How to Block Your Number from Caller ID & Make a Private Call on iPhone

How to Block Your Number From Caller ID

While making calls it is common knowledge that our number gets displayed on the called person’s screen. But in case you want your number to stay private, you can achieve that by following these simple steps as described below.

3 methods that allow you to make the private call you desire. Let us discuss each of them in detail.

  1. A code block can help

    Armed with this tip you can easily block your number getting flashed on the called person’s screen. It is a very simple method but only applicable to North America. Please note this is a call by call basis trick. If you do not follow each step for every call you make then your number will be displayed. With this method, you can pick who can see and who cannot see your number.

In order to prevent your number to be seen, take the following steps:

  • Dial *67 followed by the area code and phone number of the concerned person you are to contact.dial for no check

As a result of it, as soon as the line will get through the other person, the recipient will see on his or her screen No Caller ID being flashed.

If you wish to share your number with the called person, simply forego the step and key in the number as usual. You can use this tip to make as many calls as you would like as many different numbers you would like to contact. There is no limitation to the number of calls or the duration of the call you make.

  1. Block caller ID– If you wish to make consistent private calls from your iPhone, then try the following steps.

  • Tap on the Settings option on your phone
  • Now select the Phone option once you locate it
  • Look for Show my caller ID option
  • Here you will have to disable it my clicking on it
  • Once it is disabled the Show my caller ID writing will be displayed as OffShow My Caller ID off

A lot depends on the phone model you are using as well.

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This method lets you call privately without the inconvenience of dialing a code for each time you make a certain call.

  1. Take help from your phone service provider

    There are many phone services companies that offer the service of restricting your caller ID. Companies such as Verizon, AT&T readily provide such services on being requested. If you have any other service provider, then contacting them directly will help you understand if this kind of service is available to you.

    Some companies might ask for you to establish a suitable cause for ID restriction. For instance, there are many celebrities who prefer their number to be private.

However, if you are a Verizon customer, this option will not work for you. In case you want your number to be displayed dial *82 followed by the number to share your number with the called person. This method will let the person whom your calling sees your number instead of the No caller ID display.

In case you are using a code, do find out the right code. An ineffective code will not work and you might end up displaying your number where you want it to be restricted. These codes are regional and what is applicable in your state or country may not be applicable to others. Also, ask the service provider to give you the code and the guide you with the correct methodology to make the call. For instance, for certain providers you will have to wait for a fast dial tone before you key in the actual number of the person you wish to call.

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How to make your number Private on iPhone

Each service provider may have specific rules to make this restricted caller ID functional on your phone. It would be a great idea to check with the phone service provider to know whether the service is applicable to you or not.

help from your phone service provider

You will be asked to fill in proper paperwork and may even be charged a fee on a monthly or annual basis for availing such a service. You will be given two options of call-by-call bias where you can restrict your number to certain numbers only. In that case, you will have to dial the number with a certain prefix. In case you want your number to be restricted to all, then you can also opt for it. To enable the service, you can do it online through manage my account or visit your nearest service provider’s office.

After you make a request for such a service, it may take up to 72 hours to activate it.

Which numbers you can’t block caller Id from ?

It is interesting to know that there are certain numbers that you cannot block your number from. Some are for security reasons, such as calling emergency helplines like 911. You will also not be able to block your caller ID when you make a call to any toll-free numbers.

For instance, if you are calling a helpline or customer service number which is toll-free, your number will not be blocked no matter what you try. This feature helps the service provider or customer representative provide you better quality service. So once you call the customer helpline number, your number along with your relevant details becomes available to the representative at the other end, it helps them resolve your issue faster.

There is no way you can bypass this process. If you wish to not disclose your private number to such helplines, call from a number that is not registered with the company. However, for emergency numbers, your ID will be available to them.

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Your iPhone allows you to make this choice of keeping your call private. So now you know the process of making private calls through your iPhone. In case you need to make that private call, with this guide you will know exactly what to do.

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