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How To Fix Bluetooth Pairing Problems?

How To Fix Bluetooth Pairing Problems: Bluetooth is a well-known technique for wirelessly moving information between two devices, for example, it’s called Bluetooth Pairing, your phone and your earphones, your media player and a speaker, or your iPad and keyboard.

It’s a standout amongst the most broadly utilized wireless innovation on the planet, as per Suke Jawanda, head showcasing officer for the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. He says about 2.5 billion Bluetooth items will dispatch this year alone, and that number will probably twofold inside the following four years.

Solutions to Bluetooth Pairing Problems

Bluetooth is all extraordinary when it works. However, in case you’re somebody who likes to play around with these sorts of associated gadgets, you realize it very well may baffle when there’s a hang-up matching the two. Here are some regular reasons for Bluetooth pairing issues just as counsel on what you can do about them.

Why Bluetooth pairing fail?

Bluetooth relies upon both hardware and software to work appropriately. Makers, for example, Apple and Microsoft are progressive including radios that talk the Bluetooth 4.0 language in their new hardware.

In any case, if you have a device — say, a two-year-old phone — that comes up short on this more current sort of radio, you won’t most likely associate (Bluetooth Pairing) with devices that solitary help Bluetooth 4.0.

When we as of late tried a huge number of sports watches, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which has a Bluetooth 3.0 radio, couldn’t interface with the Mio Alpha, an inventive device that screens your pulse without the requirement for a chest tie.

iPhone 5 was capable speak with the Mio Alpha, however, in light of the fact that each iPhone since iPhone 4S is Bluetooth Smart Ready.

Fortunately, most phones that have delivered throughout the most recent year and a half has a double radio that speaks with Bluetooth Smart Ready devices just as those prepared for past forms of Bluetooth. So if your present phone isn’t Bluetooth Smart Ready, your next one most likely will be.

In any case, regardless of whether some phones had the correct sort of radio for Bluetooth 4.0, with a current working framework, Android 4.2.2, doesn’t bolster Bluetooth Smart. Android clients won’t almost certainly use Bluetooth 4.0 until they get Android 4.3 (expecting they have the correct hardware).

Devices additionally accompany explicit Bluetooth profiles. If that Bluetooth is the normal language interfacing devices, you can think about a profile as a lingo related to a specific use.

For instance, you likely aren’t going to have the option to associate a mouse and a camera on the grounds that a camera doesn’t bolster the Human Interface Device Profile. Be that as it may, if both a cell phone and a wireless headset bolster the Hands-Free Profile, you ought to have the option to match them.

Nonetheless, if the blending disappointment involves client mistake, there are steps you can take to get your devices cheerfully speaking with one another.

What you can do about pairing failures

Ensure that both the devices are turned ON

It is essential for any device to remain turned on in order to synchronize with another device. It is the fundamental and the prior step to do. But, don’t let the sleep mode and power saving mode confuse you.


Your phone may look like it is on, but because of power saving mode and sleep mode, it would have power off. Therefore, make sure that everything is well organised to make a connection. Do not confuse with power saving and sleep mode.

Decide the pairing process on wh

ich your phone employs

The pairing procedure may vary with respect to which device you are using. Some devices feature a code tapping facility to establish connection, whereas others need a physical touch in order to pair device. For example, NFC (near field communication) is integrated in SmartWatch 2 manufactured by SONY.

Technically, it is a combination of Bluetooth and NFC to establish a network connection. On the other hand, Nike+ FuelBand provides a button, you need to hold down the button on your Watch to connect with iPhone

If you cannot find a way to pair your device, we suggest you to read the user’s manual. You can find the user’s guide by browsing.

Check the compatibility of the devices

As we know, that Bluetooth technology has shown us a different style of usages. From phone to best fitness trackers, we all have witnessed the working of the Bluetooth. But, every time we shift towards new technology or a new device, we need to make sure that your devices work on the same version of Bluetooth.

Update Apps

Sometimes, you cannot connect your headset with your older phone due to the compatibility conflicts. Therefore, we suggest you check the user’s manual and the specifications while choosing the device.

Check the websites of the manufactures

You can troubleshoot your problem if your device allows you to do so. Another one is that you can search the manufactures website. What happens is, sometimes, manufacturers would have been receiving a few queries regarding the device.

Check if your query is mentioned over there or not, otherwise you can write to them about the issue and you can diagnose your device’ problem with the help of the instruction

Reboot both the devices

You can restart both the devices. Since restarting the device remove common bug and make your device work again properly. After several attempts, if you could not make a connection, try rebooting both the device and then try pairing devices.

Ensure that Airplane/Power saving mode remain off

Same as Wi-Fi connection. Airplane mode and power saving mode also creates disagreement while attempting to pair a device with Bluetooth. Make sure to turn off the Airplane mode and power-saving mode.

Those who don’t know where to find the Airplane mode, can swipe down their notification window on your phone and look for a symbol with a plane. Ensure it remained off while pairing.

Stay away from an evident source of interface

As we know, Bluetooth functions due to radio frequencies and similarly, there are other devices that also use RF (Radio Frequency) to communicate with each other.

You need to keep away your device with the sources of the interface such as wireless routers, microwaves, electronics cables. Get away from these devices and try to pair your devices.

Delete your pairing device and restart searching

Many a time, the process of Bluetooth discovery doesn’t work properly. In such case, you need to delete the setting of the device with which you want to pair. Thereafter, you can restart the discovery process. Ensure that both devices have all the latest software updates installed.

Frequently, heck for the device – software update

First and foremost, your device whether it is laptop or phone, must be running on latest updates provided by the manufacturer. If not, we suggest you to update your device and then try making a connection with the devices. We hope that you would get successful pairing after the software update.

Delete stored setting on your device

If you notice that your device is still not working properly, then try deleting the previously-stored setting and clear your devices cache data. The devices that works continuously tend to have a corrupted file. It could be the reason that your device would not start as earlier.

Ensure that your Bluetooth remains ON

To check your Bluetooth is on or off, you need to check the notification area where you will find the Bluetooth symbol. This symbol must remain ON.

If you are using electronic devices rather than phones, you will see the same symbol with a flashing light which indicates the status of the Bluetooth. Make sure that Bluetooth is always ON.

Don’t let your phone be interfaced by sources like USB ports

usb bluetooths

It is a fact that sometimes USB ports can create conflict while connecting with the laptops or car’s music system. Even though you have moved away from routers or microwave, you need to check that USB ports are always kept away from your device in order to break the potential interface.

Switch on the discovery mode

Let us imagine that you are going on a long drive and you want to connect you mobile phone with your vehicle so that you can enjoy all the beautiful melodies.

Even more than that, you would love to handle your calls and messages along with going in the right direction thanks to the navigation feature on your device. To do so, all you need to open the Bluetooth on your phone.


Once you tap the Bluetooth menu it will make your phone visible to your vehicle. Of note that Bluetooth remains discoverable for a few minutes, therefore, meanwhile, you need to press the Bluetooth button on your car’s system, which will generate a code that you need to enter on your device.

Turn OFF the device, wait for a few seconds, and then turn ON

This is a universal way which used for almost every device. A small restart can cure many problems in device. It will refresh effectiveness of the device.

Restart your device and then wait for a few seconds before turning it again. Your phone will work a little faster and you might be enjoying your Bluetooth connection.

Make sure the device you are pairing is developed to pair with each other

It is mandatory that both the devices have the Bluetooth feature. Whether you are using headset, speakers, mouse, camera or any electronic device that you want to pair with your device.

All need to have a Bluetooth feature. You can read about every feature of your device on the user’s guide that comes along with the device.

Install Bluetooth driver


Maybe you have noticed that sometimes while pairing device with the computer takes never-ending time. This because you may not have the right Bluetooth drivers. To download the Bluetooth driver, look for drivers online according the device’s kind with which you want to make a connection.

Update the firmware

It was evident that Bluetooth pairing with iPhone would not be that easy for some automotive audio system. The reason is that Bluetooth drivers of the system do not interface with Bluetooth 4.0.

If you don’t have any idea about how to update to the latest firmware driver into your hardware, connect with the company who manufactured the device.

Maintain the proximity of the pairing devices

It is necessary to maintain the distance between the two devices with which you would want to make a connection. you wouldn’t imagine connecting with an iPhone with your keyboard if both the devices are at different places.

bluetooth proximity

So, make sure that you maintain the boundary within 5 feet, otherwise, it would be difficult to pair with the device which is out of coverage.

Note that not all wireless devices need Bluetooth

There are a few alternatives available like Wireless Gigabit specification, Wireless HD, ANT+, Zigbee, NFC, and Wi-Fi Direct. Unfortunately, these mentioned alternatives won’t work with your phone, tablets or PC since they all need additional software along with them to run on your phone.


We hope that this article would help you to solve Bluetooth pairing issues. As listed above, you can try out each solution according to your device’s type.

Do comment on your thoughts and let us know if you have any queries regarding the Android and iOS operating systems or anything related to the technology. We will be back with the solution.

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