Top Free and Paid Movie and Media Apps for iPhone and Mac

Free and Paid Movie and Media Apps for iPhone

Paid Movie and Media Apps for iPhone and Mac: In today’s world, everyone has the option to watch movies, TV shows, documentaries, and entertaining stuff through online streaming sticks. With the advent of smart Televisions, no one wants to miss their favorite content on the internet. Even though we have access to such smart devices, smartphones have managed to fix their space among the millennial’s.

Being handy and compact in design, the smartphone is one of the thoughtful innovations that humanity has ever developed. The prime reason is that you can carry smartphones anywhere you want and use them whenever you want. If you own a smartphone, then entertainment is no longer away from you. Even if in a small screen, you will have bundles of options to get yourself entertained. Focusing on the title; not only you can enjoy watching live TV programs but also free movies, documentaries, funny videos, web series, and a lot that you would have never imagined.

Free and Paid Movie and Media Apps

Apparently, however, Netflix and iTunes have covered most of the media market, there are many other platforms which are as good as Netflix.  The availability of many such applications has created a medium where you can watch video content on your iOS devices and mac OS. A little unfortunate for you because many of these services cost you money to get a subscription plan, but these are worth a try.

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On the other hand, there is no shortage of free movies and video content applications that enable you to watch videos and other delightful content on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. We want to inform you that not every application available as a mobile application, some of these are browser-based so you can view such app via web over the internet. Additionally, not every app is available on the App Store; you need to download these third-party apps through browser or open source.

Here are our top picks for the best paid and free movie and media apps available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Read the complete article, and you will get to know about each movie streaming apps in a detailed manner. We have also provided a link below each subtopic so you can download any of these apps directly in no time.

  • Showbox for iOS

The Showbox app is one of the most acknowledged apps oriented for iOS. It is a free movie app for the iOS platform. One important thing that everyone needs to keep in mind is that this app is no longer available on Apple Play store. Unfortunately, we could not find any specific reason why Apple has taken away this application from the Play Store. With Showbox, you can get entertained as it includes bundles of TV shows, soap operas, and movies.

The main highlight of the app is that you can watch and download and movies on your system and later watch them without needing an internet connection. Basically, it is a best offline app which lets you enjoy movie streaming on your iPhone or Mac.

showbox app

Moreover, this app is compatible with each iOS device. It also works well with regular iOS updates. Note that you need to install vShare app on your computer in order to use the Showbox app. Once you install vShare app on your PC, you need to connect your iPhone or any other iOS device with the computer.

After connecting the iOS device with the computer, you will find that the app automatically gets launched on your iPhone. After that, you need to locate the Showbox app inside the vShare in order to complete the installation process. Once you are done with the installation process, Showbox automatically launches on your iPhone and enable you to search for your favorite movies and TV shows.

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Download link: Click Here

  • Tubi TV

This is another exciting app which enables users to watch movies and TV shows. Movies and TV shows available on this app are highly rated by rotten tomato and are not available on Netflix. The category of the available content is quite engaging, which is not readily available on any other video streaming platform. The main highlight is that you don’t need to pay for a subscription and you can watch a variety of media content directed by MGM, Lionsgate, Paramount, and others. In addition to that, the app comprises of Oscar-winning films and popular TV shows for all ages.

tubi Tv

Without any doubt, Tubi TV is the most popular apps that provide content across 40 genres. There is vast space for entertainment as it includes action, drama, comedy, horror, classics, reality shows, family shows, and cartoon for kids. The only loophole in this app is that it promotes many commercial advertisements which offset the monthly subscription charges.

Tubi TV has some distinctive features as well. If you ought to use Tubi TV, then you have the option to manage the video queue in which you can watch media content at any position. In addition to that, users have the authority to sync between the devices such as Xbox, Amazon, Apple TV, and Roku. Cast feature is also available on Tubi TV. Tubi TV is compatible with iOS 9.3 and later version.

Download link:  Click Here

  • Vudu

Vudu includes some of the unique media contents and is regarded as one of the most popular free movie apps for the iOS platform. With less advertisement, this apps enable you to enjoy tons of movies and TV shows across various categories. It allows users to stream content on iOS devices in HDX format, and even if you don’t have an iOS device, you can use Airplay to get the Vudu in use. With more than 100,000 titles available across all genres, Vudu will be your perfect companion to enjoy with.vudu app

Are you alone and want to get yourself entertained? All you need to do is turn to Vudu. It enables you to download movies which you can later watch in offline mode. It also has the potential to sync your third-party accounts such as Movie Anywhere and UltraViolet if you want to watch a movie on your iPhone or iPad.

Download link: Click Here 

  • Sling TV 

Sling TV is the best free movie applications among tech fans. You will almost certainly watch content in a broad scope of classes, for example, kids, news, motion pictures, satire, sports, way of life, wellbeing, and considerably more. The application incorporates 100 live TV stations with the inclusion of the NBA, the ball with 10000+ long periods of on-request films and shows. You can watch hit shows like SportsCenter, Atlanta even while you are going on the train through the mobile network. The Sling TV empowers you to bring content from Cloud DVR. The upside of Sling TV is that you have the opportunity to pick channels with the capacity to eliminate effectively.

Sling TV app

While the Sling Orange service offers 30 channels for $20 every month, the Sling Blue administration incorporates 40 channels for $25 every month. The application encourages you to watch ESPN, Disney Channel, FOX, NBX, Cartoon Network, National Geographic, and substantially more. The Sling TV is prominent because it is the first application to offer substance in 20 International dialects, for example, Hindi, Spanish, Brazil, Arabic and a lot more. Moreover, the application ships with Nielsen estimation programming utilizing which you can nourish your critics and evaluations.

Download link: Click Here 

  • Popcornflix

Popcornflix is one of the best free movie apps oriented for the iOS platform. With over thousands of free movies available, it offers very particular genres such as thriller, drama, comedy, horror, romance, mystery, sci-fi, western, family. If you love watching documentaries, then Popcornflix would be the perfect company for you in your free time.


Moreover, it is an on-demand media site and is entirely owned by an independent film creator. Hence, you will witness mostly movies and TV shows which created or distributed by the independent distributor. You might be wishing to watch the latest blockbuster movies and could not get success. However, Popcornflix is there for you to solve the problem since it includes some gems of movies which will leave you in awe.

This app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, and iPod touch. You can watch the most exciting movies and TV shows via Wi-Fi or cellular data. The latest version of Popcornflix has been developed considering the analytical and performance updates.

Download link: Click Here

  • SnagFilms

SnagFilms is the prevalent free-motion picture application designed for the iOS gadgets, for example, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. With SnagFilms, you will almost certainly appreciate TV shows and films/pictures. The application will revive with in excess of 6000 free motion pictures, documentaries, and shows. The application enables you to watch films stacked under different classes, for example, action-thriller, romantic, scary movies, children, ultimate adventures, and a lot more.


Moreover, if you love watching informative and obscure content, then you should choose SnagFilms, which would turn out to be a good medium to get yourself entertained. With this app, you can easily stream videos and movies directly from the browser. Furthermore, people who have a broad interest in independent documentaries can enjoy video streaming with SnagFilms. It includes tons of highly rated documentaries, National geographic content, and some distinctive documentaries developed by independent writers and filmmakers. There is a catalogue for comedy lovers where you can enjoy funny and light-hearted shows.

Download link: Click Here 

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  • Crackle

It’s been a while; Crackle has emerged as one of the best movie apps that provide absolutely free content to the viewers. Originally known as Grouper, the app has gotten its new name as Crackle, and the owner is given to Sony. The concept of free content to the viewers turned out to be a very distinctive thought that has left Netflix and other online streamers behind in terms of popularity.

With Crackle, users have the ability to watch full-length and uncut movies. However, you have to bear commercial breaks which occur in the regular interval during the streaming. It includes a variety of entertaining noir. New arrivals are quickly added to it and subsequently replaced regularly with the later arrivals. Crackle is available on iOS and Mac platform through web-browser.Crackle app

There are a few factors that you may put into consideration while choosing this app. Firstly, you may get annoyed by the ads which occur at regular intervals. It may impede your viewing experience. Second, a recently released movie does not stay forever; after a limit, these movies are getting replaced by new ones. Legend of Zorro, About Last Night, The Net, Birdy, La Bamba are such movies which you can enjoy on Crackle. Third, since the app provides free content, it is evident that you have to face some nuisances like unpleasant commercials and worthless ads.

However, if we put aside the facts as mentioned earlier, this app is worth trying. One more interesting fact about the app is that it offers some of the renowned classic movies including Charlie Chaplin’s The Vagabond, Nostferatu, and Metropolis. It includes a variety of genres including cartoons, crime, fantasy and a lot more. So, download Crackle, sit back, and relive the best movie-watching experience.

Download link: Click Here 

  • Rewinder

This application brags one of the biggest libraries containing the most essential open source content. That accompanies a drawback, that is, you won’t discover recently launched movies or TV series in this application. However, you will discover the greater part of the works of art. This application escalates the movie watching experience as it is one of the biggest libraries containing free movies and TV shows.


It contains works of classic art by Alfred Hitchcock alongside those of Charlie Chaplin, Frank Sinatra, Buster Keaton, and Three Stooges, etc. One of the major in addition to the purposes of this application is that it additionally has a scope of the best B-grade movies that are moderately lesser known amongst viewers. It likewise has a few documentaries which are very rare to find on the internet nowadays..

Download link:  Click Here 

  • Viki

This app would be the final destination for the viewers who prefer watching international movies and TV shows. The inclusion of movies and web series across the globe is a prime feature of this app. It includes Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese, and Indian movie & TV shows. Having subtitles integrated into the app makes your movies watching less problematic and more enjoyable. The main highlight of this app is that it doesn’t involve commercial breaks, which is a significant relief for you while watching your favorite movie.

viki app

The hunt for best Asian TV dramas will end here. Viki app covers tons of Asian movies and TV dramas. Besides, it also includes a wide range of classic TV shows and documentaries. A significant amount has been specified for the most popular documentaries and indie movies. In addition to that, these documentaries cover functional areas of entertainment as well as offer educational catalogues to viewers. The app is free, that implies you do not have to pay for enjoying ad-free content on your iPhone.

Download link: Click Here 

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  • Public Domain Movies

It brags more than hundreds of motion pictures which are accessible in an open source which you can channel as indicated by the writers, lead, year and its noir. Such kind of association will empower you to effortlessly discover the movies and TV shows based on your personal preference without an issue. Additionally, such a natural interface will likewise empower you to discover motion-pictures or TV series which are like the one you searched for, in this manner, making a potential opportunity to find numerous new TV shows and films which may end up being superior to anything the one you looked for.

public domain movies

Be it thrillers or sci-fi motion pictures; the choices are perpetual. It likewise dwells of having an extensive library of traditional films be it satire movies, silent motion pictures, noir motion pictures. This application will bring you through a world of fond memories and empower you to remember these works of classic indeed or see them just because as these are entirely hard to discover. Having every one of the works of art in one spot is a mammoth assignment. With this application, you have every one of them under a solitary rooftop empowering you to choose your favourite movie effectively.

Download link: Click Here 

  • Viewster

If you love watching anime, then Viewster should be your aim. This app includes not only one of the best anime shows but also top-rated movies and TV shows across the globe. It can escalate your curiosity of watching very unique documentaries of a foreign language. Since it is also content on-demand kind of app, it supports ads which are being displayed at the start and during the movie.ViewsterAdditionally, it provides content for free, and you can search for different genres of movies and TV shows, including foreign movies, documentaries, classic Hollywood movies, and some classic TV dramas. You can download this app from the App Store, and if you are a Mac user, then you can download directly from the web browser.

Inclusion of rarely released movies and hardly found tv shows in this app is a prime focus in terms of providing an amicable and engaging user experience. You can find the same movies which are not released publicly and also enjoy the content which is not regularly seen on TV or any other platform.

Download link: Click Here 

  • Pluto TV

It effectively imitates your standard TV link programming method as it accompanies a review directly with stations as opposed to indicating films or TV shows that are sought after. The channel guide directly gives subtleties concerning which specific projects will stream at what exact time. This guide is made natural and straightforward to use as it is composed of different classes. A portion of the motion pictures you can discover in this application incorporate Sherlock Holmes-Terror By Night, Route 66, Son Of Rambow, Invisible Man, etc.Pluto TVNot at all like some different applications on this rundown, Pluto TV is by all accounts principally gone for TV-like content. There are many “stations” separated into classifications like News, Sports or Movies. Generally, this isn’t, in reality, live TV. In any case, the stage does draw and clergyman web content from live TV stages like Bloomberg and CNBC.

Yet, notwithstanding TV content, Pluto TV offers on-request content that is, for the most part, comprised of movies and TV shows. The choice may be all in or all out for a few, and only one out of every odd motion picture is available in each iOS gadget or area. In addition to that, once more, it’s totally allowed to utilize. Pluto TV is accessible for iOS, Apple TV, and internet browser.

Download link:  Click Here

  • Vimeo

Vimeo is mainly chosen as one of the platforms in which only selected content creator could publish their movies and tv shows. Mostly, indie filmmakers are the one who managed to upload their content more often and not. This app is similar to YouTube in terms of some features. Firstly, it is a video sharing app, and secondly, you can find feature films regularly on this platform.Vimeo

We could possibly derive a couple of drawbacks of using this app is that not every video is free in this app. If you are lucky, you would have your favorite video free; otherwise, you need to pay a specific amount to watch the video. In addition to that, video mostly of high-quality so that it consumes more mobile data.

What makes Vimeo one of the preferred and unique offline video streaming apps? You may find tons of content on YouTube, and you may find half of them are nothing worth for you. Unlike YouTube, this app includes only selected community that creates very distinct and entertaining content. This is the primary reason behind the fact that only indie filmmakers and a few experimental films have secured their place on this platform. Last but not the least, there is no interruption during the streaming of video since it is a ‘no ads’ platform. Hence, you can enjoy content via browser or iOS app neglecting those annoying advertisements.

Download link: Click Here 

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  • YouTube

As we all know this app very well, there are fewer factors that we will represent in front of you. YouTube describes much description of the feature that includes in its catalogue. Unlike Netflix and Hulu, YouTube is not a platform where you would find lengthy content. But, on the other hand, it has the reputation of being the world’s most popular video streaming app. It provides tons and tons of video content across a variety of genres.


The major drawback of YouTube is that you won’t find free movies. In addition to that, the chance to find new blockbusters movies are second to none. But, fortunately, this app some quality movies which you can watch by paying the requested amount to watch the film. However, there is plenty of lengthy and free content available on YouTube that would make you drop the plan of watching new films.

YouTube contains a myriad of videos and documentaries for all ages and from old to recent. You can watch old classic content or hear the best collection of music uploaded by the content creator from the beginning. As it is a free subscription app, you can easily download it on your iOS and Mac.

Download link: Click Here 

  • Yidio

You might have assumed this app as a free video and movie streaming app, but NO; it is not a video streaming app, it is more of a content aggregator. That means you will not be able to find video content, but fortunately, you will find the way where to find them. This app does not include its own videos, but the app will lead you to other platforms where you can easily watch videos, films, and TV shows.


It is the best way to locate the platform containing your required content. After this you will not need to search content separately on different video streaming platforms such as Vudu, Crackle, and many more. This app will help you track down your favourite content easily. All you have to do is search for the content that you wish to watch on Yidio, and it will provide you the platform name from where you can watch videos, films, documentaries, etc. The is readily available on Mac via browser and can be downloaded on iOS devices from Apple’s play store.

Download link:  Click Here

  • Moviebox

This is another most popular app for movies and videos. Just like Netflix, Moviebox enables users to search for movies, famous TV shows, and entertaining videos through its catalogue. In addition to that, you have the option to browse content by different genres; additionally, you can also find a movie by rating and year. Each content available on this platform is delivered via peer-to-peer torrents, and it is one of the reasons behind the fact that you are eligible to enjoy the free content on Moviebox.


The peer to peer concept reminds us of an old application known as Napster. In addition to that, as we know, p2p concept is legal so that sharing of videos and other media content will be considered as an illegal activity. Firstly, Moviebox app is developed only for Android smartphones, but fortunately, now it is available for the iOS platform as well. Without jailbreaking your iOS device, you can use this app on iPhone and iPad.

Download link: Click Here 

  • Flipps TV

lately known as iMediaShare, Flipps TV is a movie and TV spilling service that uses the cloud to convey media files to your mobile devices. Flipps TV has practical experience in B-grade pictures, sports, music recordings, instructive and educational programming, and a lot more.

Extraordinary to Flipps TV is the alternative to stream media content to your savvy TV and utilize your mobile device as the remote, which signal based controls for volume control, perusing, and interruption/play activities. Flipps TV does this by utilizing the cloud to convey super and most famous content on your TV, and doesn’t require any extra equipment.

Download link: Click Here 

  • Hotstar

Hotstar is an app which is more inclined towards Hindi and Bollywood films, sports; especially, cricket! Soccer, hockey, and some other sports are the sub telecast. In addition to that, very selective and engaging movies are available for free. That implies you need to have a premium subscription to enjoy premium movies and exciting TV shows like and web series such as The Wire.


One-month subscription cost you around $19.99 and yearly, $99.99. So, what are you waiting for? Download Hotstar on your iPhone and enjoy the unlimited fun. Users with Mac can also user Hotstar via browser.

Download link: Click Here

  • Watch Cartoon Online

Do you like watching cartoons and anime? If you are a fan of cartoon stories, then Watch Cartoon Online would be a great deal for you. With a variety of cartoons available on this platform, you might find an outdated cartoon series that is hard to find now. In addition to that, it includes most recent cartoons which turn out to be a tremendous entertaining concept.

Watch Cartoon Online

The catalogue for cartoons is organised alphabetically. You may face a slight buffering issue depending on your mobile data or Wi-Fi networks. However, on the other hand, the wide range of cartoons is another factor which overcomes the problem of buffering. You would like to adjust with the buffering issue if you are going to enjoy some of the best cartoons in different genres.

  • The Roku Channel (For Roku devices only)

You are very lucky if you own a Roku device. Since Roku offers a vast area of content, you will have access to watch and enjoy media, videos, TV shows, and movies. If you are unaware of Roku, it is a gadget that uses your fast internet connection in order to deliver and stream content from both free and paid channels. Roku gadgets incorporate TVs, online streaming sticks, and express USB-associated gadgets.

The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel was made to give Roku clients access to free films and TV, which incorporates Roku-authorized content and other famous content from different creators. The majority of this content is free since it is advertisement bolstered.

Download link: Click Here

  • SkyNews

In order to watch the latest news and updates around the world, we highly recommend you to use SkyNews. It is one of the fewest news channels that deliver genuine and real facts. SkyNews is part of world-famous SkyGroup. The prime highlight is 24-hour live streaming of news on SkyNews via their websites. SkyNews mostly covers news from the UK across different genres like business, politics, U.s, technology, crime, and a lot more.


News across the world is also available on SkyNews which would keep you updated with the current activities across the world. They likewise highlight an extraordinary ‘Live’ segment that gives you access to news stories and occasions as they are occurring. With time-stepped content updates, Twitter posts, photographs, and video, you can get all the updates of an event even if you cannot watch it entirely. This feature would turn out to be a blessing for a sports enthusiast who loves to stay updated with extraordinary games and matches or unique occasions.

  • Internet Archive

Like an advanced variant of your local library, Internet Archive was established in 1996 to give free access to TV and video recordings including other media like music, software, and sites. The Internet Archive likewise has plenty of books, with the objective of giving simple access to digital books for anybody, anyplace. In videos, you can channel their accumulation by noir, year, subject, and a lot more. What’s more, by creating a free account, you can enable quick access to favourite content without much of a stretch for later viewing.

Internet Archive

Note: Internet Archive does not have a marked application; instead, you should utilize an outsider application to get to these free movies and TV shows on your smartphones or iPad. For Mac users, you can also utilize this platform through web-browser.

  • Yahoo View

Until today, you would have heard Yahoo only as a mail and news platform. How many of you knew that it also provides a movie and TV show streaming service too? Not many people are still aware with Yahoo view.

The collaboration with Hulu has made very notable changes in viewership. Now, the conjunction of Yahoo and Hulu offers content-on-demand services via Yahoo view. It incorporates famous TV drama and selected movies. Additionally, Yahoo View also includes some of the most popular entertainment and reality shows such as America’s Got Talent and Ninja Warrior, So You Think You Can Dance, and a lot more.

Also, if you are linked into your Yahoo account, Yahoo View will offer you top suggestions and picks depending on your personal interest. Lately, it was available on the App Store, but now, you will have only one option, and that is to use this app via a browser.

  • Newest Movies HD

Earlier, Newest Movies HD app is only available on Android, but fortunately now, it is also accessible on your iPhone and iPad devices. In addition to that, you will not need to jailbreak your iPhone to use this app on your device.

Newest Movies HD

However, this app is still not available on App store, so that you need to download it on your Mac first. Once you download this app on your Mac, you can easily transfer it on your mobile device. Since you would be downloading this app from unknown and open source, you need to adjust device setting that would after allow downloading. Thus, as it is a third-party app, we recommend you to download and use it on your own risk.

Download link: Click Here

  • Hubi

Just like JustWatch, Hubi is a motion picture and TV disclosure application that creeps the web and prevalent online content suppliers to discover motion pictures, and TV shows that you wish to watch. The application finds the best connections and lets you either watch the motion picture and TV shows or download it for later, of note that download depends on the availability of movies.


Hubi is compatible with the iPhone, and you can use it on a Mac via a browser. So, stop wondering and download Hubi app. You would have the best movie-watching experience with Hubi app, and that is pretty sure.

Download link: Click Here

  • Bobby Movie

As one of the smaller, specialty applications on this rundown, Bobby Movie Box provides you access to HD movies and TV on your iOS device. The application puts an extraordinary spotlight on conveying an incredible UX/UI. Now you can look and classify the top pick, and view every available film and TV dramas. The application additionally includes full subtitles in more than 200 dialects.

Bobby Movie

Sadly, this application isn’t accessible through the App Store. Rather, you have to visit the distributor’s webpage to download the application straightforwardly from them. As this is an open source app, we recommend you to use it on your own risk.

Download link: Click Here 

  • MegaBox HD

This is another prevalent app that offers online movies and TV shows streaming on your iOS device. MegaBox HD offers HD movies and dramas in 360p or 720p. Simple and clean interface for viewing movies and tv shows make MegaBox one of the most preferred platforms amongst the iOS users.

MegaBox HD

However, Apple’s app store does not contain this app, and more importantly, you will need technical knowledge whenever you want to download MegaBox on your iOS device. We have noticed that many people advise using vShare (a third-party app store) in order to install MegaBox HD. Another recommendation is to download Mplayer that can be used in combination with MegaBox HD.

Download link:  Click Here  

  • Turner Classic Movies

If you are more enthusiastic and knowledgeable person amongst your friend about the buff and classic movies, then Turner classic would be in your friend list as well. The movie on demand option and other live streaming choices enable you to view classic and highly acknowledge movies anywhere on your iOS devices. In addition to that, you can even schedule your timing with a 2-month movie schedule.

Turner Classic Movies

Moreover, With Turner Classic Movies, you will have a great option to customize the subscription plan depending upon your favorite actor or actress. This way, each time when their movies appear on Turner Classic Movies, you will get a notification for the same.

Download link: Click Here

  • Newsy

If you are the person who wants each update on surroundings and across the world, you should use the Newsy app for sure. It is a great option to get some quick bite of news across the world. Since the company’s target audience is mostly millennials, it provides genuine and unbiased content through the news. Most videos are described in a compact and informative manner.


Newsy aims to offer very authentic and real news, which is considerably hard to find in today’s media.

Past the standard news stories (think approach, culture, and science/tech), Newsy additionally has infrequent extraordinary reports, curated by their group to make smaller than standard documentaries.

Download link: Click here

  • WatchESPN

If you don’t want to miss the ultimate sports action of the season, WatchESPN is the platform that you need to aim. For all the sports junkie, now you don’t need to subscribe to the sports packages through your local service provider. With WatchESPN by your side, you can enjoy watching sports coverage of your loved games on your iPhone or iPad. WatchESPN has a free option available by which you will be able to watch your favourite sports.


Cricket, Soccer, Rugby, Basketball are such selected sports available on WatchESPN. In addition to that, WatchESPN likewise offers access to other explicit games stations like ESPNU, ESPN Deportes, ESPN Goal Line, and others. However, access to these prime stations relies upon your link or web membership.

Download link:  click here

  • JustWatch

Are you the one who do not miss blockbuster movies? This app has you covered with the most current movies and TV shows. Just Watch keeps you up to date with the latest arrivals. However, this app is more of a discovery app than an online streaming platform. It may not give you the movie directly but will lead you to the platform where you can find your favourite movies and tv shows.


This app also includes one useful tool which enables users to explore local cinemas around so that you can easily. Now you can find the most recent movies in nearby theaters. There are always top 5 trending movies and TV shows available on Just Watch for your entertainment.

Download link: Click here

  • Big Star Movies

Like different applications on this list, Big Star Movies enables users to enjoy award-winning motion pictures and entertaining TV shows. With Big Star Movies, you will have access to search movies and tv shows based on different genres. All thumbnails are marked with either ‘Free’ or ‘Premium’ labels to tell you what alternatives are accessible.

Big Star Movies

In case if you can’t discover what you’re searching for on their site, Big Star Movies ad additionally offers connects to other online movie streaming websites such as 247 Horror, Black World Cinema, Doc World, and many more appealing and interesting media content. Premium subscription of Big Star Movies costs $4.99/month which is quite nominal charge.

Download link:   Click here

  • The Movie DB

You are only one step away to watch your favourite movie in high definition. The Movie DB is another online movie streaming app that enables users to enjoy HD movies. It is considered as one of the most popular platforms, providing the most enticing movie watching experience. The app utilizes direct link as well as a torrent link in order to locate HD movies and place them right in front of your eyes. Download selected movies for offline viewing makes it one of the most preferred apps across all online streaming platforms.

The Movie DB

Note: Apple expelled the Movie DB iOS application from the App Store. The Movie DB can, in any case, be downloaded as a web application, the link is provided below.

Download link:  Click here

  • Playbox

It is the latest version of Moviebox. Playbox offers movie streaming service on your mobile device. You can watch high-quality content and enjoy the most fantastic movie watching experience on this platform. The main highlight of the Playbox is that it provides subtitles for each content which would do your job easy while watching foreign films and TV shows. In addition to that, it provides one of the best features which should be included in every free movie app. It has an option ‘Child-limit’ mode so that safety and authentication of content remain substantial.


The primary cycle of the Playbox application was generally famous on the App Store. It was evacuated by Apple since they considered it breached the App Store’s terms and conditions. It is as yet accessible by means of the distributor’s site. Download and use at your own risk.

Download link:  Click here 

  • Kanopy

It is time to thank your library card, because, with the library card; not only you can read the book but also watch international movies and engaging documentaries. What Kanopy does is that it gets paired with the local library and enables the user to watch movies, dramas, acclaimed documentaries, and films from different countries. It concludes that if you have a library card, you can enjoy much more than only reading books.


All you need to do is search for your library on Kanopy and check whether it is available or not. Another way is to search through the section of movies. Search the movie that you wish to watch and then, you need to click the ‘Watch Now’ option. This platform is compatible with the iPhone and Mac, so you can easily download it on your iOS device.

Download link:   Click here

We hope this article will help you find top free and paid movies and media app for iOS, iPad, and Mac. If you have any queries regarding Android and iOS, let us know by commenting in the section provided below.

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