How do you know someone blocked your number on Android?

How do you know someone blocked your number on Android

Find If Someone Has Blocked Your Number on Android Phone

Blocking and unblocking is all fun and games, until that someone is you.

In short, while the option to block someone’s number on the Smartphone has saved us the trouble of receiving calls from spams, it has also added unwanted stress when someone else decides to block our number. When we are blocked, it keeps us from contacting the person in any way, be it by calling or texting.

If someone has blocked your number, it could feel very distressing. However, it is not always evident whether you are blocked or there is another reason to why the communication is hindered.

The confusion whether you are blocked or not can nag for weeks. While there is not much that you can do if you are in fact blocked, the certainty of the knowledge can bring in a lot of relief.

Unfortunately, it is not easy (or right) to check the person’s phone to get the answer. Probing them will only make things worse. Therefore, in this article, we will tell you some working ways on how to find out if someone blocked your number.

Following one of our methods should get you a certain and accurate answer.

Ways to find Blocked Your Number on Android Phone

Method 1

Call them and see what happens. If you suspect that someone has blocked your number on their phone, you can check it by trying to make them a call. Take note of how the call is responded to. If,

  • the bell rings more than twice before saying the person is busy,
  • the whole bell rings before forwarding to another number, or
  • the whole bell rings before forwarding to the voicemail,

then you are not blocked.

But, in case, the call is immediately cut or forwarded, you may be blocked on their phone. Although, it is better to check a couple of times than to conclude instantly. Because, sometimes, it can be a network glitch that could cause the error. For example, if the person’s calls have temporarily been disabled or the phone has discharged, the calls can directly forward to voicemails.

The best way to double-check is to call via landline or another Android phone. If the problem persists, you are not blocked. On the other hand, if they pick or the bell rings when you call from another number, you can safely assume that your number has been blocked.

Method 2

Send a text on WhatsApp. This is an easy way to check whether you are blocked and may take no time at all. Send the suspected person a “Hi” message on WhatsApp, wait for at least 12 hours, and notice what happens with it.

Scenario A

If you send a message and it gets double ticks, this will mean that your number is not blocked on WhatsApp. There may be a chance that since you aren’t blocked on the most accessible messaging application, you may not be blocked on the phone either.

Scenario B

If you send a text and it does not get received even in 12 hours, it will only indicate that you may be blocked.

Scenario C

If you send a text and it is received, read (blue ticks), and replied to politely, it will imply that your number is not blocked on the person’s phone.

Scenario D

If you send a text and it is received and seen (blue ticks) but the person does not reply to a simple message such as “Hi”, it only means that they have blocked you. This may also be confirmed in case the person later blocks you on WhatsApp as well.

Method 3

After taking the steps mentioned in “Method 1” and “Method 2”, you should have gotten your answer. However, there is another way that will let you skip the 2nd method and still get you ensured. Even if you are sure, there is no harm in going a step further to concrete the idea and be even more certain about your deduction.

Switch your caller ID off and then make the call. To do this, take the following steps:

  • Go to “Phone” where are contacts are saved and click on “More” or three vertical dots
  • When the dropdown menu appears, tap on “Settings”
  • A new setting screen will appear with more options, select “More Settings”
  • The “Show My Caller ID” option will show, click on it
  • A pop-up menu will display with three options. Choose “Hide Number”

Now that your caller ID is hidden, you can make another call with the phone number you are suspecting is blocked. Observe what happens when the call is made:

Scenario 1

The bell rings normally without being forwarded to the voicemail or another number. It does not cut immediately or says the contact is busy.

Scenario 2

The bells ring normally but the person cuts it intentionally after recognizing your number.

Scenario 3

The contact picks up the call without realizing it is you. This will mean that he/she was in a position to receive calls but consciously made a decision to not do so.

In all the scenarios mentioned above, you can safely assume that your number has been blocked. Thus, no further proof should be required.

Scenario 4

The bell still cuts or forwards immediately.

This might mean the person’s phone has faltered and thus you couldn’t reach him or her.

Method 4

Delete the contact and try to find them in suggested contacts. If you have applied any of the two methods mentioned above, this method is completely optional. It is up to your discretion whether or not you want to use it.

To further confirm whether what you have found out is true or not, remove the contact number of the person and try to search him/her. This method is similar to finding someone on Facebook or Instagram.

Note: This may not work on every Android Smartphone.

  • Go to “Contacts” and remove the person’s contact number
  • Go back to your contact list and select “All Contacts”
  • Using the search bar on the top, try to find the contact you have just removed

If the name does not pop up as a suggested contact, you can rest assured that you have been blocked.


Having your number blocked by a close one can be quite upsetting. Often, numbers get blocked mistakenly. Therefore, if there was no reason to why the friend or the relative would block your number, we suggest you to talk to them directly, without using any of the methods mentioned above. However, if you wish to avoid the awkward confrontation and are still wondering how to find out if someone blocked your number, then go ahead and use the information provided.

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