Best Methods to Read PDF out Loud on iPhone

Top Methods to Read PDF out Loud on iPhone

Methods to read PDF out Loud on iPhone: Let’s go back down memory lane and take a moment of silence to remember our neon Nokia’s that we loved playing the snake game on.

Top PDF Book Reading App

I have a vivid memory of lounging on the sofa and spending the entire Sunday afternoon binge playing the game!

Technology has come a long way since. Phones come with touch screens and are bigger than the pockets of your pants and gone over the days when they were just a medium to call people.

Camera’s, facial recognition, software, recorder, jukebox, catching up with your friends, MAPS(hallelujah), watching your favorite TV shows. Everything is just a click away.

The bank of your life right in your pockets! Day by day a new software, a new feature being introduced in the market.


All of these technological advancements leading to an easier and smoother life!

And it was about time Apple came up a feature that reads out your PDF’s for you. With its built-in iOS feature! The feature can make your iPhone read out the text on the screen for you.  

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Could this also read out our PDF’s for you? PDF or Portable Document Format is the easiest way of exchanging bulky information across platforms making it more portable and compatible on any system.

You cannot edit or alter the information on a PDF as it is easy to set security settings in the PDF files!

The iOS 10 and more recent versions of iOS come with a hidden feature that goes unnoticed( like many other features that come with new updates on your iPhone?

( iPhone’s feature, The Default Text to speech)

Not heard of this feature? That is probably because the new update put it on default. This text to speech feature reads out the text on the page and that does not limit you to the pdfs. We are talking e-mail, online books, text messages, just about anything popping up on your screen.

How to Turn On the text to speech feature on your iPhone?

Step 1- Tap on the SETTINGS on your phone

SETTINGS on your phone

Step2-  Scroll down and tap on GENERAL

Step 3-  Scroll down and now tap on ACCESSIBILITY


Step4-  Click on SPEECH

Step 5-   On opening it up right at the top you will spot SPEAK SELECTION, turn it on as well as SPEAK SCREEN. You can also reduce or increase the speaking rate depending on the speed you prefer.


And Voila!

Now all you have to do is swipe down from the top of your phone to the bottom using two fingers, don’t forget to select the text out loud from your PDF!

A small control panel will pop up that will let you pause the voice, increase or decrease the voice rate, move forward or backward.

Now before you jump out to kick-starting this feature on your iPhone you must keep in mind 2 drawbacks or cons of it!

1- You might never be able to get the hang of the robotic voice. It is kind of annoying

2- If you do not select the text you want to be read out loud everything will be read out to you even the link that has been attached to your PDF.

If you think the same as I do then you should jump onto the next App!

Best PDF Book Reading Apps



I have never been a big fan of the talkback technology but this app has a more natural, humanist sounding text to audio converter.Why download this application to read out your PDF to you?

  • You can take pictures of your books or documents you want to be read out loud to you and Speechify will read it out to like an audiobook would.
  • You may also upload your PDF, import a website link, copy the text on to the app, Google Drive, iCloud and Speechify will turn your content into an audiobook to be easily read out loud.
  • Listening to your PDF audiobook while driving, working, taking your morning jog, cooking, eating, etc!
  • It can translate into your language of choice, an option you do not get in the iPhone feature.
  • Listen to 900 words per minute
  • You can change the voice rate, reduce the volume. The app will build a library of audiobooks.

The only problem you might face while using this app is that texts like ol’ it will be pronounced separately, making the statement rather confusing.

Apart from that, I see a lot of schools and college kids who are burning the midnight oil for their exams benefit from this app, an app that will read out the texts for them!

PDF Voice Reader AloudPDF Voice Reader Aloud

This particular app reads your PDF files out loud for you and only those as the name suggests.

Why download this app?

  • The app can easily translate your PDF in 31 different languages that you can choose from apart from English
  • The application supports reading in the background like music being played on your phone just like any of your music apps.
  • Let’s you directly use your PDF’s from iCloud, Google Drive, iTunes or any other device.
  • You can start reading right where you left off by simply bookmarking your pages!
  • It lets you Highlight the important sentences and phrases you think relevant or may need to in the future!
  • You can reduce and increase the text rate according to your preference and the same goes with the audio.
  • The user interface is simple but may not be the kind that you get the hang of quickly

The application makes life on the go easier and even more fast-paced now by simply reading out your PDF’s to you but it comes with its drawbacks!

Just like Speechify PDF voice reader Aloud too that texts like it will be pronounced separately, making the statement rather confusing.

Natural Reader Text to SpeechNatural Reader Text to Speech

Natural Reader is a text-to-speech app that reads your PDF documents, apart from that ebook, web pages, etc.

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Why should you download this app?

  • This application comes packed with 50 voices in over 20 languages to choose from. You will need to download the other version of the speakers.
  • Lets you easily multitask while you go about your day to day activities. You could be running or cooking and listening to the PDF’s from work or on your way to work at the same time.
  • You can bookmark your pages and start the audio right where you left off
  • To open up your PDF files in the app all you have to do is click the plus(+) sign that you see on the top of the page and then simply click on it, you can upload your files using Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud and one drive!
  • You can adjust your speaker speed and even your background color as per your preferences.
  • The app now comes with a new feature called the Pronunciation Editor. The feature will fine-tune the pronunciation of new or unusual words and improve the acronyms.
  • It is very easy to navigate your way around the app and the 3.3 stars it has on the app store is too less!
  • Easily go about using your social media apps or any other while your audio is playing in the background.

Voice Dream ReaderVoice Dream Reader

Let me warn you that Voice Dream Reader is a paid app, meaning that you will have to shell a subsequent amount of money to use the app!

It was featured by Apple as the best new app and app of the day in 81 countries including the US!

If that isn’t reason enough then give the pointers below to read!

  • Supports PDF and also plain text, MS Word, MS powerpoint, RTF and google docs!
  • You can choose from a variety of languages as it comes with 36 built-in iOS voices in 27 languages.
  • 200 and additional languages from Acapela, Neo Speech through in-app purchases.
  • Multitask with your day to day routines with the audio of your documents running the background.
  • Read at 2x speed without the loss of comprehension
  • Bookmark and highlight the text of importance to you, you can export the bookmark or highlighted texts!
  • Corrects the pronunciation according to your pronunciation dictionary.
  • The app comes with a built-in dictionary and you can easily look up meanings of words without having to leave the app.
  • Extract your PDF’s and other files through Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, Evernote, etc

The App comes packed with not just a method to read your PDF’s out loud but also with a multitude of other features that could be of use to you than just reading your documents!

Make use of the new iOS feature and if that doesn’t work out for you you can always choose from one of the above-mentioned apps 1 and lets all jump on the bandwagon and perform multiple tasks at one go!

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