How To Put Your iPhone or iPad Into Recovery Mode?

You may have come across several incidents when your iOS device gets unresponsive while updating or taking backups. It is the most irritating thing one can face in the middle of a version or software update. In this case, you may have to put your iPhone or iPad in recovery mode.

However, you may not know how to handle your device in recovery mode and how to enter or exit from the same.

If you are one of that unfortunate souls struggling to bring your device into a responsive mode, read this article. This article has discussed what you need to do to put your iPhone/iPad on recovery mode. Get a clear understanding of the following.

Know About iPhone/ iPad Recovery Mode


There are certain steps that you need to follow if you urge to put your phone in recovery mode

  • You need to have an updated version of iTunes before putting your phone in recovery mode. The program should be open. If you can’t open it, you should head to the iTunes application and choose ‘About iTunes’.
  • Make a note of the version that you are using. When your version is updated, you are ready to start the process. The rest of the process varies on the type or the version of the device you are using.
  • If you are using iPhone 7 or 7 plus, you need to switch off your phone and maximum the volume button. Right after that, you need to press and release the volume button instantly. Now, hold the side button and switch on the phone.
  • Do not release the button even if the Apple logo is flashing on the screen. Continue to hold the button and you can notice that the recovery mode is appearing on the screen. Once the screen appears, click on the same and connect it to your computer via Lightning Cable.
  • If you are a user of iPhone 6 or earlier versions of the iPad, the instructions are slightly different. You need to switch off the device as instructed before. Next, you need to press and then hold the Sleep/wake button. You will get the button on the right side of your phone.
  • When you hold the button for long, the recovery mode will appear on the screen. Do not forget to connect the device to your computer when the recovery mode is activated.

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For iPad Pro 11-inch and 12.9 inch

You need to press and quickly release the volume up and down button back to back. You need to hold the wake or sleep button until the device restarts. Your device will go to recovery mode automatically.

However, your work is not done here. You may not know what to do once you are in the recovery mode. While recovering your data, you need to do certain things.

What to Do If Your Phone is in Recovery Mode?

Your phone will generally take 15 minutes to recover. At that time, you need to be attentive to get the restore and update option. If you miss the option, you will have to repeat the whole process again.

Once the recovery is completed a screen will flash that says you are allowed to restore the previous data and then go for an update. Conduct the process to use the phone again.

You should take a proper backup of the important files and folders if you want to skip restore and go for an update directly. If you do not have a backup, go for restore and then update your phone.

How to Put Your iPad Pro With Face ID (2018) into Recovery Mode?

The iPad Pro with Face ID is the latest version with no Home Button. You can get easily confused with the thought that without a Home Button, how can you put it on recovery mode. However, with a series of button pressing, you can put it on recovery mode.

Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Press and hold the Wake button on the top of your device
  • Also, press volume up and down button at the same time unless your device is turned off
  • Connect your iPad Pro to your PC and wait for the recovery mode to get activated. Once your recovery process is done, you can get back to the normal mode automatically.

What To Do if You Lost Your Files While Putting Your Phone on Recovery Mode?

Once you are done with the iOS recovery process, you may often find that some data are lost. That might be a very important data for you, and you wish to recover it at any cost. Fortunately, there is an app that can help you find the lost file and recover the same. Apple products app is known as Disk Drill.

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This app will help you to recover the data that you lost. You can download the app directly from the web page of Apple. It is not a third-party app and you can use it without any fear of malware infiltration in your device.

The Final Words

These instructions are worthy and easy at the same time. Implement these steps while putting your iPhone/iPad on recovery mode. You will never lose any data and your device will run smoothly as well. Got for it!

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