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How to Force Restart iPhone 6 : “All Working Methods”

Force restarting your iPhone6 is a very simple process and requires no third-party tools. Force restart helps you with few times when your phone stops to respond. A simple force restart is enough for your iPhone when it requires a sudden boost and when you are unable to perform the simple restart. 

iPhone 6 was released in the year 2015, and it came with the mechanical home button. Apple introduced this model to introduce the sleek body. Though it came with the amazing feature it also brought some issues with it that occurred at some point in time.

If you are using an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s and going through malware dysfunction or error stopping your phone to function a force restart is the right thing to do. A Force restart provides troubleshooting solutions for any kind of issues you face in a smartphone.

In this article, we bring you a simple guideline for how to give your iPhone 6 a force restart. Before we begin with the guide let’s know why to consider having a force restart on your iPhone6. If you are already aware of the facts and just wish to start with the force restart, scroll down to the topic ‘How to Force Restart iPhone6’.

When to Force Restart your iPhone?

Over a period of time, any mobile phone can face setbacks and there are several factors behind that. Even the iPhone is no different and will get you in trouble sometimes, especially if you are using an older version like the iPhone 6.

But thanks to the force restart feature, it can save you from several issues on the iPhone. We have mentioned below the list for problems and circumstances when you should do the force restart in iPhone 6 for troubleshooting.

Touch ID isn’t Working

Many people assume that the problem in Touch ID can be caused due to a hardware issue. We are not a hundred percent sure about that fact but if this is the case you should definitely give a force restart a try. 

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touch id

Blank Screen

Have you experience your iPhone screen turning blank out of the blue. The reason could be anything behind but in most of the cases, it happens due to a malware attack or because of malfunctioning driver. Force restarting your device will provide easy fix to this problem.

Blank Screen

Network Connection Issue

Force restart is also useful when your phone catches network issues. If your phone’s cellular network have zero coverage, then give your phone a quick force restart it. This might get your cellular data and the network coverage back.

network issue

Wrong Update

In some scenarios, you might get the wrong update and stuck your device to the welcome screen. If you get in such boot loop situation on your iPhone6, you should go for the force restart. You can later downgrade your iOS version if the update remains unstable.

Stuck in the Recovery Mode

It has been observed that while recovering data from iTunes, the device usually gets stuck in the recovery mode. The screen will simply display the symbol of iTunes, but won’t respond to anything. To overcome this issue, disconnect your phone and force restart it. Try to connect it again after fixing the issue.


Battery Draining Quickly

This is an uncommon issue, but it is observed by a few users recently after updating their phones to a newer version of iOS. If you feel that the battery of your device is getting drained at an extremely fast pace, then you should force restart iPhone to fix it.

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Red Display

For those who use firewall in their iPhone6, you might have experienced red display. This is because of unreliable sources keeps downloading in your phone. If this is the case then don’t worry! Red display error can be fixed after you force restart iPhone6.

Blue Screen of Death

Like the red display error the blue screen is also caused due to malware attack or a bad update. However this case mostly seen in jailbroken devices, but if you face this similar situation you know what to do! Yes a Force restart.

blue screen

How to Force Restart iPhone 6?

Now you know when to have a force restart, now lets the procedure of Force Restart. And let me tell you, it is very simple and complicated with two simple steps.

Here is how you can have a force restart on your iPhone 6s.

force restart

Step1. Press and hold the home and lock buttons Together. The lock button is located on the side of the iPhone 6.

Step2: Release the buttons after 10 seconds when you see the Apple logo.

Restarting your iPhone can cure all the above-mentioned problems, but what if it doesn’t? if restarting doesn’t work you should go for the last troubleshooting method that is putting your iPhone into recovery mode.

How to Put iPhone 6s or Earlier Into Recovery Mode?

Consider Recovery Mode as the last method for troubleshooting your iPhone, when nothing works. When you put your iPhone to recovery mode will allow the device to connect to iTunes, while not totally booting up the iOS.

This method will update the OS to a new, working version or restore a working backup onto the device. It’s not hard to use, but as you might imagine, it’s something you only use when other things won’t work.

Step1: Connect your iPhone to a computer and launch iTunes.

Step2: Press and hold the home and lock buttons (the lock button is on the side in the iPhone 6 or later, or on top of the device on the iPhone 5s and earlier).

recovery mode

Step3: Keep holding the buttons even when you see the Apple logo.

Step4: Release both buttons when you see the Recovery Mode screen.


That’s it, Folks! we hope you found this article useful, do let us know if you have any queries while restarting your iPhone 6. Connect with us through the comment section below.

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