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How To Check Activation Lock Status via Apple’s Support Page?

Check Activation Lock Status: Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives. Wherever you go in the world, you can find either Google’s Android-based phones or Apple made iOS-based iPhones. We can’t even imagine a single day without the ease and facilities they offer.

As cellphones changed from simple function-based devices to OS-based multitasking machines, we too changed the way we live our lives. Many job profiles have become smartphone-dependent and a lot of work that was earlier done on computers is now process via smartphones.

How To Check Activation Lock for iPhone?

Check Activation Lock

Websites are now losing out to mobile apps. Right from ordering our breakfast to booking a late-night movie, we do almost everything via our smartphones be it for work or for fun.

However, with the advent of any new technological paradigm shift, there come certain areas of vulnerability. In the case of a smartphone centered lifestyle, the biggest risk factor is data security. We store most of our sensitive and valuable information on our mobiles so that we can access them as per requirement.

That is why we need to keep our smartphones safe. If they get stolen, we may end up losing a lot of vital information regarding our banking or financial details, professional data and most importantly confidential personal data.

To prevent the same, Apple launched a new web tool, which can help us to keep our iPhones safe in case of any incidents of theft or misplacement. The web tool allows users to check the actual status of theft-deterrent functionality by using the Activation Lock feature.

Although the web link of the iCloud Activation Lock webpage is now inactive and the related support info describing the Activation Lock doesn’t mention the tool anymore, but there’s a way out elaborate later in this article by which those who have the interest to purchase an already used iOS device in the future will still be able to verify the Activation Lock status by IMEI via Apple’s Support website.

So, the specific Activation Lock feature of iCloud helps users to ensure the security of their iPhone. To stop the random hacking procedure using a serial number of the stolen iPhone.

Activation Lock Feature

iCloud Activation Lock enables users to verify if a second-hand iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple Watch was stolen. But some unethical software experts took advantage of the flaw in this tool when reactivating a dysfunctional device.

Such scamsters used a procedure in which they would input a device’s IMEI on the now inactive iCloud Activation Lock webpage to decrypt its serial number, with which they replaced the in-built serial number coded on the device to cheat the Activation Lock mechanism.

Check The Status of The Activation Lock

Check The Status of The Activation Lock:

Thus, it becomes essential to check the status of the activation lock through the support page of Apple. The procedure of checking the same is not as tough as it seems. Here a few simple steps below, by following which you can easily check activation status lock via Apple support page.

Step1: First you need to visit Apple’s Support website from your iOS browser.

Step2: Then choose iPhone from the device list.

Step3: Next select any search category associated with hardware, such as Battery or Repairs & Physical Damage.

Step4: Then click on any particular problem like ‘Buttons not working’

Step5: After that, a new page will appear and on that tap Send in for Repair

Step6: Then enter the serial number of your device, IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity to properly check the Activation Lock status.

In this case, if the Activation Lock and Find My iPhone both are facilitate on your device, then a message will pop up. The displayed message will show, “Sorry but we can’t create a repair while Find My iPhone is active”. By which, you can easily check the activation lock status of your iPhone.

Second-Hand iPhone

On the other side, if you purchase a second-hand iPhone from someone. Who is not an authorized Apple seller? You need to check that the purchase device must not link to the account of the previous owner.

You must know that whether the Activation Lock is turned off or not and then proceed the below mention steps

  • At first, turn off the iPhone and slide to unlock
  • After that, if you see the passcode lock screen will appear then, the previous link is still with the device.
  • Then go to Settings, then choose General and then Reset.
  • Next tap Erase All Content and Settings to completely remove any previous link with the iPhone.

So, before purchasing a second-handed iPhone, and to bypass iCloud activation lock on iPhone. You must do this previously described procedure for your own safety.


These are a few important guidelines that you need to follow if you want to check the activation lock status through Apple’s support page. After going through the entire article, you can see that the procedure is not much difficult.

So, don’t panic, just minutely follow these steps and keep one thing in mind that if you purchase a second-hand iPhone. You have to be very much cautious about the status of the iCloud account of the previous owner.

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