How to use Apple’s new Find My AirPods feature in iOS 10.3

Since being one of the most reputed brands that kept delivering exceptional mobile devices, Apple has managed to pull off a massive market under its belt. With the regular updates and security patches, it has provided whatever users ask for in the first place. Every year, you would expect a new product, and every month you would expect system update from Apple Side. The significance relies on how accurately the company has managed to maintain customer sustainability.

Talking about features, you might have used the “Find My iPhone” feature when you have misplaced your iPod, iPhone., iMac, or any other smart devices. Now, the same feature is also applicable in a situation whenever you happen to lose your AirPods. Isn’t it a great feature. Who has ever thought that one day we can find earphones with the help of unique features?  Fortunately, now we have the solution! With the help of the “Find My AirPods” feature, we will be able to find your misplaced AirPods.

Find My AirPods

How to Use the Find My AirPods Feature

However, this feature is constrained to be helpful only when AirPods are connected to any of the iOS devices. Hence, it is only able to help you find your lost Airpods if it is connected with your iPhone. The main highlight of this feature is that it can help you locate nearby Airpods. In addition to that, it gives you an idea about where your Airpods can be if they are out of your device range.

Besides this, we would like to enlighten you with the fact that Find My AirPods features can only be used on AirPods. If you think you can find your AirPod case using Find My AirPods, then you must be in the wrong direction. Apart from this, this feature is nothing but useless if your Airpods are disconnected or stored in the case. Just take note of both the things since they are very essential to know in the first place.

How to ingress Find My Airpods 

You all must be thinking about how to access the Find My AirPod feature; it is quite similar to the way you have used Find My iPhone. As mentioned earlier, if your AirPods are connected with the iPhone and mainly, they are not stored in the case, then you will find your Airpods on the Find My iPhone map. You can refer to the following image; it will give you a clear idea.

ingress Find My Airpods 

Here, you may see two other outcomes. First, if the AirPods are not connected with an iOS. Or you don’t remember that they are already in the case. Then you will be notified with the last known location. Secondly, if you haven’t used your AirPods for so long, you will be notified as “offline” in the Map window.

How to locate an AirPods Lost Nearby 

Your AirPods are well on the way to be lost or lost when you turn them off for a while. In light of the fact that there are no strings to keep them together or to make them simpler to find, you need to choose a lot smarter option. Find My AirPods is, for the most part, intended to find an AirPods that is close by playing a sound.

locate an AirPods Lost Nearby 

Follow the steps below to locate Nearby Lost Airpods

  1. Launch Find My iPhone on iOS device or on
  2. Next up, Tap on the AirPods in the list.Find My iPhone on iOS device
  3. Tap on “Action”
  4. Next, tap on “Play Sound”

Once you tap the “Play Sound” command, you will be able to hear a soft chirping sound that is coming out from your Airpods. And gradually increased so that it would become more comfortable for you to locate them.

Moreover, if you only have misplaced one of the pieces of AirPods, even then, you will have the option to pause the music from the one which is on your hand. This way, you will not be distracted while searching for your Airpods. Once you spot the AirPods, you can always stop chirping music. To do so, you need to tap on “Stop Playing,” and the other way is to put them back into the case simply. It will automatically turn down the sound in no time.

How to locate Airpods Lost Far Away

As mentioned earlier, it is obligatory that you keep your Airpods connected to the iPhone. If you want to use Find My iPhone feature. However, what if you have lost your AirPods far away. It is sure that in such a situation, your AirPods won’t be connected to any of the iOS devices that you use. In such a case, you will be notified with the last location when your Airpods were connected to your iPhone or any other iOS device.

To clarify, let’s imagine a situation, you being in your Friend’s place when you have used your Airpods for the last time. Now, you are back home but can’t find your Airpods. in such a scenario, Find My AirPods features shows you the location of your Friend’s house even if your AirPods are taken away from there.

Consequently, utilizing Find My AirPods to find an AirPods that has been abandoned won’t be especially exact; however, it will give you a general thought of where they were lost so you can return to the area.

When endeavoring to find an AirPods along these lines, tap the little vehicle symbol. And it will give you Apple Maps directions to the last known area.

Limitations of Find My AirPods

 Once you keep your AirPods in the AirPods case, you won’t be able to hear chirping sound. Therefore, if you have lost AirPods Case with AirPods inside it, you can’t locate your Airpods.

  • With this feature, you cannot locate the lost AirPods case since there is always a requirement of a Bluetooth connection between the devices, and your AirPods case don’t have such facility. 

We hope this article will help you utilize Find My Airpods feature to find out your lost AirPods. IF you have any queries regarding Apple and iOS accessories, you can freely reach out to us. All you need to do is mention your issue in the comment section below and will be back with the most convenient solution for the same. For more latest content, keep visiting

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