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How to Download GIFs from Twitter on iPhone, Android and PC?

Download GIFs from Twitter on iPhone

Twitter has dug deeper to produce hilarious and sarcastic content. Find the steps in this tutorial to follow; if you come across any GIF worth sharing in your circle on any other platform.

Over the last 5-6 years, Social Media has revolutionized and become an addiction to users. Name any platform you know and you will observe the content has become crazy comparing the way it used to be before 2012-2013. Instagram and Twitter are growing hilariously, and so the content in them as well. Often you might come across GIFs on Twitter which you would want to share to your friends, family members or colleagues. It’s always fun spreading funny content or videos or GIFs. GIF files are short and lesser in size.

How to Save GIFs on iPhone and iPads from Twitter ?

Not only sharing funny content via GIFs, but it is also used in between conversation of people taking it to an upper level. Many would want to save GIFs our Phone or PC devices to use it at the correct time and correct place. You can create a spark with your sense of humour, correct, but you can also get liveliness in your conversation and dealing skills. You can follow this tutorial to download and save GIFs on iPhone, Android and PC devices and use them on any of the platforms you want to.

Though there is no official way to download any GIF from Twitter on any of them, but you can overcome this roadblock. Find out how you can do it.

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To save and access the GIF file on your iPhone, you need to download an application where you can play, download and view it. For example, I like the GIF wrapped app because it is convenient to use and save the files from Twitter app. The application is available for free on iTunes App Store, but make sure you have iOS9 or later version of your OS. GIFwrapped is also available for iMessage application.

Here is how you do it: Download GIFs from Twitter

Step #1 Launch Twitter app

Launch the Twitter application and go through your content. When you come across an interesting GIF, you can download and save it.

Step #2 Tap share icon

You can see a small Twitter sharing icon at the bottom right corner of Tweet. Selecting this option will open a native iOS pop up with multiple options for you. You need to select ‘Share Tweet via’ option.

share via tweet

Step #3 Copy link to the Tweet

Selecting sharing Tweet option will again open the native iOS sharing menu. Here you can share as well as save the GIF on your device. The second row in the sharing screen has a ‘Copy Link to Tweet’ option, tap on it.

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As soon you do it, there will be confirmation alert pop up with a message your link has been copied to the clipboard.

Step #4 Open GIFwrapped

Open this application. Tap on the Search tab at the bottom menu bar of the screen. The search option will give you a few options example the app also provides you GIFs. You need to select ‘Use the Clipboard’ option next to ‘Surprise me’, which eventually copies the Twitter GIF link you have selected in the previous step.

Open GIFwrapped

Step #5 View GIF

The selected GIF from Twitter can be previewed here in this application. It opens the link to the GIF and also allows sharing from the top ‘Share’ icon.

Step #6 Save to Library

As soon as you hit the sharing icon, it again opens up native iOS options pop up. You can select ‘Save to Library’ from the list. It saves the GIF to the GITwrapped library.

Step #7 Sharing from Library

Now, open the library of GIFwrapped application and select the GIF tapping on it’s thumbnail. As soon as you do it, native iOS sharing options open again, where you can find the ‘Save to Files’ option.

When you select it, the documents drawer will open and you can select a folder where you want to save this GIF on your device.

And that’s done! Whenever you want to view or share that GIF, just go to your saved folder, and now, it’s all yours!

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How to save GIFs from Twitter on Android devices?

Similar to GIFwrapped app for iPhones, you can also find plenty of options for Android devices that allow you to save and view GIFs making your own library. I liked Tweet2gif the most as it is again a convenient option. You need to have Android 4.0.3 or later versions to use this application.

Step #1 Open Twitter

Open the Twitter application on your device.

Open Twitter

Step #2 Menu for saving the GIF

At the top right corner of Tweet, you can find the ‘Taco’ menu to open native Android pop up. Similar to the iOS version, you have multiple options in the menu, out of which you need to select ‘Copy link to Tweet’

Step #3  Launching Tweet2gif

Launch the Tweet2gif app and paste the URL that you have copied to the device clipboard.

Step #4 Download

As soon as you have copied the URL, you can download the GIF on your device directly. You can also select the format in which you want to download the GIF.

download gif

That’s done for Android as well! Open you gallery and enjoy your time.

Comparing both iOS and Android, there is a difference in saving mechanism. Because of the privacy policies difference in both platforms, you need to download a third-party app and take its help.

Only Android OS allows direct download any media file on Android devices, but for iOS we cannot download media content using a URL. For this reason, iPhone users are not even able to download the GIF from GIFwrapped app. Just an extra step required opening the GIF and save it to files from there , because it has become content of GIFwrapped application, and not just the URL.

Lastly, you also might be interested in saving GIF files on your PCs. You cannot run GIF file in your PC and therefore you need to convert it to a video file.

Let’s take a quick look at how you can you save GIF on PCs:

Step #1 Open Twitter

Open Twitter website on any of the browsers on your PC.

Step #2 Select the GIF

Open ‘Taco’ menu for a Tweet you wish to save GIF content. It opens similar options on the menu and copy the link to Tweet.

Step #3 Open a GIF to Video Converter website

gif to video convertor

There plenty of GIF to Video converter websites available. You can open one such website, Once you open it, you can paste the Tweet GIF URL here and upload it.

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Step #4 Downloading video

As soon uploading is over, the GIF file will be processed and downloaded in an mp4 video format. In the same window, you can also explore multiple options to adjust the frame rate, video size, trim the video and etc., and save it based on your preferences.

And that’s done for the PCs as well!

Wrapping it up; this tutorial helps you to download your favorite GIFs from Twitter on iPhone, Android as well as PCs devices. This way, you can make use of the mentioned tricks to share insane GIFs with your friends and family members. Hope you find this blog useful.

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