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How to Close All Tabs at Once in Safari on iPhone or iPad Running iOS 13 and iOS 12

How to Close All Tabs at Once in Safari

Closing all browser tabs on your iPhone device is agreat practice. It keeps all your information secure and if you need to share your device with someone then that person will not have any knowledge of your browsing experience. Safari is the most popular browser used on any iPhone device.

A very common user practice is not closing all the tabs. An user may just press the home button and go out of all the tabs instead of closing them individually. This can cause the tabs to gather in your phone which can cause confusion when you are trying to find something particular. But with safari on the iPhone or iPad you can easily close all the tabs all at once.

How to close all Safari tabs at once on iPhone and iPad

This marvelous feature was incorporated in models ios 10 and higher. ios 12 had a great breakthrough in helping users close the tabs but with ios 13 closing the tabs together had become easier. It is a laborious process if you have to close each tab at a time and users love this feature in Safari which lets them close all the tabs together.

Now let us take you through how you can close the tabs together and avoid the tedious steps of closing the tabs one at a time.

1. Steps to close all tabs in iPhone or iPad (ios 12 and earlier)

If you have an ios 12 or older version then this is you guide on how to get rid of the many tabs that you may keep opening and forget to close. If you have the habit of just pressing home and escaping from the tabs. Then you must know the tabs are running and deplete your battery. With ios 12 closing tabs had become easier and for older versions, these steps will suffice to help you in closing the tabs.

  1. Select the Safari app on your device which can be an iPad or an iPhone.
  2. Now you must tap and long-press the Tabs icon button. You can find the button at the bottom right-hand side of your Safari app screen.
  3. Now you will see a display of four relevant options.
  4. Select the Close All (number) tabs.close all tab in safari

If you are looking for an equally effective and more simpler option then try the following:

  • Click and hold on to the Done button.
  • Next you will see the option to Close all the tabs (the number of open tabs will be mentioned)
  • Click on it and all of the tabs that are open will be closed.

If you want to close any individual tab then all you need to do is. Select the tab, swipe it from the right to the left ad the individual tab will be closed.

2. Steps to close all tabs in iPhone or iPad (ios 13)

With ios 13 another improvement was introduced even when it came to closing al the tabs all together at once. Unlike with the previous versions where you had to launch the Safari app on the ios device in order to close the open tabs.

With ios 13 Safari can directly close the tabs from the settings app. In order to do it, try the following steps.


  • Click and launch the settings option on your device be it an iPad or iPhone.
  • Now you need to scroll through and search for Safari, once you see it, click on it.
  • There you will see an option called Close tabs.
  • Upon clicking it you will see 4 options. From which you need to select one.
The four options that will be displayed to you are the following.
  • Manually – You will have to do it manually. In order to do it, you need to launch the Safari app and follow the steps as discussed above for closing all tabs on iOS 12. You will have to manually initiate the process of closing the tabs. This is not a very popular choice among most users as they have to take steps to clear the tabs. Instead most users prefer the automatic or scheduled clearing of tabs.
  • After one day – As the name suggests all the tabs which are active will be closed after a day has elapsed of not using them.
  • Then after one week – After a week of non-use, the active tabs running will be closed.
  • After one month – All the tabs that are not closed or used for a month will be closed after a month.

Select the option that works best for you. Scheduled cleanings are good options. Most users prefer the after one day of non-use over the other choices. If you select the other two options or manual options, be sure to clear off the tabs that are not at all relevant or usable to you. It will help you save up n battery as well as space on your ios device.

Manually closing the tabs is not a popular choice and hence the process with Safari has been made so easy, most users are comfortable having their all tabs closed at fixed scheduled intervals.

But if you have selected after one day option and find it to be inconvenient then you can easily reselect a manual or after a week or after a month option. Your preference will get selected and the tabs will be closed as according to your choice.

If you want your iPhone or iPad to function properly then make it a habit of closing all the tabs. Not just that if you want your phone or tab in an immaculate condition. Clear the cache and the cookies frequently. It helps with the functioning of the phone. Also remember to clear your history tab from time to time. This practice will give you ample storage space and your data and browser history will also stay protected.

Now that you know how to clear all the tabs together, make sure you follow the steps and keep your phone free from too many unnecessary tabs.

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