How to Delete Twitter Account on iPhone

How to Delete Twitter Account on iPhone

Twitter is a social media site. Having an account on Twitter is fun and exciting. People can share photos, jokes, tweets on Twitter. They can follow celebrities and know their day to day activities through them. However, sometimes this social media site becomes boring.

People think it’s time to delete the Twitter account. It is not that easy to delete Twitter account on iPhone. Some specific steps should be followed for deleting this account. There are times when people get confused and are unable to manage the settings on the iPhone. So given below are some steps which will help in deleting the Twitter account.

Delete Twitter Account on iPhone

The Twitter account can be deleted through its application. People just need to sign out from the app and then go to settings app for deleting the account.

Step 1: First launch the Twitter app on the twitter app

Step 2: Click on the gear button and then click on sign out. This action has to be confirmed again by clicking on the sign out once more.

Step 3: Then click on settings on the iPhone. Just keep scrolling downwards to find the icon of Twitter.

Step 4: Click on the Twitter icon and then select the account which needs to be deleted if there are multiple accounts.

Step 5: Once the account the selected then click on the account delete option. This is available at the bottom of the interface.
delete twitter account

Step 6: The above action has to be repeated again. After this, the Twitter account gets finally deleted from the iPhone.

This is a simple process but the steps have to be followed carefully. People don’t have to visit the service center for such small problems. They just have surfed the internet to find the solution. This will be saving both time and money. Internet sites also teach many other things which people had no clue.

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