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How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone?

Transfer contact from iPhone: Transferring content from your old device to a new one is a bit of hectic process. Backing up data helps to ease this process but even backing files is not much of use when we talk about contacts. Contact files get constantly added to your phone and also it’s one of the most important data in your phone. 

Here in this article we have mentioned all the ways of transferring contacts from one iPhone to another iPhone. This will simplify your process, don’t look any further and follow the steps mentioned below.

Ways to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone

There are basically three methods with which you can transfer contacts from one iPhone to another.

Method1: Transfer contacts through Airdrop

Though Airdrop is the simplest way of transfer contacts from one iPhone to another, it doesn’t allow to transfer multiple contacts at once. You can only share one contact at a time if you only want to share a few contacts to another iPhone Airdrop would be suitable for you. If not then scroll down to another method. 

Airdrop is featuring only with iOS 7 and later, so if you are using a previous version of iOS than this method is not for you. Refer to Method 2 and Method 3 to exchange contacts.

Here is how you can transfer contacts through Airdrop from one iPhone to another:


Step1: Swipe up to bring a control bar and toggle on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth button on it.

Step2: After wifi is enabled, turn on the AirDrop button in the control center.

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Step3: Search and open up Contacts App in your iPhone, open the contact you wish to share.

Step4: Select “Share Contact” in the contact option and it will display a sharing menu with many options.

Step 5: Select AirDrop from the menu and then choose the receiver iPhone to which you want to share this contact.

Step 6: At the receiver phone a pop of message will emerge on your screen having the following three options. Select the option according to the way you want to save this contact. Once done with selecting the option open your contact list and check for the contact if it was saved or not. 

Save: This will save the contact in the Contacts app. It will be saved in the All contacts section.
Create New Contact: using this option, you can edit the contact info before saving it on your device.
Add to Existing Contact: By tapping on this option, you will be able to integrate the contact into an existing contact.

Method2: Transfer contacts through iCloud backup

If you are using the same AppleID in your new device than you can make use of your iCloud account to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone. If you are using iCloud make sure that you have enough space in iCloud, if not free up some storage space by deleting unnecessary content. Make sure your iPhone is connected to a good wifi network. Perform the following operation on both of your devices.


Step1: Log into your iCloud account and connect to Wi-Fi.

Step2: Head to settings, click on your name and go to iCloud. Toggle on Contacts.

Step3: Scroll down on backup iCloud and turn it on. 

Wait for a few minutes until the backup is complete, the time depends on how much content you’re backing up and the speed of your internet connection.

Step4: Now switch to the new phone and set it up with iCloud backup. Start with filling up Apple ID details. 

In the setting process, you will get an option to choose your backup. Select “Restore from iCloud”  in that choose the latest backup and start restoring. Once the restore has finished, the phone will restart and should be ready to use.

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Method3: Transfer Contacts With iCloud Syncing

One other way to transfer data with iCloud is through synchronization. iCloud keeps all your data synchronized across all the devices with the same apple id.

It is easy to have all the data in other iPhone which also includes your important contacts. It is an easy way to have all your important contacts as you don’t have to keep updating your backup.

Here is how you can start your synch with iCloud. 


Step1: Make sure that your iPhones are signed in with the same Apple ID account and are connected to a good Wi-Fi.

Step2: Head to Settings, click on your name at the top, and then choose iCloud. Do this for both your iPhone. If your iPhone works on the older version like iOS 9 or earlier just select iCloud.

Step3: Enable your Contacts by turning the toggle button green. When you get a message asking about merging contacts, tap on it to confirm. This way you will save contacts from being deleted.

This method will upload your contacts to iCloud if they are not present there. If there are a lot of contacts to save then the process may consume more time if not it will hardly take a second or more. Contacts from both phones will now exist on the other one, effectively syncing contacts between the iPhones.

Method4: Transfer Contact from iPhone Using iTunes

If you like saving your backed up data on your computer than you do that with iTunes using the same process as method2. 

method 4

Here is how you can transfer contact from iPhone through iTunes

Step1: Plug in your old iPhone with your computer containing iTunes.

Step2: iTunes will be open up automatically and access the screen that shows your iPhone. If it doesn’t open automatically, select the phone icon.

Step3: Select this Computer in the Backups section if it’s not already chosen, and then choose Back Up Now.

Step4: It will ask you for encrypting backup to make your iPhone more secure. Select encrypt backup button or decline it’s completely your choice. You can always change this setting later if you want to.

Step5: Wait while your iPhone backs files and contacts onto your computer. You can monitor the overall progress by watching the blue progress bar at the top of iTunes. 

Step6: When the backup is complete, eject your old iPhone and plug in your new one.

Restore your new iPhone from the backup by selecting Restore Backup and following the prompts. 

Step7: If get a message in iTunes for disabling Find My iPhone in order to restore the backup then do so by going through iCloud and Find My iPhone option in Settings.

Method5: Transfer Contact from iPhone to iPhone Using Third-Party or Cloud-based Software

If you don’t want to use iCloud there are other cloud-based tools that can sync your data, such as Google, yahoo, etc. You can backup or sync data with these tools in the same way you did with iCloud.


If not the cloud software there are various third party software available in app store which will help in transferring contacts. One of such apps is My Contacts Backups that works by having you email the whole contact list to yourself so that you can copy them to your new iPhone. You just open your mail on the new phone, select the attachment, and import the whole list at once.


That’s it Folks! we hope you found this article useful, do let us know if you have any queries while transferring contacts through this method. Connect with us through the comment section below.

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