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Yahoo Mail Not Working on iPhone

yahoo mail not working

Yahoo mail not working on the iPhone is a common issue all of us have faced! There can be a variety of reasons for your Yahoo Mail not working on your iPhone.

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How to Fix Yahoo Mail not Working on iPhone Problem:

  • A new update on the iPhone is not compatible with the app, especially arose the time of the iOS 11 update but one cannot say for sure. Yahoo did claim to be looking into the issue. 
  • A change in your password you have forgotten about. 

I usually go with “let’s switch off the iPhone” method! But that doesn’t solve the issues! 

METHOD 1- Switching off your iPhone
switch your iPhone

Switching off the phone could well be the perfect way to fix your problem! We spend all our time using the phones and by the end of the day your phone tires out just like you after a long day at work. Before jumping down to following any of the methods below give switching off your phone a try!

METHOD 2- Sign out and Sign in to your Yahoo account on the app

The most commonly used method to get your email id working is to sign out and then sign in using the existing email id on the app. 

How to sign out? 

Step1 – Click on the 3 horizontal lines stacked on top of each other style icon. 
Step2- A menu opens up, click on MANAGE SETTINGS

manage settings

Step3- Slide the icon you see as below towards the left to log out of your Yahoo email Id, a message in red will pop that reads THE ACCOUNT HAS BEEN TURNED OFF FOR THIS APP

  Step4- On the top right corner of your iPhone you will spot EDIT, click on it

Step5- Click on REMOVE, another confirmation message pops up. Click on REMOVE once again. 

Step6- After following the steps above you will successfully be logged out of your email and the screen will go back to something as below. 


Double click on your home button and remove the app and refresh your iPhone. Open up the app now and fill in the required details to log back into your Yahoo email! 

METHOD 3- Un-install and re-install the Yahoo mail app on your iPhone 

This method will remove all the previous setting and you will have to feed in the information on the App once again!

The easiest way to delete an app of your iPhone is to hold your finger on the app until you see crosses appear on all the apps. Click on the app and it will be deleted/uninstalled from your iPhone. 

Another method to successfully delete the app of your iPhone is to  

Step1- open up settings 
Step2- Scroll till you find Yahoo mail or simply type out YAHOO on the search bar in the settings.
Step3- Click on PASSWORD and ACCOUNTS 
Step4- Click on WEBSITE AND APP PASSWORDS, Scroll till you find and click on it.


insta password

Step5- Slide the bar to the left as you can see in the image below.

username and password

Your app has been successfully deleted of your iPhone. 

To install the app again, go back to PASSWORD AND ACCOUNTS- Click on WEBSITE AND APP PASSWORDS and you will see something like below popup. 

google accounts

yahoo sign in

Tap on YAHOO and now enter your id and password again. You may also try restarting your phone before you are signing into your Yahoo mail! 

Note 1- A lot of times we are not able to open up our Yahoo mail or any other app because either we are out of data or the wifi connection is too weak to be able to load the files! Before you uninstall the app or log out of the mail when using the Safari browser ensure that your wifi or internal phone data is well connected. You may not be receiving your mails or not able to send mails because of your shoddy wifi! 

Note 2- iOS comes up with new updates for the system quite frequently. These updates fix the existing bugs from the previous system. Ensure that your iPhone is up-to-date with the newest iOS update! If you haven’t yet updated or no such alert was made or somehow have no knowledge of the update then follow the steps below 

Step 1- Open up settings 
Step 2- Scroll till you reach GENERAL and tap on it 
Step3- Now click on SOFTWARE UPDATE to check if there is any.  

Updating iOS firmware for iPhone 

Step 1- Connect your computer to your iPhone using the USB cable. Open up iTunes on the computer, you can spot the icon on the top corner.

connect iPhone to mac via USB

Step 2- Click on SUMMARY from the panel on the side of the screen. 
Step 3- Click on the CHECK FOR UPDATE tab to check out the update information on your iPhone. 
Step 4- Now tap on DOWNLOAD AND UPDATE you see pop up on the screen 
Step 5- Click on RESTORE when a message pops up on your screen that will pop up after you have clicked on DOWNLOAD AND UPDATE. 

Your iPhone will now automatically update to the newest version of iOS available! 

The newest update will help run your iPhone smoothly without any glitches! 

METHOD 4- Checking if the account still works using a browser( desktop/iPad/Mac) 

The method will help you check if there is something with the Yahoo mail app or if there’s something of the matter with your account( Has it been hacked or other) 

Follow the steps below to check 

Step 1- You will need to send an email to the existing Yahoo mail ID using any other email id. 
Step 2- Log in to your Yahoo mail using the same browser. Also, make yourself another Yahoo mail id! 
Step 3- Check if you have received emails on both the new and your old Yahoo accounts. 

If you don’t receive the test mail on both or if the problem prevails only in case of the old Yahoo email id, it means that your account is not working out of the app and the browser either! In this case, you must have to address the issue with Yahoo by simply leaving them an mail and you should hear a response from them soon.

METHOD 5- Fix SMTP server 

The SMTP server is the machine that looks after your email delivery process which is why you must ensure that your SMTP server is configured and working perfectly. 

How to check and ensure your SMTP server is fully functional? Follow the steps below 

Step 1-  Click on SETTINGS  and scroll down till you reach ACCOUNTS AND PASSWORDS or simply type out “ACCOUNTS AND PASSWORDS” on the search bar in the settings! 
Step 2- Choose Yahoo from the list 
Step 3- Tap on account, this is where your email Id has been displayed 
Step 4- Your screen something like below pops up, click on SMTP- Yahoo SMTP Server 
Step 5- Now tap on Yahoo SMTP Server, in your case, it will be turned off! 
Step 6- Fill out your hostname ( ) as well as your name and password. 
Step 7-  Fill out the port to 465 or 587 and slide right on SSL to turn it green. 

In your case, the displayed information will be empty and the server not green or off!  

These methods are the easiest! Just a few clicks to fix issues you have been facing with Yahoo mail on your iPhone! 

If you have a better tried and tested method to gain access to your Yahoo Mail again then don’t forget to write about it below or help out a friend in need by telling them about these methods! 


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