Safari for Windows PC: Feel the Apple Touch on Windows PC

What if you want to feel the Safari touch on your Windows PC? Many Windows users have this question that if there is any way of using Safari on Windows PC. Besides that, it becomes essential for developers, designers and UI tester to use Safari on Windows. Whenever they need to check browser compatibility for their developed software or application.

Lately, Apple has terminated the use of Safari on Windows. You cannot find any updates, bug fixes or security patches. Apart from that, if you happen to use an older version of it on PC. You may be welcoming malware that can attack your system while browsing to specific websites. Therefore, because using Safari on Windows PC may lead to some unavoidable consequences. It is better to avoid using an older version of it.

But, for developers and designers, sometimes it becomes obligatory to use Safari on Windows PC given the fact that they need to check their project compatibility with browser.

So, here are two methods..

  1. Utilizing an older version of Safari by downloading the executable file
  2. Using online service to utilize Safari with Mac OS X environment

Here, I have mentioned both the methods in detail, check out the guide for your solution!

How to Install Safari Browser on Windows PC

Follow the steps mentioned below in order to install the older version of Safari browser on your Windows PC.

Step 1: Click on the mentioned link below and download Safari on your Windows.

click here

Step 2: Once you start installing Safari on your Windows PC, you will be asked to Save the file while installing which depends on whichever browser you are using. And if not, then downloading will automatically start without any concern to save the file.
Step 3: Once you are done with the download, you need to click twice on the SafariSetup which will enable the installation procedure.
safari setup

Step 4: Let the installation process be completed and thereafter, you can open Safari and start searching over the internet.

Finally, now you can enjoy Safari like experience on your Windows PC.  The Apple touch on your Windows PC will amaze you. Do not forget the risk involved while using an older version of Safari on Windows PC. Therefore, We suggest you that not to use Safari browser for your important functions.

You should avoid using Safari for purposes such as bank account payment. or buying things online since these functions need your personal information.

Unless you don’t have any option left to use Safari on Windows PC, we strongly recommend you not to use Safari on your Windows PC. One more reason is that the mentioned version of Safari is quite old and have suffered many issues with some websites.

In addition to that, these all issues are fixed in modern search browsers which can also create conflict if you use an older version of Safari on your Windows PC.

Apart from security aspects, Safari does not support more plugins, on the other hand, you can easily have these plugins with Google Chrome and Firefox.

How to use Safari on Windows PC using Online Service.

Follow the steps mentioned below in order to install Safari on Windows PC using Online Service.

Step 1: On your Windows PC, launch your current browser and search 
Step 2: Here, you need to create an account which is absolutely free and then proceed with log-in.

safari log-in

Step 3: Now, move your cursor to the left where you will find a menu. From that menu, select Live testing which will open another menu. Next, from the menu, click on “Start a Live Test.”
Step 4: Now, on the right side of the screen, you need to click on the drop-down menu which you can find under the Desktop tab. From the drop-down menu, select the Mac OS X version.

As soon as you select Mac OS X version, you will find that the menu will automatically choose Safari 11.

Step 5: Next, you need to enter the website in the given text field and then select “Run Test” which will automatically load the website.

run test

Here, you can perform a few functions such as scaling, resolution. You can even take a screenshot and record a video and many more from the menu bar provided on the top.

Since this is not a good idea to install on Windows PC for normal users in order to carry out daily functions. But, as we have seen that, for some developers and testers, it is inevitable. Therefore, this method helps them.

Having said, this method is more secure and reliable compared to the previous method where you use the older version of Safari.

If I talk about my personal experience of using Safari on Windows PC. then I somehow didn’t like the browsing experience that it provides on Windows.  Since I observed that there was a lagging issue when we scroll it down.

But, if you are a developer or a tester, I would surely recommend you to try Safari on Windows PC. One more reason to stick with this method. If you plan to buy a different device then it would be costlier and more tedious.

Moreover, you will get 100 minutes of free browsing with this service. If you are happy with the service then you can choose paid plans as per your requirement? Though I believe it would be more preferable if Apple continues to support Safari on Windows PC.

We hope this blog will help you install Safari on your Windows PC. If you have any queries regarding Android and Apple, please write down your issue in the comment section below. We will try our best to provide you the most feasible and convenient solution for all your queries.

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