5 Simple Ways to Fix: iMessage Doesn’t Say “Delivered” on iPhone


Apple’s iMessage is considered as one of the greatest innovations in terms of providing free message service amongst iPhone users. As we know, Apple always puts one step ahead than other companies when it comes to delivering the best features and services in their device. iMessage is such a feature that allows users to send and receive messages without cost if both the parties use an iOS mobile device.

–    The number on which you are trying to send a message can be wrong.

–    If you don’t have cellular data or Wi-Fi connection, then you cannot send iMessage.

–    Poor internet connection.

–   You probably not logged in iMessage properly.

How to Fix “iMessage Not Delivered” on Your iPhone

Considering the seriousness of this error, we have also researched out some frequently asked which would have the same solution as mentioned further in this article.

Following are some frequently asked questions:

–    iMessage doesn’t say delivered?

–    What does it mean and how to fix the error of iMessage Doesn’t say delivered on iPhone?

–    Why does iMessage say delivery?

I was talking to my friend yesterday through iMessage. But today my iMessage not saying delivered. It didn’t even show “not delivered.” I never had this problem before, and now I don’t know what to do. Does anybody know a solution for this problem?”

You may have faced the same situation as mentioned above, and you could not figure out what exactly happened with your device or with iMessage service itself. Moreover, iPhone users who have recently updated software has also faced such issue on their device. Therefore, after receiving so many complaints, we have come up with the solution to fix the iMessage doesn’t say delivered.

What does it actually mean iMessage doesn’t show delivered on the iPhone

When you see iMessage doesn’t show delivered on the iPhone, it simply means that your message has not been received by the recipient due to some common errors. The reason could be anything like if the recipient’s iPhone doesn’t have cellular data or Wi-Fi connection. Another reason could be that they have kept their iPhone switched off or on Do not disturb mode.

If you are in the middle of such case, then you can wait until the recipient phone gets activated, and maybe then your message will be delivered. Meanwhile, your message will remain pending until the user from other side turn on iPhone or toggle off Do not disturb mode.

If you are still unable to resolve the problem after applying the aforementioned solutions, then you may like to 5 different solutions that can help you fix iMessage doesn’t say delivered error.

These are five troubleshooting techniques which can surely work as a perfect solution for your query.

1.   Check the internet connection on your iOS mobile device

iMessage requires an internet connection to send a message on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. As long as you have an internet connection on your device, iMessage would surely work and you can send a message easily. Therefore, ensure that mobile data or Wi-Fi network is available on your device before you want to send the message or you are the one who would receive the message.  

check net conn

To check whether your iPhone has internet connection, you need to go to settings🡪Wi-Fi to connect to available Wi-Fi. If you are using cellular data, you can navigate to settings🡪cellular to turn on cellular data.

  2. Check cellular Data

Sometimes, we are not aware with the mobile data available on our device because of regular usage of the mobile data. In such case, you might run out of cellular data. To check your cellular data on your device, go to Settings🡪Cellular🡪 Data Used and check whether you have mobile data available on your device or not.

check cellur data

  3. Enable Send as SMS

If the recipient doesn’t own an iOS device, then you will not be able to send iMessage. If this is the case, then you need to resend iMessage as a normal text message. To send iMessage as a text message, you need to enable ‘Send as SMS’. To do so, go to the Settings app 🡪 Messages🡪 Send as SMS.

Enable Send as SMS

 4. Force restart iPhone

Rebooting iPhone as common likewise can explain iMessage not saying “delivered” blunder. Thusly is almost connected to the majority of iPhone mistakes, for example, iPhone solidified during the update, App store issue, contact screen issue, and so forth. 

Reboot iPhone XS/X/8: Press and discharge Volume Up button 🡪 press and release Volume Down switch🡪 press and hold the Side button until Apple logo shows up. 

After that Reboot, iPhone 7/7 Plus: Press and hold the Side and Volume Down button simultaneously until Apple logo shows up. 

Then Reboot iPhone 6s/6s Plus and more seasoned: Press and hold the Home and Power catches at the same time until Apple logo shows up.

 5. Turn Off and turn on iMessage

Even restarting iMessage could possibly fix this error. You need to settings🡪Messages🡪iMessage, now toggle on iMessage and then turn it on again.
on imessages

There is one another technique to fix iMessage Doesn’t say delivered via using iOS system recovery. We would also like to explain this specific solution in case you don’t satisfy with the aforementioned methods. The iOS System Recovery program is utilized to fix different sorts of iOS issues. For example, iPhone stuck on Recovery mode, the Apple logo, the dark screen of death, iPhone/iPad can’t slide to open, solidified iPhone, and so on.

It is profoundly prescribed to fix iMessage doesn’t state delivered issue. Furthermore, there is no compelling reason to stress that all information will be eradicated with this software. Follow the steps mentioned below to fix your concern and download the recovery software on your personal computer.

Download link for Windows: click here
Download link for Mac Users:  click here

Step 1: Download & Install iOS System Recovery and launch on your computer

Firstly, you need to install iOS System Recovery on your computer. You can download software from the above links. Meanwhile, you need to have your iPhone connected with the computer. Here, you will see three option from there you need to search ‘IOS System Recovery’ option to initiate the new interface.

install ios

Step 2: Check your iPhone Info

iPhone is identified by the iOS System Recovery software, you can click on Repair to begin the system recovery process on your iOS device.

Check your iPhone Info

Step 3: Fix iMessage Doesn’t Say Delivered error.

Once your device detects iOS version, the iOS Recovery System software will automatically download the firmware of the latest iOS version. Once the process gets completed, your iOS mobile device would start normally and you won’t see iMessage Doesn’t say Delivered error on your mobile. Now, you can try sending iMessage again and check if your problem is fixed or not.

Fix iMessage

We hope this article will help you fix iMessage doesn’t say Delivered error on your iPhone. If you have any concerns regarding iOS and Android, you can reach out to us without any hesitation. Please your comment about whatever issue you are facing with your device in the comment section below. We will make sure to provide you accurate solutions that would help you fix the errors.

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