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How much Mobile Data is Used in Streaming Media? [Truth Revealed]

Mobile data does streaming media use: There are lots and lots of Smartphones in the market, and there’s so much we can do with our smartphone videos call, surf the Internet as much as you can, shop, play games high graphic games, and watch online content, listen to music and more. 

Watching Shows and listening to music is what we do most on your mobile phones. Mobile phones are like entertainment box which keeps us going in our monotonous life and can keep us away from boredom.

Know About Data Usage in Streaming Media

You can watch unlimited shows and movies, anime streaming from streaming services like Netflix, Hulu live tv, youtube have amazing content. There are plenty of music streaming applications which showcases millions of songs all around the world. 

When we talk about entertainment and using streaming services, mobile apps are capable of providing endless shows, yet everything comes with a cost now.

Every kind of streaming media requires mobile data, whether it video streaming application or music streaming services. Though you have the option of download, you need an internet connection. 

Watching HD content and Dolby sound quality audio on your smartphones can be a lot of fun, but it swallows up a lot of your mobile data. So in this article, you will how much mobile data is consumed by streaming media apps on your phone. Let’s get started!

Audio Streaming

There are tons of audio streaming application which provides users millions of songs to listen. You can find local as well as international shows.

Audio content. Few audio streaming applications showcases only high-quality audio songs while many application features three modes of audio quality that are normal, medium, and high. 

The amount of mobile data consumed by these applications depends upon the quality of audio you are playing. Less quality less data loss, best quality audio will result in high data loss.

Here is the amount of data that can be consumed when you play audio on these apps:

Low-Quality Audio

Streaming Low-quality audio consumes the least amount of mobile data. Radio services and podcasts can be played on low-quality. It can be streamed on 96kbps of speed that features radio services and podcasts. Streaming low-quality audio will use 0.72 MB per minute and 43.2 MB per hour.

Medium-Quality Audio

audio quality

Streaming medium-quality audio consumes a fair amount of data. Medium quality audio will be streaming with 160kbps internet speed. It uses 1.20 MB of mobile data per minute, and for an hour, it goes up to 72MB.

High-Quality Audio

To view high-quality audio on your mobile phone, you will need at least 320kbps of internet speed. Listening to high-quality audio doubles the listening experience and fun still eat a good amount of your mobile data. It consumes 2.40 MB data perminute and 115.2 MB per hour.

Most of the streaming application has an auto-adjust feature that selects the quality of audio checking network condition. 

Video Streaming

Streaming videos take much more memory compared to audio listening. If you are watching a full HD video, it’s more possible that you end up your data plan with a few minutes or hours. Here more information which is transmitted, playing video content on the mobile phone needs high-speed Internet but not anymore. 

video content

Nowadays, Anime streaming applications work on smart features, and with the auto-adjust feature, it adjusts video quality depending on your carrier network. So, you don’t have to worry about buffering. This feature mostly changes the setting when necessary, if you select to play HD or 4K video, it will be showcased if the adequate network speed is available.

Here is the amount of data that can be consumed when you watch video content on media streaming application:

Low-quality consumes the least amount of data, but it blurs video that makes watching the show pretty difficult. The lowest video quality in youtube is 144p while or other streaming services 240p is the least resolution to watch videos. It consumes 0.3GB per minute and 300MB per hour.

SD quality SD comes in Medium-quality, the resolution of 700 x 480 falls under SD videos. So if you don’t have a wifi connection or have an ample amount of data left in your plan, you can play videos SD quality video on your phone. 

Streaming SD content will use 110 MB in a minute and 700 MB per hour. HD quality video, watching high definition

video Content

HD quality makes video watching experience more pleasant. The enhanced, video quality is of 1080p resolution that consumes data a lot. If you have a wifi connection or subscribed to unlimited data plan watching shows with HD quality would work fine. 

HD quality uses about 900 mb within few minutes, and in an hour, it can eat up 3GB of internet data. 

video Content

UHD quality high definition consumes the most amount of data and delivers supreme quality video experience. Have a divine experience watching shows with ultra-high-definition quality that is 4000pi resolution; the characters seem real as if they are right in front of you. Streaming UHD video content will take 7.2GB of internet data per hour.

You may now aware of the facts video content does eat up a lot of your internet data. If you are continually watching shows using streaming services, a data plan for 2GB will do you no good. You either have to watch it with low quality or medium quality content or connect your device with wifi connection.

Note that besides video content, other things that waste much of your Internet data is video calling app like Skype, WhatsApp, or Apple video calling apps. Another action using much of the Internet is sharing video content on social media sites.


Now you have a clear picture of Internet usage, so use your Internet wisely and avoid actions that gobble your internet pack unnecessarily. For more iPhone or Android-related content visit our website. We curate information around phone technology and solutions related to issues with the software, phone applications, and accessories. 

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