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iCloud is basically an Apple’s cloud platform to save and synchronize data such as photos, videos, contacts, notes, documents, and it also stores backups. Apple provides 5GB worth of free iCloud storage space to users. The separate portion of iCloud is iCloud Backups and enables you to open them like a folder. And see everything that stored inside as they are like storage space that is used to restore an iPhone or iPad from the iCloud backup.

You have probably faced the website with no login option if you have tried to go to from your iPhone or iPad.  However, logging to from your iPhone is not impossible but Apple made things a little difficult here. When you open, the only options you have and that is Set Up an iCloud. Then Find My iPhone and Find My Friends and you do not find any option for signing in to your account. And you do not have a quick and easy way to access from your iPhone or iPad.

So here is how to log into on your iPhone and iPad:

So here is how to log into on your iPhone and iPad

You need to open up Safari and then When you open the website, you see that you do not have an option to log in. Therefore, follow the below steps:

  • You need to tap the Sharing button from the bottom and select the Request Desktop Site. And another way is that you can tap and hold the Refresh button in the address bar. And then you need to choose Request Desktop Site from the pop-up at the bottom.
  • The page will then refresh to the view you would see if you were accessing it on Safari on your iPhone or iPad. Then you need to sign in with your same Apple ID and password. If this is the first time you are logging in this way from your device, you will likely need to follow the prompts to enter the given verification code and allow the site to trust your browser.
  • Finally, you will reach the and see the same screen you would see on your computer browser.

This is the desktop version of the site, so it will look a little different. Because it does not have a mobile browser responsive design. You may need to zoom in or out and move the pages from left to right in order to see what you need to see.

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How to sign in to full Version from iPhone or iPad with Chrome?

How to sign in to full Version from iPhone or iPad with Chrome

You can also access the login on any iPhone or iPad from the Chrome browser app as well:

  • You need to open the Chrome browser and go to And then click on the three dots option button in the upper right corner of the Chrome app.
  • Then select Request Desktop Site from the dropdown settings list to refresh the as the desktop sign-in page. And then you need to login to from the Chrome mobile browser.

The login procedure of MyAarpMedicare to iCloud from your iOS devices. It is really convenient if you are checking multiple iCloud accounts as you can also log in to accounts that are not connected to your iOS devices and transfer information. And files from one account to another account.

While using the Desktop Version of iCloud on your iOS devices, it makes the iCloud servers think that as using a computer to access the site. Apple devices allow only one iCloud account and Apple ID to connect to your device. Therefore, using a browser to access your iCloud accounts assists you to move photos and other information between accounts.

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