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7 Ways to bypass Android’s Secured Lock Screen

bypass Android’s lockscreen: Today, millions of people use cell phones in order to optimize all the possible features that make daily life’s functions easy. Today’s digital market, especially the mobile market, is mainly run by Android and Apple.

It is obvious to say that both the companies dominate the cell phone market, and with the variety they provide; there is nothing wrong with saying that the world’s overall economy also depends on how Android and Apple are exhibiting their offerings.

Having all the safety measures, smartphones alter the way we use the computer. Nowadays, you can easily carry out the function on your smartphone, which you were doing on your computer.

While you compare both Android and Apple, you may get lots of differences from their sizes and appearances to their operating system. Devices with immaculate security and prominent feature tend to have a great purchasing ratio among the user.

How to bypass Android’s Secured Lock Screen?

How to bypass Android’s Secured Lock Screen

As we talk about security and privacy, let’s understand some common methods we use in order to secure our phone from unauthorized access. For example, we use a PIN, password, or a screen pattern to keep our device locked, and the same can be used to bypass iCloud Activation lock on your Apple mobile devices. This security feature is available in every smartphone just to make sure that people can safeguard their electronic devices.

So, what would you do if you somehow forget the password or pattern which locks/unlocks your phone? It may create a little anxiety within you for the time being, and you would wonder if you are running out of luck because your phone will be locked forever.

Don’t let such thoughts roam around you since it is possible to crack those passwords or patterns, though these safety features are very difficult to break but not impossible. If you have correct methods, then you can successfully crack down the password in order to unlock your phone.

There are many ways to hack Android devices, and the password cracker USB sticks is the simplest one among all. I also faced such an issue on my Android device, and I have managed to get back into my Android device. This article illustrates seven effective methods that you can use to bypass Android’s Security lock Screen and get back to your phone in no time.

1. How to use Google’s Find My Device website?

How to use Google’s Find My Device website

If you are using Android phones and tablets, then you should not have to worry much. Since your Android phone has a built-in service which is known as ‘Find My Device,’ you can easily bypass Android’s lock screen on your device. The only concern is that you need to have your device logged in into your Google account so that you can easily access this service from any device.

While analyzing some Android phones, we have noticed that this service is not compatible with Android 8.0 or later versions. As long as you are using Android 7.1.1 Nougat or earlier models, then only you can optimize ‘Find My Device’ service.

Counter-intuitively, once you get ‘Find My Device’ on your device, click the ‘Lock’ button. If the service is taking more time to find your device, you can tap the refresh button that is kept next to your phone’s name. After four or five attempts, you would see a connection will take place if your phone is designed to support the service.

Once you push the ‘Lock’ button, you will be asked to write a new password or PIN which would change your current lock screen pattern, password, or PIN. Now, re-enter your new password two times and confirm your choice, then select ‘Lock Button.

Now, it will take a few minutes to change the password, and thereafter, you will be able to re-enter your new password/pattern/PIN to successfully unlock your device.

2. How to use Samsung’s Find My Device service

Find My Device service

Do you use a Samsung phone? If you do, then you will find yourself very lucky as a similar service called ‘Find My Mobile’ is available for Samsung users, and we recommend you to try it in the first place. Click on this link ( and then you need to log-in into your Samsung account.

Of note that if you never made a Samsung account, then there is bad news for you. You won’t be able to use this service unless you have an authorized Samsung account.

After logging into your Samsung account, you need to click the ‘Lock Screen’ button which is placed in the left-hand panel. Here, you will be asked to enter a new PIN.

Once you enter the password or PIN, click the ‘Lock’ button which is provided at the center of the bottom. After a few minutes, you will witness your current lock screen password will be changed into your recently entered one. Now, you can unlock your device by using your new Password/PIN/Pattern.

3. How to use Forgot Pattern feature on your Android device?

If you are using an Android device which runs on Android 4.4 or earlier versions, you can instigate ‘Forgot Pattern’ feature to bring back your device in regular condition.

How to use Forgot Pattern feature on your Android device

You have noticed that after a few unsuccessful attempts to unlock your device; five to be precise, a message appears on your mobile screen which says ‘Try again in 30 seconds’. Once you see this message, select the ‘Forgot Pattern’ button which is provided at the bottom of the screen.

Now, you need to select ‘Enter Google account details (Note: sometimes, you may automatically redirect to the Google Account since it also depends on your device). Now, provide your primary Gmail account with the correct password.

Wait for a few seconds, and you will probably get an email from Google, which will be containing your new pattern to unlock your device. If not, then you can also change your device’s Password/Pattern/Pin over there only.

4.  How to Perform a Factory Reset?

 How to Perform a Factory Reset?

Once you decide to perform a Factory Reset, you must take a backup of your stored data. As we know, a factory reset will work in many cases to solve the specific mobile issues, but before performing, you need to get backup of your stored data since it will erase each datum and application from your device.

With the advent of the new feature called ‘Factory Reset Protection’, you cannot perform Factory Reset on devices that were released in 2016 or later unless you have your Google account password.

To do a Factory reset on Android devices the procedure is the same for most; rarely, it varies depending upon the device type. Firstly, you need to completely turn off your device.

Once you see the black screen, press and hold the power button and volume down button at the same time, this will lead you to the Android’s bootloader menu where you need to press the volume down button twice to point out the recovery mode. Now, press the power button to make the selection for recovery mode.

After that, keep holding the power button and press the volume up button one time, which will make your phone enter into recovery mode. Now, by using volume buttons, you can highlight the ‘Wipe data/factory reset’ option, and then tap the power button to choose your selection.

Once you follow the complete procedure, you need to select ‘Reboot System now’ which will restart your system. This will unlock your device without asking for any password/PIN/Pattern.

5.  Use ADB to erase the password file

ADB to erase the password file

This next choice will possibly work if you’ve recently enabled USB debugging on your mobile device, and, after its all said and done, it will possibly work in the event that you’ve permitted the PC you’re utilizing to connect via ADB.

If you meet those necessities, it’s an ideal method to open/unlock your cell phone. In any case, note that models with encryption empowered as a matter, of course, may not be perfect with this workaround.

Begin by associating your mobile devices to your PC with a USB data link, at that point open a brief order window in your ADB installation directory. From here, type the mentioned command order and hit Enter.

“adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key”

After that, you need to reboot your phone, and by doing that, you will find that you will no longer be asked about a password or PIN. It will enable you to access your phone. Of note that this is not a permanent solution. Once you get access to use your device, you should change the password or pattern on your device.

6. Boot into Safe Mode to bypass android’s third-party lock screen app

 bypass android's third-party lock screen app

If you have installed a third-party lock screen application to secure your phone, then booting your mobile device into safe mode is the best possible way.

In most Android phones, it is easy to boot the mobile device into Safe Mode. By bringing up the power menu from the lock screen, you can initiate the process. Next, press the “Power Off” option from the menu.

Once you do so, It will ask you, if you’d like to boot your device into Safe Mode, tap Ok! Now, once the process is complete, your third-party app will be disabled temporarily.

Now, you can either uninstall the third-party lock screen app or erase all data from it. After that, restart your mobile device to get back to the normal mode. Now, the next time when your device starts, you won’t see those troublesome patterns and all.

7.   Crash the Lock Screen Device

you can use this method if you want to crash the lock screen UI in order to get access to the phone’s interface. It only works if your device is running Android 5.0-5.11.

To perform crashing of the lock screen UI, you need to tap the emergency button once, and enter 10 * (asterisk) through your phone’s dialler. Next, copy and paste the same asterisks on your phone’s dialler until the popping up of paste option disappears.

Now, get back to the lock screen and click on the camera shortcut icon. From the notification bar, look for the setting option and tap it. This will bring you to enter a new password and continue doing the same thing here.

Now, long press and select paste. Keep on repeating, this will eventually crash the lock screen and able to bypass android’s lock screen.


We hope that these methods will help you to recover your bypass Android’s lock screen pattern and let us know which particular method you have used for the same.

If you have any other technique that will bypass Android’s lock screen, do let us know! And if you have any queries regarding Android and iOS, make sure you share it with us. 

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