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How To Reboot iPhone X


What would be the primary reason to reboot the iPhone X?

There are certain factors that might affect your device, which leads to malfunctioning of it. More often than not, an app full of bugs, and the software glitch can intervene in the smooth flow of the iPhone X, and bring an unresponsive nature to it.

How to Force Restart the iPhone X When It’s Acting Up

Meanwhile, if your iPhone is affected by such apps or software glitches, it would freeze up. Another possibility due to which your smart device would become unresponsive, is an inappropriate software up-gradation. If you haven’t installed iOS software properly, you will have to face such technical issues.

reboot iphone X

Unfortunately, despite the reputation of being one of the most versatile smartphones, iPhone X encounters minor issues. However, as said, iOS is an art in itself when it comes to providing stability and robustness to the device. Therefore, a hard reboot is the key process offered to the users when they need to get rid of the software glitches and buggy apps.

Reboot iPhone X

Unlike other iPhone models, when you long press on the Side button in iPhone X, it activates Siri. Therefore, to restart iPhoneX, you need to follow different actions. The process will need the combination of the Side button and Volume control buttons.  third party logistic companies

With iPhone X, you can switch the device off, or you can invite the “Slide to power off” screen by the following methods:

shut down iphone x

  1. You can launch the “Slide to power off” option through the Settings app, in which you can have access to the “Shut Down” button.
  2. Other way is to press the Side button and Volume Up/Volume Down button together to get the “Slide to power off” option.

“However, the process of force restarting the iPhone X is not similar to the one which is used for other iPhone models”

As we know, force restart or the hard reboot can be used as a universal solution to eliminate nominal software issues. It helps users get back a responsive state of mobile without much effort.

Since Apple has excluded the home button from the iPhone X, there is a change in the process of restarting it. Follow the steps mentioned below to perform a hard reboot on the iPhone X:

how to reboot iphone X

Step 1: Press and release the Volume Up button

Step2: Next, press and release the Volume Down button

Step 3: Next up, press the Side button, and keep holding it until the display gets turned off.

Step 4: When the device enters into the Apple boot screen, you need to release the Slide button.

“Users, owning iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, can also use the steps mentioned-above to restart the device”

After the successful attempt, your iPhone X would surely boot up normally. Thereafter, you can again assess the issue on your device, and find a solution for it.


We find it a very handy option to use when the iPhone freezes. Rebooting would surely clear out software glitches and bugs if any. If not, then it can bring back the responsiveness of your device so that you can troubleshoot the issue.

We hope this article must have helped in rebooting iPhone X. If you have any queries regarding Android and Apple accessories, you can reach out to us. Do mention the issue in the comment section below so that we can give quick feedback.

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