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How To Get iPhone X Animoji On Older iPhone and Android Phones?

iPhone X was first released in November 2017 with so many new and amazing features but one of the most popular ones which got everyone’s attention was Animoji. For those of you who don’t about this feature let me tell you how interesting it could be.

Animoji is animal emojis that depicts users through audio and facial expressions. It uses the iPhone X in-depth camera to copy the facial behavior and head movements.

Know All About iPhone-X Animoji

There are various animals emoji each one matches the expression to the face that is been recorded. Not only expressions but these emojis also animates mouth to match the spoken word or even songs sung by the user. For iPhone-X user can use Animoji on iMessage as well FaceTime.

Although this feature was launched in iPhone X, it’s not actually necessary that you can’t use this feature on other devices. If you have any other model of iPhone or even if you are an Android user you can still have fun with funny emoji app just like Animoji.

There are a few alternative apps for Animoji which could be used by Android users as well as those who are using the older version of iPhone-X So let’s begin,

These applications or software can run on different iPhones models as well as on Android phones. Please note that these applications are similar to Animoji app and are not the exact copy.

iPhone X has an explicit in-depth camera that catches minute facial expressions. Though you will not get the exact same features, you will definitely have fun using it.

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Supermoji is one of the best alternatives for Animoji app. This application is compatible with both Android as well as iOS devices. It allows you to create a 3D animal avatar by using your face as a controller that mimics whatever you say. There are multiple cute and funny that express your expressions.


If you want to use this app on Android you have to download an APK file as it’s not available on play store.

How to Use Supermoji?

Using this application is not rocket science, it is very simple so let’s start with the procedure.

First, download this application Supermoji and allow the camera access. Three options you would see at the bottom of the app which is background, mask, and effects. Choose a mask and the background you like then press the record button and say it whatever you like your emoji to say.

After you finish recording save this clip to your gallery upload it on social media or send it to your friends. Try different emojis and have lots of fun.

To Download Supermoji click on the links below:

Android: Supermoji APK file

iOS: Supermoji ios


With Chudos you can create so many animated emojis or as the app tells you chumoji. There are lots of unique character you will see here be it a gingerbread man, an elf or an avocado. There are a total of 35 emojis characters in this application.


Chudos lets you make emoji characters that will look like you by using AI technology. Chudos is one amazing emoji app available for all types of Android and iOS devices.

So you don’t have to buy an expensive phone, you create interesting and funny emojis as many as you want. With so many cool emojis you can make a video clip or just use them as stickers while you text someone and make your conversations funny and interactive.

To Download  Chudo click on the links below:

Android: chudos android

iOS: chudos ios


This application is not an emoji creator but it is our list because it has some great face filters. You can turn yourself into an animal or alien by using its face filters.

This app has face swap feature too that means you can use anyone’s face as a filter and apply it on your face as a mask. It is always hilarious to see how things turn out. You can record these filters as a video and can share it on any messenger you prefer.

To Download MSQRD click on the links below:

Android: MSQRD android



MrrMrr lets user record video selfies with awestruck 3D masks and filters. You can change your look as this application allows face morphing and face distortion. It has so many cool face mask that includes cartoon as feel as some real characters.

You can be famous by using a celebrity face filter. The mask perfectly sits to your face which turns out lifelike and funny at the same time.

You can create a 3D live emojis character as well as an emoji sticker and share it to while you text your friends. MrrMrr app not only allows face morphing but can create HD characters with special FX.

To Download MrrMrr click on the links below:

Android: MrrMrr android

iOS: MrrMrr


As the name tells you this emoji records funny emoji that mimics you. You can make any conversation a happy one by using its catchy emoji characters.

You can be as creative as you want as this application let you create cartoonish characters that will have your expression and voice. Videomoji lets you have fun with super cool 3D avatar such as pandas and tiger.


How to use Videomoji?

Once you download Videomoji app choose a character you like. It has several animals and even food emojis. Play the record button and speak up whatever you like. The emoji you selected will mimic your voice along with your facial expression.

Videomoji doesn’t allow to save videos in the gallery but you can directly share your video with friends or upload it on social media sites.

To Download Videomoji click on the links below:

Android: Videomoji android

iOS: not available


Bitmoji is an emoji creator app, which lets you create your very own look-alike cartoon emoji. With this app, you can make character which is very much expressive.

Bitmoji has varieties of editing options you can choose your body type, face type, skin tones facial features and much more. You can give a makeover to your emoji character as it has a huge wardrobe of clothes and accessories.

bitmojiNow after you have created your emoji you will be directed to stickers library that has hundreds of stickers. There stickers of every mood and every gesture which can be used on any messaging app.

You can easily share bitmoji stickers through bitmoji keyboard wherever and whenever you like. Bitmoji can be directly linked to some social media apps like Snapchat.

To Download bitmoji click on the links below:

Android: Bitmoji android

iOS: Bitmoji iOS

Emoji Maker

EmojiMaker app lets you expres your emotions through custom made emoijs. Create emojis that can express your thoughts. It is very easy to create emoji stickers here choose a colour you want for your emoji and complete it with the kind of features you wan to add.


It lets you choose emoji’s mouth, eyes, hair, eyebrows, and much more. Express your mood to your buddies by creating a customized emoji avatar. Say ‘love you’ or ‘sorry ‘or whatever you want when you chat or upload status on Facebook.

To Download Emoji Maker click on the links below:

Android: Emoji Maker android

iOS: not available


You don’t need fancy expensive Phones to enjoy the joy of using these emoji apps. It has everything you need.

Try them all and tell us which one liked the most. These apps are super addictive and will make your friends awestruck. Any other apps in mind share with us so we can let others know it too.

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