging and social media apps like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. When you save the Gif on your device, you might only see it as an image and not the animation part until you share it on the social and messaging App.



DayCap offers a fun way to summarize your day, and that’s through a gif. At DayCap, you get a lot of customization options classified in different categories. It is best for your creative mood with DayCap; you can create GIF based stories with not more than a minute.

DayCap app features as ‘Best New Apps’ on App store; it can turn all your day’s photos into GIF slideshow. It’s the best way to reduce the number of photos from your phone gallery, turn a group of similar photos into a slideshow, and that’s it.

It’s super easy to create a slideshow and looks beautiful with added effects and filters. You can click photos with the built-in camera. After you have created your Gif you can add location, title, and description that too using different fonts.

Apart from all these cool features, there is one major Drawback that you see in this App. It requires you to take pictures within the App and doesn’t navigate you through the camera roll. It would be a lot easier if the App allowed you to access photos from your phone’s camera. We hope they release an updated version fixing this issue.



Need something more than just creating GiF than try Gifx for once. Give your creativity full freedom with Gifx. Gifx has collaborated with popular gif artists worldwide featuring more than 300 effects of Gif creation.

You can customize Gifs by adding music and adjust the size and opacity according to your preference. The list doesn’t end here, and you can choose from hundreds of masks for Gif customization.

Gifx features adding effects on still images and video clips. You can not use it for a series of photos as Gif making. Also, not all the effects available on Gifx are free many of the effects that need to be purchased, but even for free ones, they have a pretty cool collection.

Here are the features you can use on Gifx App

Choose an image or Video from your [phone gallery and apply animated effects.

Once you get the right effect, you can save it on your device or convert it into movies. Gifx allows both Gif to movie conversion and moves to Gif conversion.

Adjust the size and opacity of your Gif and add music if you want to make your Gif more attractive. If you are posting the Video on Social media, be careful about copyright.

5Seconds App

5Seconds App

5Seconds App lets you create professional animated images thanks to the beautiful filters and a wide range of effects. The option to edit and preview makes the task a lot easier. You have full control over the size and speed on the Gif you create.

Adding effects on Gif on 5 seconds is very easy; you can put a frame on your Gif, text, and even stickers, make your Gif more noticeable by adding text annotations.

Once you curate Gif, you can post it on social apps like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram or share it with your friends through Whatsapp or iMessage. You can put a frame on your Gif, text, and even stickers, make your Animated GIFs more noticeable by adding text annotations.

Once you curate Gif, you can post it on social apps like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram or share it with your friends through Whatsapp or iMessage.

This App not only brings fun, but it’s also a very good option to choose professionally. If you handle marketing or social media sites for your company, you can curate some unique and fun Gifs that are both suitable and engaging to your viewers.

Many times you come across an app with many features, but it can deliver the basic functions properly, and that makes it less likable, but this is not the case with 5 seconds App. The neatest features on 5 seconds app are to crop and annotate Gif files.



Giffer app is an easy Gif making option that is user-friendly as well as a powerful tool to bring out your creativity. It is one of the premier gif making apps available for iPhone, create several kinds of Gifs like cinemagraphs, back and forth, looped gifs, stop motion gifs, and jitter wiggles time-lapse, slideshow, cat and dog gifs and more.

You can create and edit Animated GIFs and import it from wen. iTunes, camera roll, or simply apply copy-paste. Giffer offers effortless editing with frame precision. Created Gifs can directly be shared with several sites like Tumblr, twitter Facebook, text, and email.

Step1: Open App and Click on the plus (+) button on the screen select image or Video you like from your gallery.

Step2: Click the red camera button to choose a frame for your animation.

  • To add frames on the existing photo, click on the left of the shutter button.
  • To record a new frame pre and hold to the shutter button until the loop completes.
  • Tap the button times for ten frame animation.
  • Tap anywhere on the camera screen and hold your finger for a few seconds for continuous recording.

Above camera controls, at the bottom of the screen, you can see and access thumbnails of all the frames. The grey checkboxes under thumbnails dedicate numbers of captured thumbnails. Giffer App gif creation limitation is of 40 frames considering size, memory, and speed concerns. There is also an 80 frame option available on Giffer pro.

Step3: To Preview your Gif, click on the green play button at the bottom right of the screen. You can adjust Gif speed with the slider control, drag the slider till you get a preferable result.

Step4: Once you are done with editing, click on the green checkmark on the top right corner of your screen. Gif you created will appear on saving and share screen, save Gif on your device or share it directly to social apps and more.

Step5: Click “Done” to finish and go to the home screen.



MyFaceWhen App can be used anytime on your iPhone, and it is very easy to share your creation on numerous apps. This App seems interesting for GIF-making, but you should have the skill to learn editing tasks.

Apart from editing, creating Gif is very simple here; you just have to record a video and trim it in your preferable size. Here you will see some great featuring tools for creating a feature-rich GIF.

MyFaceWhen App creates a high-resolution GIF that can be shared through several messaging and social apps without worrying about image distortion. You can adjust resolution and output size and add different kinds of animation effects, making your Gif more attractive.

One of the interesting features of the MyFaceWhen App is that you can make Gif from a clip of your favorite movie or series. Upload the movie or tv series on the app play and crop a section where you wish to create the Gif and edit, that’s it! Share Gif from your favorite show to your friends amazing, isn’t it?

At MyFaceWhen App, you will interesting GIF updated every day select the one you like and import directly into your gallery. You can also import other Animated GIFs from the internet to MyFaceWhen and edit it and turn it more appealing.



At GifLab, not only you create and edit your GIf but are also cable of tweaking speed and video quality. You can select video quality as per requirement, depending on the platform you want to share on. Talking about sharing, you share Gif directly to iMessage, Facebook, instant, or upload it on your phone.

Take a quick video or upload an image from your phone or download a suitable image from the internet for Gif making. Creating Gif on GifLab is easy breezy take a goofy selfie or highlight a favorite sport there are many ways you can edit and filter Gif and share it with your friends

You can choose from many fonts to write down a quote and create an awesome gif meme.

Besides sharing your Animated GIFs, you can upload it on the net or share a URL so that people can refer to your blog or social media app.



VSCO is a known name when it comes to Animated GIFs creation; it’s a photo editing app used by millions of people around the globe. Here we would talk about a newly launched app DSCO made by the makers of VSCO.

The photography app DSCO can captures from various sources very easily and make editing very easy. Curating imagination on DSCO is very simple thanks to the interface design.

If you are using the VSCO app, you don’t have to install another app on your device. You can use DSCO for Gif making on your VSCo app too, here is how:

Open the Vsco app on your iPhone and click on the arrow on top of your screen.

Click on the DSCO icon beside VSCO on the bottom of your screen, and that’s it; you will be navigated to the DSCO feature.

Now creating a GIF on DSCO is very simple, see below

Step1: Open the DSCO app or open it from the VSCO app, as mentioned above.

Step2: Press and hold to the shutter button to record a video clip from the in-app camera.

Step3: Once you record the video, apply filters and editing by swiping right and left on your screen. Choose and download filters that suit your Video the best.

Download your created GIF to the camera roll, or you can post it on your VSCO profile and share it on different apps.



Texting on iMessage is so much fun with all those text filters and gestures, but it can be better when you share unique and fun gifs with your friends. GifMill makes chatting more fun as it allows you to create your animation gif and that too for free.

GifMill has a funky looking interface and showcases versatility. You can curate Gif from video image or another Gif and customize it as you like with filters, fonts, and effects.

Although you can create Gif by selecting any image sequence, GifMill works best with the burst mode of your iPhone. Burst mode captures concurrent photos rapidly. To take a burst shot, hold on to the shutter button, and once done, go to the GifMill App.

Here is how you can use GifMill app on your iPhone

Step1: Download the GifMil App for free and launch it on your phone. Note that the App is free to download, but not all the features you get in the App are free; to use some filter, you have to make an in-app purchase.

Step2: Select an option for making a gif like a video, photo, or camera. For instance, select photos to pick an image from the camera roll.

Step3: Select ‘in sequence’ from camera roll and put that put your image to animated Gifs and click done. You can change the sequence of images by clicking on the sequence button again and then selecting an image as you prefer.

Step4: Your Gif will now be ready, and you can edit it on the next screen. Select modify option and edit speed, quality orientation, size, and more.

Step5: To save your Gif on the camera roll select Albums, and select Share button to directly share the Gif on other apps or platforms.


That’s it, folks, this is a list of some very interesting application you can install on your iPhone. We have shared with you all the basics, find out which App works best for you, and share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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