Tips On How to view Wi-Fi Password on iPhone

In the digital era, everyone can get easy access to everything they are looking for. Each of internet connectivity has changed the direction of communication that was not accurately possible before a decade ago! The essential element that has been affected because of such easy availability of the internet, is that each Smartphone and other mobile devices now come up with innovative ideas and impressive features on their respective smart gadgets.

How to Find WiFi password on iPhone

No matter which Smartphone device you choose, you tend to get very exciting features and functions in each Smartphone. There could be some limitations in some areas depending upon which Smartphone you use. When you talk about IOS, Android, you will have almost every feature covered on your device. But, that does not mean that low-stacked companies do not provide distinctive features. There are a few Smartphone providers that are as good as any and are more affordable than Android and iOS.


With the strong internet connection and Wi-Fi connection, each Smartphone tends to work as productivity-enhancement tools. Nowadays, everyone knows how to use the internet or the process of connecting to the internet through your Smartphone. All you need to turn on your Wi-Fi if you want to make a connection through the internet, after that, locate the available Wi-Fi near you. If the Wi-Fi is password protected, then you need to enter the required password in order to get the internet connection.

We have been receiving so many queries regarding the issue in which people like to know how they can view Wi-Fi passwords on iPhone. In this article, we will be mentioning the complete guide on the same issue. To do this, we have classified this article in three different segments that is listed below:

  1. Regular ways to find stored password on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Use free Apps to view Wi-Fi password on jailbroken iPhone or iPad
  3. Additional guide on how to fix iPhone not sharing Wi-Fi password?

Now, then proceed further to understand more about all three sections. This article will help you with your concern.

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Section 1: Regular Ways to find stored password On your iPhone or iPad 

Generally, each smart device is capable of remembering Wi-Fi passwords automatically. However, often we have observed that it is quite difficult to view passwords from such sites. In addition to that, there is the availability of some technical hacks that are used to give easy access to users who want to crack down the password. The following section guides you about such methods that you can use to view the Wi-Fi password on your iPhone or iPad.

Method 1: Login to router Settings 

This technique on how to view Wi-Fi password on iPhone is not considered for every time use. This is more of a situation-specific idea and it may fail sometimes. However, it is truly a method that helps you to view Wi-Fi password on your iPhone or iPad, so that you can try it out in the first place. The idea is to locate the IP address of Wi-Fi router so that you can get access to the router’s setting which would be your first step toward accessing the Wi-Fi password. Follow the steps mentioned below in order to find the router’s IP address.

  1. Navigate to Home 🡪 Settings 🡪Wi-Fi. Tab the “I” tab on the Wi-Fi network that you are connected with

    wifi on

  2. View the router part, scan and jot the IP address.
  3. Next up, open Safari and launch new tab. Transfer the IP address and hit the enter button.
  4. Once you hit the enter button, you will be redirected to router’s login page.

To continue, it is basic to realize that the default username and passwords of most routers are both “admin”. Notwithstanding, if this does not work, have a go at scanning for the “default password for XXXXXX router model” supplanting XXXXXX with your genuine router model. This ought to give a real login accreditation that can be utilized for the router, at that point you continue to either “wireless setup” or “wireless settings”‘ dependent upon the router type to find the Wi-Fi password phrase.

Deserving of note is the way that should the router settings and passwords have been changed by the system admin, this strategy is inadequate to see Wi-Fi password on iPhone.

Wi-Fi password on iPhone

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Method 2: Use iCloud Keychain Sync 

This is the best and most preferred alternatives to view Wi-Fi password on your iPhone or iPad. The idea is to iCloud Keychain Sync in order to reach to the Wi-Fi password. The function of iCloud is to basically save data and after that synchronise all iCloud data including your login details and Wi-Fi password across each linked Apple devices. Once the you synchronise all the data, you can view the password using iCloud Keychain Sync app. Here, note that the method will not work on computers except Mac. Follow the steps mentioned below to execute the process.

  1. On your iPhone. launch Settings and go to 🡪 Settings 🡪 iCloud 🡪Keychain.icloud-keychain
  2. Switch on iCloud Keychain Sync.
  3. Get back to the settings and toggle on your personal hotspot
  4. Switch on Your Mac
  5. Connect your Mac with iPhone’s Wi-Fi feature to your phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot.
  6. Once you successfully establish Wi-Fi connection, follow the further mentioned steps.
  7. On your Mac device, press cmd + Space to open the light search and find Keychain Access from there
  8. Determine and launch the Wi-Fi that you prefer.
  9. Next up, locate and click on the Show Password option in order to view the password.
  10. Here, you might need to enter your Mac password as there would be restrictions on your Mac. Enter Mac’s password first to view the Wi-Fi password.

WiFi password on iPhone

Section 2: Use free apps to view Wi-Fi password on jailbroken iPhone or iPad 

Jailbroken iPhone/iPads offer clients various and intriguing client experiences as it opens the gadget’s potential, like the Android experience. This element furnishes iPhones with monstrous capacities to take care of issues, for example, the “how to see WiFi password on iPhone” issue as well as to access beforehand unapproved WiFi organizes by hacking their passwords.

The following are the top 4 apps that you can use to view Wi-Fi password on your iPhone or iPad.

App 1: Wi-Fi Passwords 

From your device, navigate to Cydia and locate the Wi-Fi Password” This app is free and generally used for finding Wi-Fi passwords. Before you decide to install the app, you need to add some sources on Cydia. To execute that, Launch Cydia 🡪 Manage 🡪 Sources 🡪Edit Menu and app as the source. Once you add sources to Cydia, follow the mentioned steps below.

  1. Begin to install the Wi-Fi password app by clicking on the install button provided at the top right corner.
  2. Once you install the Wi-Fi password, tap on the “ Return Cydia” option.
  3. Next up, return to the home screen of your device.
  4. Now, launch the Wi-Fi password app to get access to all the available Wi-Fi including their password.
  5. Now, make a connection to your preferred Wi-Fi network.

WiFi Network

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App 2: iSpeed Touchpad 

Firstly, you need to download see touchpad app on your device. The downloading procedure is the same as mentioned in the Wi-Fi password app. After downloading the app, launch the see touchpad app and look for the available Wi-Fi around you. Once you find the preferred Wi-Fi, you need to click on the Wi-Fi in order to get access to the Wi-Fi password. Now that you have the Wi-Fi password, connect to the Wi-Fi using that password.

App 3: Speedssid

Similarly, you can download this app using Cydia with the same procedure used for the Wi-Fi password app. After installation, search for the available Wi-Fi networks. This app has one distinctive feature that it can hack Wi-Fi networks that are not in close proximity to you. Now, when you identify your preferred Wi-Fi network, click on it to get access to Wi-Fi password to make the connection with the Wi-Fi network.

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App 4: Dlssid 

Just like the previously mentioned app; Speedssid, this app has the ability to hack down the Wi-Fi password of Dlink wireless routers, It can also discover Wi-Fi passwords by tracking the network’s Mac address. This app costs 5.50 euro, but you can easily get it for free on Cydia. The download procedure of this app is the same as the previously mentioned application.

Section 3: Addition guide on how to fix iPhone not sharing Wi-Fi password 

The logic behind getting access to view the Wi-Fi password is very understandable. People want to view Wi-Fi password so that they can share it with their friends, family and office colleagues who came to meet you at your place and want to use your home Wi-Fi.

You might know your Wi-Fi password or successfully identify your Wi-Fi password using the aforementioned methods. But, have you faced a situation when you are not able to share your Wi-Fi password using your mobile device. In such a case, it is evident that the Wi-Fi sharing feature is not working in your iPhone. So, what can you do>. Don’t worry, you can find the best solution using the iOS fixing tool.

Use the link to get iOS repair tool

iOS Repair Tool

Key Features: 

  1. This tool helps you solve many iOS issues such as when you stuck in recovery mode, reboot loops, or when your device screen does not response and many more.
  2. There are three different options available for different problems in the ‘Fix iOS System’ which are “Exit Recovery Mode”, “Standard Mode”, “Advanced”. Note that, when you use Standard Mode and Exit Recovery Mode, you do not have to use your mobile data.
  3. It is compatible with all the iOS versions and iOS products. (iOS 12, iPhone 8 and iPhone X )

In conclusion, Wi-Fi passwords were organized to shield all system clients from the malevolent exercises of programmers, consequently, the requirement for security systems still remains important today. In spite of the fact that it tends to be somewhat unwieldy to recall all the Wi-Fi passwords you use, it is important you realize simple strides to recover your passwords once the need emerges whether with a jailbroken iPhone or not. This respectable thought is the thing that this article titled how to see the Wi-Fi password on iPhone plans to accomplish.

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