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How to Create & Send GIF in WhatsApp on iPhone

How to Create & Send GIF in WhatsApp on iPhone

How to make GIF on iPhone: With the GIF keyboard added, WhatsApp has redefined the chatting experience. Instead of sending a still photograph or a long video that exhausts MBs after MBs, you can now just send GIFs to express your thoughts and share your reactions.

GIF – Graphics Interchange Format

GIFs are animated images that are generally used to indicate, convey, and express your emotions. Apart from WhatsApp, GIFs are also been widely used on social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. While the popular messaging application has an integrated collection of GIFs, it still lets you choose to create your own animated images to share. It is more fun and personal way of conveying your emotions. Also, with no limit to the possibilities, you can be any amount of creative to make the best animated image.

How to Create Your Own GIF on iPhone?

This article is particularly written for all iPhone models. So, no matter whether you are using 4S or XS, the article should help you make GIF on iPhone.

There are several ways to create and send GIF in WhatsApp on iPhone. None of these methods require you to spend money or use sophisticated, high-end online software. They are quick and easy, so you can create a GIF anytime and anywhere.

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Method 1 – Convert Live Photos to GIF

If you own an iPhone 6 or up model, then you could use live photos to create GIFs. Doing this is not tricky at all. Follow the steps below,

  • Take a live photo
  • Open WhatsApp
  • Tap on the conversation where you want to share the GIF
  • Tap on the “+” icon
  • Select “Photo & Video Library”
  • Find the live photo you want to share and press on it
  • When its pops, slide upward and choose “Select as GIF”upload gif

The simple method lets you convert any live photograph into an animated image before sharing it on WhatsApp as a GIF. It is a simple way to go about it without needing any applications from the App Store or software online.

Method 2 – Send Short Videos as GIF

This is an easier method to create a GIF and can be used on any given model of iPhone. To use it, follow the easy steps mentioned below:

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Open the conversation where you want to send a GIF.
  • Click on the “+” icon
  • Select “Photo & Video Library”
  • Choose a video you want to send as a GIF
  • An editing screen will pop with two options on top right
  • Tap on “GIF”

Instead of looking for a video in your gallery, you can also promptly make one from WhatsApp camera and turn it into a GIF with the option on the top right corner of the editing screen. This method has a great advantage.
You can use to send videos but without exhausting much of your data. However, the only drawback will be that lack of sound.

create gif

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Method 3 – Use a Third-Party Application

This is for those who want their GIF to look professional and clean. If you are too bored with the existing GIFs and want to create more and share with the rest of the WhatsApp family, you can take help of a popular GIF-making application such as GIPHY CAM.

The application will let you convert a video into an animated image to share with your friends and the whole community of GIPHY CAM. Since many WhatsApp users use the same application to send existing GIFs, you will also be sharing it with them.

gif apps

To create, follow the steps mentioned below,

  • Launch App Store
  • Search for a preferred GIF-making application
  • Install the application
  • Launch the application
  • Upload photos or videos you want to use
  • Convert them into GIFs

Method 4 – Send GIFs from the Internet

If you have a particular GIF in mind and want to send it to someone, it can also be done. Several online websites that are dedicated to providing them. One such site is Giphy. You can also web-search a GIF, download it, and send. To save space in the phone and effort, you could also simply copy it from the Internet and paste it in the type box of your WhatsApp conversation.

Method 5 – Send Existing GIFs

This is the easiest and most convenient option out there. You can send on of the existing GIFs that are offered by WhatsApp. The steps to do that are pretty simple to follow,

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Go to the conversation
  • Click on the “+” icon and a menu will pop up
  • Tap on the “Photo & Video Library” option
  • Click on the “GIF” option at the bottom

Once you have followed these steps, you will see several GIFs on the keyboard. A search bar will let you type the relevant keywords to search for the exact kind of GIF for which you are looking. For instance, if you are chatting about food items and delicious desserts, type in “yummy”, “tasty”, or “delicious” in the search bar to get GIFs that show people enjoying or appreciating food.If you are looking for a specific dish, you could type in its name as well, such as “pasta”, “lasagna”, or “couscous”.

In either case, WhatsApp will show you different options. You can choose the one that appeals you best and send it.

How to Star a Favorite GIF on WhatsApp?

If you have favorite animates images that you use more often than others, you can star-label them so they could easily be found. Mentioned below are the steps that let you star a GIF as your favorite:

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Go to a conversation with the favorite GIF
  • Press on the GIF and hold
  • A menu will pop up with options
  • Tap on “Star”star on gif

If you are using iPhone model 6, 6S, or up, then instead of pressing on the GIF for too long, tap on it and swipe up. The menu will appear for you to be able to add it to your list of favorites.

To access your favorites, just tap on the “+” icon and then tap on the star-shaped icon beside “Trending”. This will reveal all your starred GIFs.

Conclusion to How Make GIF on iPhone:

Started from Epic Fail mini-videos, animated GIF images have certainly become a popular chat element alongside Emojis and stickers. Sharing GIFs are fun way to chat. They offer a lot of variety, are easy to make, and definitely are much more enjoyable that still photographs.

This entire article on how to make GIF on iPhone should give you some idea on creating personal animated images. With not a single penny spend, these are some of the most efficient methods that you can use. They are simple and easy to follow without indulging in complex online software.

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