Microphone Not Working on iPhone or iPad? Here are Solutions to Try

When you purchase a mobile device like an iPhone or an iPad, you would expect excellent service. But, what if the most essential function doesn’t work on your device. You probably get annoyed and even more, you cannot hold back your anger. We are talking about Microphone; imagine that microphone on your iPhone or iPad doesn’t work and leave you with no option but the frustration!

How To Fix iPhone Microphone Not Working

When the microphone doesn’t work on your device, many important activities will be interrupted and at times it will irritate you. For example, you cannot hear the voice during the phone call. In addition, while using FaceTime or any other calling application, you cannot hear the one who is talking to you from the other side. Even when you try to record video, you won’t hear the sound because of the damaged microphone.

Microphone not Working on iPhone X/8/7/6 or iPad

A microphone is said to be an essential element on your device which fulfills your primary objective. Without it, you may feel that you have nothing left on your device. There are several reasons that cause such issue on your iPhone and iPad. Initially, you can try a few basic tactics just like rebooting your iPhone, cleaning your mic and headphone jack, and updating software. These methods can solve your issue, but if they don’t then you need to try several distinctive methods which will be mentioned in this article.

Here are some tips which you can try in the first place to solve Microphone not working on iPhone and iPad issue

  • Make sure your device is not connected with any Bluetooth headsets or any other audio accessories. This could be an unnoticed reason which can create such an issue. To disconnect Bluetooth headset, go to Setting 🡪 Bluetooth 🡪 select “I” button which is provided next to the Bluetooth accessory 🡪 Tap on forget device.

  • Ensure that microphone and iSight mic are not blocked when you recording video or even while holding your iPhone.
  • You can try removing screen guard, device case and films. These can also block your microphone, iSight or your phone receiver by covering them.
  • You can also check the network connection or any app which can cause this problem
  • Another thing you can do is, open Voice memo and try recording your voice. Once you have completed recording, play it. If you happen to hear the voice, then your microphone is completely okay. But, if you cannot hear the recording, then your cellular connection must be creating a problem here.
  • There is one another factor that can affect the functioning of a microphone on your device. Any malfunction app can create this problem. If you find such app then you need to update that specific app. If updating the app doesn’t work then you need to delete that app and reinstall it. Apart from that, ensure that you have granted the permission to this app to access your iPhone mic. You can provide permission by navigating to Setting 🡪Privacy 🡪Microphone 🡪Tap on the switch next to the application.

The following are the methods which you can try to solve the Microphone not working on iPhone and iPad.

Reboot your mobile device

reboot your iPhone

If the above-mentioned quick tips don’t satisfy you and still you are facing the same problem, then you can try hard resetting your iPhone. This technique would help you solve the issue. Since different models of iPhone have different procedure to perform a hard reset, I will be mentioning you three of them for three different iPhone variants.

iPhone X/8/8 Plus
  • Press and release volume up button
  • Press and release volume down button
  • Press and long hold side button until you see Apple logo on your device screen.
    see Apple logo on your iphone

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iPhone 7/7 Plus
  • Press and hold the volume down button and side button together until you see Apple logo on your mobile screen.
iPhone 6 and older versions & iPad
  • Press and hold Side button and Home button at once until you see the Apple logo on your mobile screen
Update the iOS 

It is better to check whether your device runs on the latest iOS version. If not, then you need to update your iOS. It will not only solve your problem but also fix some bugs on your iPhone. once bugs get fixed, the performance of your device will automatically increase.

Follow the steps mentioned below to Update iOS

update iOS

Step I: Launch Setting 🡪 Tap on General

Step II: Select Software Update 🡪 Check for update 🡪 if there is any update available, download it.

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Test your microphone using voice memos, Siri, Camera and FaceTime

Before you start some distinctive troubleshooting techniques, let’s understand some basic but effective techniques which can help you solve the microphone not working issue in the first place. All you need to do is to test your microphone via voice memos, Camera, and Facetime.

Voice Memos

  • Launch voice memo app on your iPhone, you can see its icon on the Home screen.
  • Ensure that the microphone is not covered by your fingers which will only make your work difficult
  • Tap record button and record your voice. Once you complete recording, press the red button to stop it.
  • Now, push play button which plays what you have recorded. Check that if you can clearly hear the recording.


Launch Siri on your mobile device by the long pressing home button. Now ask Siri about something. If Siri answers your command, then your microphone is in good condition. Otherwise, try to speak a little louder and check if Siri replies.

Camera or FaceTime app

By recording video on Camera or Facetime you can also check the condition of your microphone. Since you can easily check the availability of sound in the video, it would not be difficult for you to assess your microphone.

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Remove iPhone Case

Sometimes, your iPhone case or screen protect can become culprits and without even your notice, those accessories could cover iPhone speakers and iSight mic. You need to remove your iPhone case and then check whether your microphone is working or not.

Remove iPhone Case

Turn Off Noise Cancelation

Inclusion of Phone Noise Cancelation has solved a common problem for iPhone users. This feature enables users to make a call without the disturbance of the surrounding noise. This feature reduces the surrounding noise! You need to turn off it, to do so, launch setting 🡪 General🡪 Accessibility🡪Phone Noise Cancelation🡪 toggle off by pressing the green button.

Restore your device

Follow the steps to restore your iPhone to its factory settings using iTunes. Note that you’ll need a strong internet connection and a computer.

  • Ensure that your iTunes runs on its latest version
  • Establish the connection between iPhone to your PC
  • Open iTunes
  • Tap restore iPhone which is provided in Summary panel
  • Tap Restore
    Restore your device
Reset all settings

You can reset all the setting which will eventually reset your entire iPhone’s settings. Since Settings also include iPhone microphone setting, your microphone’s settings also will be reset. To reset all the settings, go to Settings 🡪 General 🡪Tap Reset 🡪 Select Reset All Settings. You will be asked to enter your device password since it is a very important process which you are going to initiate.

reset all settings

Erase iPhone

Before you start the process, we recommend you to get the backup of your iPhone since this method not only clear all your setting but also remove all the application from your iPhone. To Erase your iPhone, go to Settings 🡪 General 🡪 Reset 🡪 Reset All 🡪 Content and Settings 🡪 Enter your device’s passcode 🡪 Tap Erase iPhone.

erase content and settings

Contact to the Apple Support

If all your efforts went in vain, then we suggest you contact Apple support centre where you need to schedule an appointment with Apple service providers, but make sure that it is an authorised service provider.

Follow the steps mentioned below to contact Apple Support

Step I: Navigate to Contact Apple Support Page where you need to opt for iPhone or iPad

Contact to the Apple Support

Step II: Now, tap on Repairs & physical Damage.

Repairs & physical Damage

Step III: Select ‘Unable to Hear Through Receiver or Speakers. If you can’t find such option over there, then select ‘My Topic is not listed’. By selecting the second option, you need to give a brief explanation about the issue that you are facing and tap continue.

Step IV: Tap on Built-in Speakers and then select Bring in For Repair and follow the provided instructions.

Bring in For Repair

Final Words:

We hope this article will help you solve the Microphone not working on iPhone or iPad issue. With the help of the above-mentioned methods, you can solve this issue.

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