How to Change iMessage Bubble Color on iPhone and iPad

iMessage is hands down one of the most loved features of almost all iPhone and iPad users. The easy accessibility of adding emoji, animoji, stickers, and plenty more such features with the text makes iMessage an instant favorite of many Coupling this with the newfound option of customizing the iMessage bubble color on iPhone and iPad has made it an even bigger hit among its users. 

Although there are quite a few ways available to change iMessage bubble color to your desired ones, in this blog, we will focus on two of our tried and trusted ways of customization that would work flawlessly on iOS 14 and even on iOS 10 and later versions. 

Change iMessage Bubble Color on iPhone

change iMessage bubble color on iPhone

Color Text Messages For iMessage

A very popular third-party app that is used by iPhone and iPad users that you can find for free on the App Store is the Color Text Messages For iMessage. The particular app allows you to switch the color of your text as per your liking and can be easily installed by following a few steps. And worry not, you don’t have to jailbreak your iPhone and compromise on its security to make this app work. 

text messages for imessage

Step 1: Download and Install Color Text Messages For iMessage from App Store.

Step 2: Create a new message or open an existing one.

Step 3: Tap on the “Color” icon to view the settings

Step 4: Select the “Type Custom Message” to curate a message.

Select the “Type Custom Message”

Step 5: Type out your message and click on the blue bubble icon

Step 6: You will see a color bar on your screen, select the one you like best.

Step 7: Tap on the Send button to deliver the text in your chosen color. 

While installing the app is a piece of cake, uninstalling it can be somewhat tricky. We have listed some easy-to-follow steps for you to make the process easier. 

Step 1: Open an iMessage thread.

Step 2: Click on the texting box and swipe left in the application bar until you find the (…) option

Step 3: Select the (…) option, which will then lead you to keyboard extensions

Step 4:  Find “Color Text Bubbles” and swipe left to view the “Delete” button

Step 5: Go ahead and tap on it to remove it permanently.

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FancyBubble App

FancyBubble App

The FancyBubble App is also an extremely sought-after app to change iMessage bubble color on iPhone and iPad. The App has a myriad of options available and even lets you change the font of the text you wish to send. Another very interesting feature of this app is the changes that you make in your message bubble will be visible to your message recipient as well.

You can use the mentioned below steps to easily install the app and customize the texts the way you want.

Step 1: Go to App Store and look up FancyBubble

Step 2: Select the app then proceed to download and install it

Step 3: Once installed, open iMessage and go to a message thread

Step 4: Click on the text box and scroll left to reach the FancyBubble icon.

reach the FancyBubble icon

Step 5: Click on it and scroll through all the different available bubble styles.

Step 6: Upon clicking one, you will be able to view a larger edit window.

Step 7: Type in the text message that you want to send and customize the font and color styles.

Step 8: The bubble will look like a sticker and will be ready to be sent to your recipient.

Step 9: Once you are happy with your pickings, click on the blue Send button, and voila you are done!

send msg by FancyBubble

We hope the above-mentioned apps would come in handy for you and you can change your iMessage bubble color the way you want.

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