How to Set Any Song as iPhone Ringtone Without iTunes

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Gone are the days when we could easily download a song onto our device and set it as our ringtone. It seemed quite obvious that with the advancement of phones, this process would become easier. But instead, the available options have become extremely convoluted, especially for iPhone owners, the workarounds have become really complex.

How to set any song as iPhone ringtone

There was a time where ringtones were the coolest thing to have on your phone. Nevertheless, creating and assigning ringtones for your various contacts can be still be fun, albeit a little more complicated than downloading a third-party ringtone directly onto your iPhone.

set ringtone

If we give it a thought, ringtones and wallpapers are two of the easiest ways of customizing our iPhones. While it’s very easy to set new wallpaper, sadly, the same ain’t true for ringtones.

History of iPhone Ringtones

Steve originally wanted to allow all iPhone users to create their own ringtones from iTunes music files. This would mean that Politically Steve needed to fight a two front battle with the Record Labels on one side and the cell companies on the other there was not enough time for these battles to be won and still would make the iPhone delivery date. The RIAA was also working hard to be the clearing house of ringtone revenue and pushed for the US Patent and Trademark office to issue a ruling about the legal status of a ringtone.

All of these issues forced Steve to not include custom ringtones in the first iPhone/iOS release not to mention Steve’s esthetics of purity was quite opposite from the glamour “statement” ringtones that some consumers wanted. Thus the 25 ringtones that were to be released had to be good by Steve’s qualitative standards.  They had to be insanely great.  In the epoch when the iPhone was first released, the ringtones were certainly unique and perhaps deemed great by many.

But the users could complaint that perhaps only a handful of these sounds, some quite whimsical, could be tolerated as a ringtone.  For example “doorbell” invokes a response of attention but perhaps in the direction of the front door.

How to Set Song as Custom iPhone Ringtone with GarageBand App

Late in 2007 the legalities were finally sorted out and an update to Garage Band allowed a subsection of iTunes music to be made into a custom ringtone.  Later on this functionality was built into iTunes and still exists today, although the feature is only used by a small percentage of iPhone users for a number of reasons.

There is a pretty simple way to turn any song in your iTunes library into a custom ringtone and this article will show you how.

The only way to get ringtones for your iPhone is to buy them from iTunes, which, unfortunately, is the only seamless way to get them installed. Moreover, if you want to create a custom ringtone, you’d have to counter the difficulties of file conversions. Also the fact that we’d have to manually sync them through iTunes is quite inconvenient.

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iTunes, on the whole, is an excellent application for uploading and downloading information from the iPhone. However, there are some limitations to some iTunes. Fortunately, there are plenty of viable alternatives for transferring files without iTunes especially in terms of ringtones. Lets we go in deep to know more about how to add ringtones to iPhone from computer.

We have presented below a process to create custom ringtones from any track without using iTunes and, that too, totally free. What makes it even better is that you don’t have to hook your iPhone to either a PC or Mac.

The app of the hour is from Apple and goes by the name of GarageBand. Originally made for music and podcast creation, this nifty app also doubles up as a ringtone maker.

Here are the steps to Set Song as Custom iPhone Ringtone


In this method, you can use the songs that are already on your iPhone. You can also have a few tracks sent to you via WhatsApp as a document.

Once done, save the music files to your iCloud Drive. To do that –

  • Long press on the file and select Save to Files > iCloud Drive > Add.


Open the GarageBand app and navigate to the screen that says Audio Recorder.

GarageBand app

Once in, disable the metronome icon (triangular icon) at the top, as you wouldn’t want any ticking sound in your ringtones.

metronome icon

Having done that, tap on the Wall icon at the top-left corner to set the track.

Wall icon


To import the songs, tap on the Loop-shaped icon at the upper-right corner. When the screen prompts you to select the files, tap on the tab that says Audio Files.

Audio Files

Here, you can either choose from your iCloud drive or from iTunes. Once you have selected the song, drag the song on to the GarageBand interface.

NOTE: The purchased songs won’t be displayed until you manually sync them with iTunes.

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STEP 4: CLIP & TRIM – How to Trim a song in iTunes

Now when the song is on the app interface, it’s time to clip the music track. Select that track by trimming it from either end or as per your preference.

Once this is done, you can play the song by tapping on the Play icon at the top bar.

Play icon

STEP 5: SAVE & SET RINGTONE – How to Save the Song and Set Ringtone

All you need to do now is to save the song. Tap on the given Options icon and press the My Songs card, which will instantly save the current track.

Having done that, long tap on the song till you see the options at the top. Select Share > Ringtone > Give a Name and tap on Export.

Export Ringtone

Just choose Standard Ringtone from the iPhone settings menu and that’s it !

iPhone settings

This gives you a brand new ringtone and that too completely free.

This is how you can create a ringtone from any track on an iPhone without iTunes. The best thing about this trick is that the entire process is free and doesn’t even need a computer.

So do you still use the iconic iPhone ringtone or have you switched to something that suits your personality?

Please mention in the comment section below if the method was helpful. We would love to hear from you.

Keep visiting the blog for more such interesting hacks for iPhone.  Have a nice day!

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