Best Text Messaging Apps for Android in 2024

Text Messaging Apps for Android: The most common way to talk to people nowadays is through mobile phones. Texting messaging application has made communication so much easier. No matter in which part of the world you are, the Text Messaging Apps connect to you with your friends and family.

Previously messaging application only shared texts, but now they are versatile. You can share data of all kinds from location, to contact, Gifs, documents, and many more features.

Which are the best Text Messaging Apps for Android?


Text Messaging Apps are very handy for work purposes, as well. You can use it for different platforms like e-commerce, health care, advertising, e-commerce, etc. Alerts and broadcast features in some apps are great options that let you share the same message to numerous people at once.

Most of the people nowadays prefer communicating over messaging tools; we all chat at some or other time. You may already have used a few messaging applications on your Android Phones, but you can make texting more enjoyable with these apps. These text messaging apps can be a handy replacement for your default messaging SMS app.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Many people find Facebook outrated, yet they provide several services and features for their users, and Facebook messenger is one of them. Did you know that Facebook messenger comes with built-in SMS, and it’s integrated with internet messaging?

Facebook Messenger comes with a few drawbacks like it can consume your phone’s battery, and it’s not that lightweight; it might affect your storage app.

There are lots of users for Facebook, so there are lots of users of Facebook messenger too, It makes talking facebook friends very convenient. You can make your conversation more fun with a huge range of stickers and GiFS.

There are all sorts of emojis on Facebook messenger for you, whether it’s related to festivals, moods romance comedy, and more. It will buddle up your contacts automatically but also lets you add people to your contacts. You can also request someone to add you to their contacts.

With the Chat head option, you can keep a chat icon floating on your screen, so whenever a message pops in, you just have to tap that icon to reply or chat. There are tons of features on this Text Messaging Apps like you can play games with your friends. Start a group conversation share location and also transfer money for selected markets.

Handcent Next SMS

Handcent Next SMS

Like Chomp SMS Handcent Next SMS was the first few Text Messaging Apps. IT is still a highly used application that has several handy features. One of the best-known features of Handcent is Handcent Anywhere that allows you to use this App on your computer or Tablets. The privacy box features of Handcent lets you protect your private chats. You can use various formats of media such as pictures, audio, video, or more.

You can backup your long conversation to cloud storage directly from this App; saving your messages is no so much easier, isn’t it? Handcent Next provides amazing customization options; you can select a theme like night mode and light. Change bubble style, fonts: notification tones, LED color, and much more.

Handcent Next SMS is supported by wear OS; if you have an Android smartwatch, you can quickly check the notification and reply through voice assistance. You can have a quick reply to your chat by tapping on the pop-up notification without opening the Text Messaging App.

Mood Messenger

Mood Messenger

Mood Messenger is one of the latest Android texting apps that keeps this simple and less complicated. It is easy to use the App with all the essentials chat features; with this App, you can chat without SMS.

There are no in-app purchases, and it’s free on google. Its lightweight means don’t consume a lot of storage space on your mobile phone. Mood messenger supports dual Sim, so you can use two numbers for a single app.

It keeps track of your written words and predicts words while you write the sentences. It also predicts smileys matching to your sentences, so no need to dig for perfect smileys while you chat. While you chat with your friends, you can share youtube videos to them directly in this App.

There are tons of amazing stickers and emojis that makes chatting more enjoyable. There customization option with that you can change the look of the App with different themes.

Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS is the ultimate solution for all your testing requirements. It comes with dozens of handy and unique features, which lets you chat better and faster. Pulse SMS can be used with any device, including PC and tablets; it is also compatible with dual-sims mobile phones.

You can run from any device from anywhere, but for that, you have to pay extra. Download Pulse SMS from Google Play for free; however, if you wish to use it on your PCs, tablets, etc. you have to pay $0.99 per month or a lifetime fee of $10.99.

With Pulse SMS app, you can keep your inbox clean by archiving chats you don’t need at the moment. Schedule texts for a particular time so you don’t have to remind yourself for wishing birthdays or anniversaries.

If unwanted notification is troubling you in any of your activities, you can snooze it and clear the distraction. Block Spammers by blacklisting them and pin your favorite people on top with whom you talk most frequently. Share all kinds of media from text, images, videos, location, GIFS, contacts, and more.



QKSMS is an open-source messaging app with a cleaner interface it brings to beautiful messaging features, which makes you fall in love with texting. One of the most noticeable features is that it’s ad-free.

QKSMS takes care of your privacy here; you can block messages manage your blacklist not only that these texting apps make your task easy by automatically deleting spam messages. It supports dual SIM and Android wear OS. It is available for free on Google Play with some optional in-app purchases.

You can backup your conversation here without needing another backup app. There are tons of customization options for you in QKSMS. This texting application shares various media files like videos, GIFs, and more. You can prioritize messages so quickly, distinguish, and message to a person you want any time. Quickly reply to your friends by tapping on the pop-up notification.



It is responsive and speedy with a minimalistic design. The most appealing feature here is the customization options you can not only change the look of your App with themes but also customize different chat conversation with different colors and wallpapers.

Change In Textra App, you can change the overall theme from dark, light, and black modes. You can choose to select from various bubble style, and colors pick the one you find suitable.

The best customization feature here is that you can change emoji set choose the skin tone and other emojis for android you like. You can even change the color App’s icon. You can certainly change the way the App and chat look and behave.

It is so much you can do with the notifications too add useful buttons, change heads up style, sounds, and more. Still not convinced there’s more to it, you can customize each conversation individually. This application is one of the highly-rated texting apps in Google Play.

Yaata SMS

Yaata SMS

Yaata SMS features a bunch of useful messaging features to make your work easier, for example, Text scheduling. This feature is really useful, especially for works text or any other important message sharing where you need to send a message over a particular time.

There is also group chat, so you and your friends can discuss to meet or hang out altogether without going online. Yaata SMS supports MMs so you can share videos and images too. The customization features include changing themes and wallpapers.

If you want to save up important conversation, you can directly backup your conversation here without downloading a third-party app for it. This application is free to download, but there’s also a premium version you can buy for premium features.

You can buy a paid version to enable SMS blacklisting, auto-forwarding, and back and restore feature. The App comes to with a widget som you can place anywhere any your screen to have quick access.



Evolve SMS is something that you can consider for the default Text Messaging Apps. It is so simple to use with a minimalistic interface. You can also change the LED color of notification, so when a particular color of LED pops in your screen, it tells you that you have received a text message from Evolve SMS.

There is a drop-down menu on the left, showcasing all your contacts with unique colors and photos so you can easily differentiate between contact. Just tap on any one to start your conversation, you can send one text to a group of people at once.

There are also many customization options like you can select a color for the overall theme and also change the color of chat bubbles for each conversation you have.



Threema is an interesting application with which you can have anonymous conversations, which means you don’t need to require a phone number or email address to use this App. Though it allows private texting, it allows takes care of your privacy, all the chats are secure, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

One of the best features of Threema is that once you receive your messages, it gets deleted from the server immediately. This way, your data remains completely secure, and there is no misuse because only you have access to it.

Threema app has a desktop version also so you can use this App on your computer. The texting app allows text as well as voice messages. Share all kinds of media with the threema texting app and enjoy chats with your friends.

Messages by Google

Messages by Google

Messages previously known as Android messenger is an official texting app from Google. Messages are a very convenient option that allows faster and enjoyable communication. Share amazing GIFS, emojis, and an amazing range of stickers. You can even share your audio clip and videos, create a group of your friends or family, and have a group chat.

This texting app is used for three purposes chat, SMS, and MMS. There is a dark mode, which let’s chat on the low light screen. There is a camera button with which you can click photos and share it instantly to the person you are texting too.

This App is compatible with many other google apps; one of them is google Pay. While you are texting, you can even pay or receive money to your friends or colleagues.

Messages app brings a powerful search option to find a particular content from your conversation quickly. Tap on the search bar and type-specific contact to look at all the messaging history related to that contact.

Some carriers allow you to send and receive text messages over wifi or cellular network. You will know if your friends have received your messages and viewed it. Google texting app is found on all the latest Nexus devices.

Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS

Chomp message is one of the Primitive Android apps; the App has grown along with each updated Android version. This App is still one of the best third-party messaging applications. You can share emojis, block SMS that bother you more.

One best thing about this tool is that you can reply to any chat very quickly by tapping on the pop-up notification. Chomp allows group messaging and MMS. Stop the App at mid-send if you wish to, you can use Chomp SMS with Android wearable like a smartwatch, etc.

Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger

Like the names tell, Signal Private Messenger values users’ privacy. This Text Messaging App is similar to apps like hangout and WhatsApp but with End to End encryption. It works on features you can send a text to any of your contacts if the receiver doesn’t have this App it will receive your message in the form of SMS. You can download this App on the Google Play store for free with no in-app purchases.

It is an open-source app with this messenger; you can have a group chat with your friends to share different kinds of media. You can even make phone calls and videos call here.


These were all about the best Text Messaging Apps of 2024. You don’t have to look for different Text Messaging Apps now. Downloading any of these apps will let you check SMS and will also allow chatting, calling or even group chats with your friends and family.

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