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How to Download & Save GIFs on iPhone (UPDATED FOR 2024)

How to Download & Save GIFs on iPhone

We guess, you are tired of finding the right method to save and download GIFs on your iPhone, and that’s why you are on our page. This article covers everything that you need to learn to save and download GIF files on your iPhone. The procedure is easy and straightforward. Once you know the necessary steps, you will be able to download GIFs from Tumblr or Twitter easily. To understand the process, it is necessary to learn about GIFs, and what is it exactly?

How to Save & Download GIFs on iPhone

GIF is a small moving picture that runs with the concept of a loop. The image continues to run in a circle. In the social media platform, these GIFS are very popular as a moving meme. People across all social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WhatsApp use such GIFs to express their emotions.

save GIF

One can easily download and save GIFs on its iPhone. Besides this, you can also utilize an app, particularly for storing the GIFs on your iPhone. In addition to that, not only you can download the GIFs but also share it with your friends and family.

In the following article, we have covered two of the best methods to save and download the GIFs on your iPhone. Additionally, you will find another section where we have also mentioned how you can download and share GIFs using Messages, emails, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. In addition to that, we have provided useful information on how to download GIFs on iPhone running iOS 11 and later versions.

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Earlier, before iOS 11 has been rolled out, it was not that difficult to download and save GIFs on iPhone. However, when you download the GIFs, it appears as a photo and not the animation in the Photo App. Now, with iOS 11, you can see the moving image even in your Photo App. In addition to that, with iOS 10 and 11; you have access to share GIFs as quickly as you share photos and videos.

Moreover, many social media platforms support animation and GIFs to get crowd engagement. Therefore, you can share GIFs on social media as well. You can share GIFs post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, WhatsApp. Note that Instagram hasn’t introduced this feature yet, but you can post the GIFs in video form. Now, let’s get started with the concern that is how to save, download, and share GIFs on iPhone.

How to save GIFs to iPhone/How to download GIFs to iPhone with iOS 10 or later versions.

If you own an iPhone with 3D touch, then follow the steps mentioned below to download and save the GIFs on your iPhone.

  • Tap the GIFS. Once you press the GIFS, it will activate 3D touch.
  • Next, swipe up when GIF pops out.

    swipe up when GIF pops out

  • Select Save Image from the list.

If you own an iPhone without 3D touch, then follow the steps mentioned below in order to download and save GIFs on your iPhone.

  • Tap and press the image.
  • Tap save image from the list of options.

    save image from the list of options

The only notable change in both iOS 10 and 11 in terms of saving GIFs is how GIF appears in the Photo App. Thankfully, in IOS 11, Photos App supports animated and moving pictures, so you can view GIFs in its original layout. Previously, it was not possible in older iOS versions as the GIF tends to appear as a steady image in the Photo App.

Use a GIF Downloader App to save and download GIFs. 

This is an alternative to the method that we use generally. You can download a GIF app that enables users to search, save, and download GIFs on your iPhone. Additionally, you will have the option to create a collection of your most favourite GIFs. In case you want your phone’s space free of GIFs, then keeping application like this would work great for you. You can easily find GIFS that are not available on popular platform GIPHY but are easily accessible from Tumblr or Reddit.

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We recommend you to use GIFwrapped and GIFPlayer Free; these are the best and popular GIF apps. Use the following link to download it on your device.


GifPlayer Free

With GifPlayer, you can save and download the GIFs which are hard to find and are available on sites like Tumblr, Reddit, and more. However, you might have noticed that when you search for the save option on websites, you could not find a clear way to keep the GIFs on your iPhone.

On the other hand, GIFwrapped does allow you to save GIFs and provide an easy option too. But, it does not permit you to visit different websites in order to explore the GIF’s collection. It has a limitation on the discovery of GIFs. Both the applications are useful to save Gifs on your mobile device. The procedure is the same for both the application. Here, we use GIFwrapped to understand the process to save and download GIFs on iPhone.

To save a GiF using GIFwrapped, follow the steps mentioned below! 

  • Launch the GIFwrapped app.
  • Search for the GIF that you wish to save to the app.
  • Tap and hold the GIF file.
  • Next up, select Save to Library.

save GIFs

  •  If you directly want to share the GIF, you can select the Share Image option form the pop-up list.

How to send GIFs via Messages, Mail, Facebook, And Twitter

If you have a GIF spared to your Photos application, you can without much of a stretch, offer it with companions, office colleagues, friends, and family using the Messages application. You can likewise share a GIF on Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter. In case you’re running iOS 10 or previous versions, the GIF will show up as a still photograph in the Photos application. Yet, when you’ve sent the GIF, it will vivify. In case you’re utilizing iOS 11, or later, the GIF will as of now be vivified in the Photos application. To share a GIF, follow the steps mentioned below. 

  • Search for the GIF that you wish to share in the Photo app.
  • Tap the Share button.Share GIFs
  • Next up, you need to select how you would like to share the GIF: Mail, Facebook, Message, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.share GIFs with messages
  • Let’s take an example, tap the message and now choose the person to whom you want to send the GIF.
  • Tap Send. Tap on ‘Up arrow’ to send the GIF file in iOS 10 or later version.

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tap send GIFs

Here is the link of the GIF that we have used in the above explanation. Click here

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