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How to Check iCloud Email

How to Check iCloud Email

iCloud Email is an important part of Apple devices. The application makes it easier to access your Emails from anywhere and at any time. In addition to reading the mails, you can also forward them, draft them, and send directly with the help of iCloud. The best part about iCloud is that it can be accessed not just on Apple devices but also on Android phones and Windows PC. Thus, making for a convenient option over other iOS-specific applications.

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How do I check my iCloud email on Android?

For the new users who are still a bit confused about how to check their Emails on iCloud, here is an article with multiple methods that will guide you through the process. All you need is an Apple ID account to access your Emails.

Set Up iCloud Mail on Your Device

iCloud is designed to automatically check for new mails and move them in your Inbox. Setting up an iCloud Mail on your device will help you keep abreast with all the emails you receive. They will show up in your main Mail Window.

To set up your iCloud on the device, make sure that the iCloud Mail service is turned on. To do that on your iOS device:

    • Go to Settings
    • Tap on your name
    • Tap on iCloud
    • Turn on the mail

To turn on the iCloud Mail on Mac:

iCloud Mail on Mac

    • Click on the Apple icon
    • Go to System Preferences
    • Click on iCloud
    • Tap on Mail

To set up iCloud Mail on your Windows computer:
icloud for windows

    • Download iCloud for Windows
    • Follow instructions and install the application
    • Login with your Apple ID and password
    • Turn on all the needed features
    • Click “Apply”

You will see the mail list on the left-hand side of Microsoft Outlook, in the folder list (also known as the navigation pane).

To set up iCloud Mail on Android device:

  • Go to the browser and then click here.
  • Sign in and go to the Security section
  • Locate and click on “Generate Password”
  • Create a name for the password such as “Android Email” or “<Your Phone Model Name> Email”
  • Memorize the password and click “Create”

Once you have generated the password, close the browser and:

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Tap on the “Accounts” button or a phone-specific variation of that.
  • You will see an option to “Add Account” at the bottom. Click on it.
  • Select “Personal (IMAP”). Recognize it with the help of the Gmail icon beside it
  • Enter you iCloud Email address and click “Next”
  • Enter the password you just generated and click “Next”
  • Select all the checkboxes that you would like to enable
  • Click “Next”

Once you have set up the iCloud Mail on your device, the application will keep you updated with all your mails.

Alternatively, you can also go to iCloud and use the application.

How to Check Emails on the iCloud Website on Browser?

While, using the iCloud website to check on your Emails might seem a bit hectic, once you get familiar with it, you will be able to access your mails anytime. Our step-by-step guide will make it easier for you. Follow the instructions below in order to access the iCloud mail:

  • Open the browser you use or have at the moment
  • Go to the official website of iCloud
  • Enter your Apple ID and password to log in
  • Click the icon that looks like a mail.

Clicking the mail icon will load all the Emails and you will be able to have access to all your sent mails, mails in inbox, drafts, trash mails, and other folders.

Link iCloud to Your Gmail Account

Handling two different mail accounts can be tricky. Why take up the challenge when you can link one to the other? That’s right! There is an option provided by iCloud Mail that lets you receive all messages on your Gmail account as well.

To enable this setting:
icloud login

  • Go to the iCloud application or website
  • Log in using your Apple ID or email and password
  • Click on the mail icon you will find on the screen
  • Go to settings button in the bottom left corner of the screen and click on it
  • Once the screen opens, select “Rules”
  • With the option to add a rule, click on it
  • A message box will pop up with two boxes, fill information – “is addressed to” and “forward to”
  • Click “Done”

After completing this process, all the messages that are directed to your iCloud mail will be automatically forwarded to your Gmail account address. This way you will be able to check all your mails in one single space without having to switch between the two.

Bonus – How to Check iCloud Status Page

Knowing your iCloud status page can be pretty helpful, particularly if you are facing an issue, such as not being able to receive your mails. Mentioned below are the steps to your iCloud status page.

  • Click iCloud open and then tap on its system status
  • Find the mail selection in the system status
  • If it has a green-filled circle next to it, then everything is fine
  • A red circle can indicate issues with mailbox which can also lead the mails to stop working

What If You Face an Issue on iCloud? What If It Persists?

Just in case you were facing an issue that did not resolve, you can always contact Apple via iCloud feedback. Go to the browser and then go to the website. Fill out the form and all the information it asks for, such as your name, Email ID, and feedback type. Then write them an Email about the kind of issue you are facing. There will be a little more information which you will need to provide. For example, the device on which you access your iCloud, etc.

Once you have filled out the form and sent the Email, Apple professionals will revert on the Email address you mentioned in the form, and will solve your issue.

Conclusion for How to Check iCloud Email

Whether you were looking for an answer to how to check iCloud Email on iPhone or on Windows computer, this article should have been able to provide it. The article is an easy insight with easier methods to access all the iCloud mail. As a bonus tip, we also mentioned the step-by-step guide to how you can link the iCloud account with Gmail. We hope you got the information you were looking for.

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