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How to Change Default Google Account & Manage Multiple Google Account

Default Google Account: Jumbling between different google accounts? If you possess multiple google account you may want them to appear in different ways on different devices of yours. For example, when using your office computer having your work account as the default would be more preferable. 

But while you use your personal computer you would not like to be reminded of work. So don’t bother much as we bring you the easy guide of how to change Gmail account.

Change your Default Gmail Account

Change your Default Gmail Account

Changing your default account can save you some time, as you will not have to switch between accounts again and again. For instance, what if your personal email account gets opened whenever you open your work computer, it can be very irritating it this happens daily.

The first account you sign in is set as default by this is the rule set of google. When you use multiple sign-ins accounts the google menu at the top-right corner will suggest you the default account. 

Changing your default Gmail account is worth doing and guess what it’s an easy breeze process. So let’s get started!

Follow the below-mentioned steps wise guideline to set a default account and end the struggle of signing out and in again and again.

Sign out from Google mail

The first step to set a default google account is to log out from the default account you have been using currently. Here is how can sign out from the google account:

Step1: Open and access your current default Gmail account.

Step2: Tap on your profile on the right top corner of the screen. A drop-down menu list will appear.

Step3: Select the bottom-most option  ‘Sign Out’.

Sign in with the account you want to be the default

After you logged out your default account, Set a new default account by logging in.
The first account you log in will become your default account, later you use multiple accounts and switch between them as and whenever required.

Step1: Head to, 

Step2: Log in the account you want to set as the default.

Add other google accounts

Now after you are done with setting your primary account, you can add personal or any account you want. These accounts will be added to the list and you can easily switch between them whenever you like.

Step1: Open your Gmail account, tap on your profile picture on the top right corner. Drop down menu will appear showcasing multiple signs out accounts.


Step2: Click on the account you want to add, you will have to enter the password and that’s all. You will now be able to open these Gmail account in a separate tab of the browser when you want to access any emails.

That’s how you set a default account, wasn’t it simple? Try this method in different computers to set different default accounts, for example, you can set work account as a default account on your work computer. For the home computer, you can set your personal email address as the default.

If you still want to be double sure about setting up default account correctly, go through below steps.

Check that your default set correctly

It is very easy to check if you have set your default account correctly or not. Tab on your account profile image at the top right corner, and if the drop-down menu will appear mentioning default account. If the default doesn’t appear is the menu you probably have done something wrong so start again with the above steps.

How to Manage multiple google account

Switching between multiple google account in any google application is very easy, however, some consequences can make it irritating. For example, when you open a shared link. A pop-up message will appear saying that you don’t have the permission with the default account.

So to save from clicking trips we have some with few tips for you so that you can manage multiple Google account hassle-free.

Tips To multiple google account

Tip1: Set different profile images for different google account. This way you can easily identify between account and switching accounts will be more convenient.

Tip2: If you want to access browser on a temporary basis and if your search doesn’t require your default google account, then it’s better to use it in the Incognito mode of the browser. 

Tip3: You don’t need to keep two accounts open with edit permission on a shared file or folder. Instead set sharing privileges for files and folders.

Tip4: One of the easy ways to switch accounts is to log in to account in a preferred order. Later close the account tabs which you don’t require, this way you will be able to switch accounts anytime without signing in till you log out.

Tip5: Google allows you only three accounts login for Backup and sync. Select your preferences and also change google’s drive location for each one to avoid confusion.

Tip6: Set chrome profiles for your different google accounts. With the chrome user profile, you can maintain all your browser details as one separate unit such as apps, extensions, browsing history, bookmarks, tabs and much more.

Tips To multiple google account
These profiles will open as a separate chrome window, each window will have details of its existing profile only. This will help you a separate different set of extensions like work profile and home profile.

Tip7: If you use a website with different google account the “Session box” extension is a must-have for you. With this chrome extension, you can easily log into multiple account om a website in a single browser.

You don’t have to juggle between different browsers or private sessions. Also, note that all Session Box account will securely synchronize your sessions between your devices.


That’s it folks now you know how to change default google account and how to manage it. Make sure you choose the right default account as all your app preferences and activities get saved in the default account.

Google allows easy switch between accounts but still if you use many accounts on a daily basis creating chrome profile would make your work more convenient.

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