How to Block a Phone Number on an iPhone: Texts & Calls

How to Block a Phone Number: Sometimes we need a break from the world. After failing relationships or fearful encounters, wanting space and isolation is natural. You may not feel like being in touch with certain people anymore. Annoying calls for sales can also get disgusting. If you want to avoid pestering calls from sales teams and distracting messages then you must learn how to block a phone number on your iPhone. You can choose to not get any calls or messages from a number that you wish to block.

How do block a phone number on iPhone?

Calls and texts from unknown numbers can be stressful. There are many people who do not wish to receive calls but are not aware of methods to block such numbers and get rid of unnecessary trouble and harassment. You should be able to choose whom you want to talk to and whom why you want to avoid.

If you find that even after blocking a number, you are still getting similar kinds of calls and texts from different numbers and the content of the text is offensive, then take help from the police. Somebody might be after you. A simple blocking of numbers might not help your case.
Block this caller

In case you just want to avoid certain types of calls and texts, then blocking their number is the best solution. You can even block international numbers along with domestic numbers. There are also no limitations on how many numbers you can block.

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How do I block calls and texts on my iPhone?

If spammers and marketing agencies still find ways to disturb you, consider registering with services such as the National Do Not Call Registry.

So, if you are looking for ways to block calls and texts, then read on and block any undesired contact.

  1. Block numbers present on Contacts

    Block numbers

    In order to block someone who is in your contacts, you will have to start with opening the contacts tab. Search for the person you wish to block. Once you find the name, click on it to get the contact details. You will see the option to block the person. Once you choose it, you will be notified of your decision and informed that you have blocked the person.

  2. Block unknown number’s texts

    Block number on iPhone

    Blocking numbers can be a bit tricky. You must be absolutely sure that the number you are blocking belongs to the person you wish to block. To be sure, visit your call history and recall when the person concerned had last called you. Once you ascertain you have the right number, you can proceed to block it. To be able to do so, try these steps.

  • Tap the I or information button next to the number

  • You will see call history and also option to block the number

  • Choose the option of blocking

  • It will be confirmed that you have blocked the person.

If you are trying to block a number from a text message then it is easier. You will be able to easily decide on which number to block as you go through the message. At the top right-hand corner of your phone on the message page, you will see an I or information button. Click on the option to block the sender.

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  1. Easy option to block

    When you want to block someone quickly, search for the name. If you can recollect the first few digits of the number then key that in. Tap on the name as soon as it pops up. To see the number for a name you typed in, go to the contact details section. Then you can choose the Block the caller option. And there you are done. You have blocked the undesirable person from the list.

What happens to Facetime calls when you have blocked the caller’s number?

If you have blocked a certain contact and he or she tries to Facetime you, you will not even know when they called. As for them, they will also not come to know as they will see the call to be outgoing and hear a ring. They will be led to believe you just did not answer.

How to block calls but still receive messages?

Yes there is a way of doing that. For that you will need to download an App called Truecaller. On that App, go to the settings and search for the number you wish to block. Select the option of blocking the number. After doing this, you will no longer receive phone calls from the number but will continue to receive messages form the number.

Can a blocked number contact you over WhatsApp and Instagram?

The answer to it is, Yes. Even if you block a number on your iPhone, the person concerned can still continue to contact you via WhatsApp and Instagram. To ensure no contact from the person, you will have to block them again on the concerned social media platforms.

how to block a phone number on whatsapp

How to unblock?

Is it the right time to take in calls and texts from someone whom you had previously blocked? Have you moved on or forgiven? Then maybe you can consider to unblock someone’s number. In order to do so, try these steps.

If after unblocking you realize that the person does nit deserve your time then you can block them again. Blocking and unblocking is quite simple and can be done easily. Maybe after unblocking a sales call, you will get an unreputable offer. Or if you had blocked your ex, then he might have actually become the person you deserve. So, it is goo to know both blocking and unblocking method.

The blocked person will not know that they are blocked but they may guess on never being able to get through you. These texts will be filed under Blocked Messages and their calls will be taken to voicemail.

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Now that you know how to block a phone number, get busy and make your life distraction-free. You will no longer get numbers to form unknown people or any unsolicited messages. The advantage of blocking is that you still can send text, call and even Facetime a number that you have blocked.

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