Best Apple Watch Apps: 15 Apps to Download that Actually do Something

There is no denial of the fact that the best Smartwatch now makes you trendy and updated. You may think of none other than Apple Watch when you plan to buy one. Whether you buy series 1 or the latest series 4, you need to know about the best apple watch apps that you can install in your Smartwatch.

List of the Best Free Apple watch Apps

Apple watch Apps

The apps that you install in your Smartwatch will make it work as a trendy one. There are numerous applications that can help reduce your effort and make your watch the best one.

Are you wondering what you may have to trawl through the app store to find the most suitable apps for your Smartwatch and that would take a lot of time? No, when you are here finally, make the most of your time now.

Read on to know the best apps that can serve you better and give you an awesome experience of using Apple Watch.

Top Apps For Apple Watch You Must Download

1) Hole 19 Golf GPS and Scoring : Best apple watch app

Hole 19 Golf GPS and Scoring

In the UK, Hole 19 can be regarded as the most-used golf GPS range finder with more than 10 million rounds registered. It is also accurate as a real caddie. While you are using an Apple Watch, a companion that provides just the essential features and information is all that you need. And, Hole 19 can be your companion at its best.

This app offers two key tools: GPS range and a digital scorecard. You can use the GPS range to see how far you are from your goal and also any hazards. The digital scorecards can be used to keep track of your start time.

On your watch, you can notice a green logo that will help you to show the distance from the front, center, and back of the green.

Also, there is an input screen where you can track your own performance. The app is simple to use and enables you to track your playing. It also doesn’t distract you for long.

Hole 19 knows almost 42,000 courses in 201 countries. Before signing up for a subscription, you can use the free version for a month and find out whether it is suitable for your watch.

2) Gymatic Workout Trackers

Gymatic Workout Trackers

Gymatic delivers data and insight that are not visible to human eyes. This app is a powerful way for a comprehensive workout tracker. Additionally, it can automatically log your workouts and count your reps.

It also has more accurate calorie tracking that can be very helpful for you. The app is particularly designed and also tested with a wide range of exercise regimes including some of the best ways to lose weight like CrossFit, HIIT, freehand workouts, kettlebell training.

When you install it in your Apple Watch, you will also be provided with proper statistics that show your rep count and how many calories you have burnt. If you want this excellent fitness app, go ahead and subscribe to the basic package.

3) Calcbot


Are you really bad at managing your finance? If yes, then it is the high time you install Calcbot in your Apple Watch today.

Calcbot returns to the watch with an updated version for the latest operating system. The new app had an awesome feature for calculating your finance easily and in a jiffy. You can install this app and with an additional $2 you can get attractive and beautiful themes in your app.

Your Apple Watch will not be completed without this app. Install this app without any second thought.

4) Sleep Cycle 

Sleep Cycle

If you are one of the persons who just hate waking up in the morning then the Sleep Cycle app is just best for the Apple Watch. This app will never make you annoyed with the loud noise of the alarm. I think this is the best app for apple watch.

The best part of this alarm is that it has a silent wake up alarm based on sleep phases. Additionally, it also has a snore stopper feature. This app will make your watch vibrate to a level and from different positions that will help you to wake up without much trouble.

There are multiple features of this app that you can subscribe to. However, the basic app will allow setting the alarm only.

5) HeadSpace


If you really want to get rid of the tiring day, you can install Headspace in your Apple Watch. This app offers guided meditations that can help you relax.

You will get thousand of options on different topics that can help you relax your mind and be stress-free. The app solely intends to make understanding and mindfulness easier and beneficial at the same time. You can access a lot of features of the app if you take a subscription instead of the basic free version.

6) RocketBody


If you are using Series 4 Apple Watch, then this app is a must in your watch. When you use Headspace to relax your mind, RocketBody will allow you to take a great leap towards losing remarkable weight.

This app is designed with an artificial intelligence-based app that can be used as a standalone ECG monitor. Rocketbody will show you the exact heart count while you workout. This app will help you know how much your body can take when you plan to lose weight.

7) BBC News

BBC News

If you really do not get time to read the news by scrolling your news feed, you can simply install BBC News in your Apple Watch. You can read news real quick or even the headlines for an idea. You can get story alerts, breaking news alerts, and also check out the major development of the day.

8) Dark Sky

Dark Sky

Dark Sky will help you know whether you need to carry your umbrella or not. This app is easy to download and use. This weather app provides a week’s forecast and will display, extreme weather, notification on rain, government alert, etc. The app is really helpful for many. Get it for free or subscribe to the app for accessing more features.

9) Spark

Spark apple watch app

This app is one of the best emailing applications that can you get in your Apple Watch. This app is still great in its translations to Apple’s smallest screen. Spark keeps the emailing process simple for you.

This app will give you the best mail management. With just a few clicks you can get your job done. This app will also notify you of the upcoming emails in the queue. Apart from that, you can open and read an email just by sitting on a couch and drinking your morning coffee. You will never have to check your phone or desktop to check your emails.

10) AutoSleep


Have you ever thought that even an 8 hours sleep may not be enough for you if it is not a good one? If you want to know how well you are sleeping, you must install AutoSleep in your Apple Watch today.

The app will keep a track of how long you sleep and also the quality of your sleep. When you get up in the morning and unlock your Apple Watch, Autosleep will send you a notification with the result of the previous night’s sleep.

You can get a detailed result with a breakdown of how long you were awake and how long you slept and also rate your quality of sleep.

11) Fantastical


If you urge to take calendaring to the next level, install Fantastical without any delay. Apple’s app lets you mark the events and delete it.

However, this app will allow you to create events according to your convenience. This will give you a brilliant experience and also flexibility in using the application.

It also has great in-built reminder lists, and also check off tasks after the requirement is over. So, do not delay to install the app in your Apple’s Watch today.

12) CheatSheet

This app will help you manage your horrible memory capacity every time. Sometimes, you may not remember your Wi-Fi password or your ATM debit card PIN and wonder how to recover those.

Bid adieu to the unnecessary headache and install CheatSheet today. This app will help store the necessary details for you as your secret diary. If you really struggle to remember the PIN, get quick access to CheatSheet in your Apple Watch. Your job will be done in a jiffy.

CheatSheet is a simple widget type of app where you can make a tiny list of quick notes. You can also save each note with an icon of the relatable things you put inside. You do not have to hover within all the other notes if you cannot remember that as well. Put an end to the irritating brainstorming by installing this application today.

13) Citymapper


If you are new to any city and struggle to find out every address, this app is a must for your Apple Watch. Citymapper can be an extremely helpful app with brilliant navigation. This app will not only show you the longest route to reach any destination but also help you will short routes that you can avail to save your time.

You just have to input a destination and the app will provide you with step-by-step directions along with the information about buses and trains. You can save your most needed destinations for quick access and you will get to know the timing of the latest public vehicle available to reach the place.

14) WebMD


If you think that medical apps exist just to scare you with the information that your mild headache is a brain tumor, you are precisely wrong. They can also help you with healthy guidance about your body and mind.

If you install WebMD in your Apple Watch, you can be benefitted in several ways. This app will allow you to detail your medication schedules, with information about the dosage, and you can set a reminder.

It can also remind you about any prerequisite that you may need to perform, such as, whether you need to take any medicine before taking your food, or before sleeping. This is indeed a very helpful app for the people who are under regular diagnosis.

15) Deezer

Deezer app

If you are a music lover, this app is a must for you. Deezer has a library of music segregated in various categories. You can make your own playlist with your favorite music director or artists. Connect your Apple Watch’s Bluetooth with your headphones and experience a brilliant musical moment.

Get ready and install Deezer. A paid subscription can help you avoid unnecessary advertisement.

To Wrap It Up

These apps are indeed very important for your Apple Watch. Each one of the apps has a significant role to play in your life. Get all these and reduce your effort. Eat, sleep, and be tension free with all these efficient applications in your Apple Watch.

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