How To Log in To iCloud.com on Your iPhone or iPad?

Log in to iCloud.com: We all know that in major cases, users often log in and access iCloud.com from MacBook, Windows PC, Linux or any desktop computer. However, sometimes users need to access some essential features of iCloud.com or check iCloud Contacts or something on the go through their iPad or iPhone.

Specifically, if you need to check the activation lock status to find out any misplaced device in an emergency scenario, then you may be forced to login and access the iCloud.com site from your phone.

In such cases, if you try the traditional procedure to sign-in to the iCloud page, the page will get redirected automatically. As a result, you will not be able to log in to the page and do your much-needed activities.

Ways To login To iCloud.com on Your iPhone

In fact, when you attempt to sign in to the site through the iPhone or iPad. You will be redirected to a particular page, which will ask you to download and launch iOS applications. But no need to get upset.

There are procedures by applying which you can also log in and also access every function and feature of the iCloud.com site from your iPad or iPhone without any hassle.

There are different methods that you can follow to log into iCloud.com from your iPhone or iPad. In this article, you will get ideas by following which you can easily log into iCloud.com and access the same without any fail on both your iPhone and iPad as well. Steps of all possible solutions are here in the simplest and easiest manner.

Login Procedure With Safari Browser

icloud Login Procedure With Safari Browser

Step1: First you need to open Safari from your iPhone or iPad and then launch http://icloud.com into a new tab or browser window.

Step2: After that, a generic page of iOS iCloud will appear and you will see that from application shortcut.

Step3: Next just tap on the Sharing option from that window. Which appears like a box with an arrow flying out of it.

Step4: Then you need to navigate to the sharing option and select the Request Desktop Site option.

Step5: Finally, you will see automatically the iCloud.com reload as a full desktop version.

By ensuring these few steps you can easily sign in to iCloud.com directly from iPhone and iPad both. After signing in to the iClod.com, you can avail a variety of applications and features from Apple.

From iCloud contacts to remote wipe every web application features of Apple can be accessed without any difficulty along with all normal desktop functions and features of iCloud.

Login Process Through Google Chrome

icloud Login Process through Google Chrome

Due to any trouble if you are unable to continue the prior mention log in procedure, then you can also process the same through the Google Chrome browser. With the help of Google Chrome, you can also login to the desktop version of iCloud.com.

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Here is a simple manner, the login procedure to iCloud through the Chrome browser is mentioned in step by step.

Step1: First you need to open the Google Chrome browser on your iPhone or iPad and visit iCloud.com.

Step2: Next you need to tap on the button of three dots option. Which appears in the top right corner of the Google Chrome application.

Step3: After that, a dropdown box will appear and you need to choose the Request Desktop Site option to properly refresh the iCloud.com as the desktop sign on the particular page.

Step4: Finally, you can easily log in to iCloud.com and access the page through Google Chrome.

Login Process Using iPadOS+

 Login Process using iPadOS+

However, now with the newer devices, Apple upgrades the version of Safari for the iPad operating system for better browsing experience. So, now you can easily access the desktop version of iCloud.com smoothly on your iPad.

By typing iCloud.com on your iPad through iPadOS+, you can directly visit the desktop iCloud.com website.

Here the process is mentioned, by following which you can access iCloud.com from your iPad using the IPadOS+.

Step1: Just open Safari or any other browser.

Step2: Next enter icloud.com or beta.icloud.com and then a pop-up will appear and ask that whether you want to sign in with a specific Apple ID that you use on the iPad.

Step3: Then click on the Continue option to process with the method with your Apple ID and approve your identity with Touch ID or device passcode.

Step4: After that tap on Use Different Apple ID to continue the process with different Apple IDs and sign in with your Apple ID and password. It is essential to mention that if you don’t get any pop-up, just simply login with your ID and password.

Step5: Next type the specific two-factor authentication code if required and Apple sends codes to your registered appliances like Mac. In this case, if you don’t get authentication code, then click on ‘didn’t get a verification code’ and then select on ‘resend code’ option to continue the process.

Next, you need to send one phone number which is with your Apple ID or click on ‘more options’ for users that don’t have access to the previous options.

Step6: If you are the first time visiting the website using the specific device and browser, then a question will appear asking if you want to trust the browser or not. Continue the procedure by tapping on the Trust option.

Step7: You must click on Don’t Trust, if the device is not yours. Or if you don’t want to save the trust settings.

Apart From That, You Can Go For Not Now Option, if You Don’t Want To Make any Trust Decision.

Step8: Finally, after these steps the iCloud account and Apple ID will open. You can access settings, features, the application just like the desktop versions of iCloud.

Step9: After completing all your required activities in the account. Click on your name and then select the Sign Out option to log out from the site.

There is a process, with the help of which you can access icloud.com on your iPhone or iPod touch through iOS13+. In this method, you need to follow all these previously mentioned steps. After the entire process, once you logged into the Apple ID. You can easily see and enjoy a bare-bones version of the iCloud.com interface.


However, you need to remember a few things that this is basically the desktop version of the iCloud.com site. First of all, you need a computer or iPad to access the complete suite of various Apple applications on the site of iCloud.com.

The iCloud.com site might look a little bit different than any other website. This particular site does not have any mobile browser responsive design.

So, in your device, it might appear as smaller in size. You need to zoom the page and work on it. But with regular use, it will be no more difficult for you, as it may appear in small but the iCloud.com will respond as it responds in any PC or MacBook. So, try it by yourself and get to access all the features of iCloud.com without any difficulty.

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