Android vs. iOS: Which Smartphone Platform Is the Best?

android vs ios

In today’s world, you will find only two major companies which are dominating the digital market. Specifically, when you opt to buy a new smartphone, you will find 99.7 percent of new smartphones are designed by Google’s Android and iOS. According to IDC, last year, it has experienced immense growth in developing smartphone which was more than the percentage rate given earlier.

Android Vs. iOS

There are a few other companies who are in the race, but are far from reach. Microsoft and BlackBerry are developing new smartphones that have an operating system of Android. When it comes to comparing two of the most preferred operating systems Android vs iOS, you can find that both Android and iOS operating systems work well in smartphones. It is easier to say that knowing the user’s requirement, these smartphone operating systems have been giving immaculate features to the users.

They are quite similar with regards to a few features, but there are some distinct differences that can be addressed. In the following article, we are illustrating a few important aspects and will be comparing them in order to analyze which operating system is better from Android and iOS. You may choose which is the best smartphone to use according to your need of using it.

Price Comparison

Price is always going to be the prior concern among the most of the mobile users. In such case, you’ll find smartphones with iOS operating system much expensive. Apple devices are one of the most expensive devices which are available in the market. There are rare possibilities that you’ll find an Apple device which is affordable to you.

Price Comparison in android vs ios

Though, people with good income won’t hesitate to buy it in the first place. For example, recently launched iPhone X has taken prices to a whole new level. It has starting price is $1000 and it has another variant called iPhone XS Max has a starting price of $1100.

There are few Apple model available that has a price range of $750 and $600 respectively for iPhone XR and iPhone 8. If these prices don’t fall under your budget, you can go for the second-hand market form where you can buy older iPhones at an affordable prices.

If you are looking for variety and look, nothing can compare to the Android devices. It is a combination of affordability and expensiveness. You can easily find a mobile with an affordable price, and subsequently, users who want to spend a lot of money can choose Google Pixel 3 Xl and Samsung Galaxy Note.

The mentioned devices currently are the most expensive smartphones that come along with the Android operating system. But what about affordable Android devices?  People, who have low budget and still want to add all the available features of a smartphone, always look for a feasible option. Android do satisfy them because it provides a smartphone with so many variants and have prices that are much affordable than you expect.


Before we analyse apps for Android and iPhone, let’s first compare the numbers of applications that are available in respective App store. Smartphone with Android operating system has over 3.5 million application stored in its app store whereas iOS has over 2.2 million applications.

But mostly, the number doesn’t justify which app store is better. As we know, we use only a few applications in our devices. Mainly, developers prefer iOS as they find applications in iOS are more profitable than the applications in Android. Therefore, any new app appears in iOS first and then in Android.

application android vs iOs

But the scenario is changing, lately, Android’s market is continue growing rapidly. In the U.S, iOS is still dominating the overall sales market, elsewhere, Android has been attracting many developers due to ever-increasing market share.

The Google play store has edge over App store in terms of available application. With Android numbers are high, but the best mobile games still launch in iOS first. And sorry to say, they may not land in Android for a longer period of time. So, ultimately, quality always beats quantity. Therefore, iOS app store emerges as a winner here.

App Store

With having millions of app including games, Google play store and Apple App store both are little vulnerable while organising applications. That means, these app stores are not performing well considering high expectation.

All in all, one could experience Apple’s store very effective with regards to browsing on mobile devises. On the other hand, Google play store provides easy search option for the user and you can install apps directly from the web browser on your desktop or pc.


There is one interesting fact regarding the iOS operating system. With App Store, you can easily buy any application by using fingerprint via TouchID on iPhones. On the other hand, the same feature can be possible for Android users too. You can set up the same feature for the Google Play Store by using fingerprint sensors. When it comes to comparing refund policy for the particular app, then google play Store has a slight edge over Apple.

There are a few apps that don’t fall under the users’ expectations, but Apple is more effective since it blocks certain questionable apps. This implies the level of achieving quality that Apple try to implement in its operating system. If we consider overall performance of both the operating system, then App Store wins the battle by providing great user experience.

Secondary App Store

Apple is always against third party purchasing. You can only install app form its authorized app store. On the contrary, Android allows you to download app from open sources. You only need to give permission from your device’s setting and you are all set to download any app.


There are few alternative options available to download application in Android operating system, but the risk is always going to be there. Your system may experience the arrival of few malware and it can slow down your system significantly. But still, if you prefer to have a wider choice of selection, then Android will work great for you.

Maps and Navigation

Apple has recently developed new navigation system. It did not start well as per the expectation of the company, but after a few hurdles, it has improved significantly. Apple has the same old key features with which, you can download maps for your offline use. It estimates accurate traffic conditions and provides a perfect route for the navigation. You can also find public transit and rides-booking accurately. Ultimately, it will lead you where you want to go.


With Google map, you will find cycling direction that is not available in iOS operating system. Google maps comes with unmatched quality and scale compare to Apple Map. It has more detailed information and point of interest than what you observe in Apple Maps.

If you are looking for an error in Google Maps, then its accuracy can vary from place to place. Overall, Google play store is considered more reliable than Apple Maps.

Charging and Battery Life

After the price of the smartphone, charging and battery life is the second priority for the user while buying a smartphone. The comparison of Android and Apple is hard to carry out since Apple doesn’t have any inbuilt hardware like Android. It is mostly optimised to squeeze the battery as per mAh rating. On the other hand, you can buy an Android device with a bigger battery and easily beat the iPhone in terms of battery life and charging.

battary life ios vs android

Both the iPhone and Android device provide an icon on the mobile screen for users in order to check the battery usage. Recently, Apple has broken down such features, but with Android, you can easily estimate how much battery life has left in your devices. Both the Android and Apple Provides battery saver option in order to extend the battery life.

For your note, while performing battery saver option, your device will tend to limit performance and connectivity of the device. But, when we compare both the operating system in terms of their overall battery performance, Here Android emerges as a winner due to its precise and accurate functionality even if it is in battery saver mode.

Fast And Wireless Charging

Apparently, Android firmly holds the position when it comes to provide fast charging and wireless chargers. Such features are also available in Apple too. Recent models of Apple like iPhone X And iPhone 8 has already adopted the idea of wireless charging, but you need to buy it separately since Apple doesn’t provide wireless charger with smartphone. On the contrary, Android has this feature covered, if you buy android phone, you will get wireless charger within the box.

As both the devices have various price ranges, we cannot compare their battery life and charging. But, if we compare smartphone with same prices then Android should be your first choice.

System Updates

System Updates in android vs ios

Updates with iOS are more secure and robust. Apple offers consistent system updates and security patches. In Android devices, only a few like Google Pixel offers the same feature. The following are the iOS version that Apple has developed and updated so far.

  • 12: 78 percent
  • 11: 17 percent
  • Earlier: 5 percent

Lately, almost all the iPhone work with a latest iOS updates, on the other hand, we are not sure how many Android device has its latest update that is Android 9.0 Pie. The following are the Android update so far according to Android official developers:

  • Android 8.1 Oreo: 7.5 percent
  • 8.0 Oreo: 14 percent
  • 7.1 Nougat: 10.1 percent
  • 7.0 Nougat: 18.1 percent
  • 6.0 Marshmallow: 21.3 percent
  • 5.1 Lollipop: 14.4 percent
  • 5.0 Lollipop: 3.5 percent
  •  4.4 KitKat: 7.6 percent
  • Older: 3.5 percent

When we compare iOS and Android, we would suggest you to buy iOS devices in order to get better system updates, security patches, and better user experience.

Ability for Customization

Customization is one of the most dominant strengths of Android. You can easily change the layout of your wish on the home screen. You can easily install a widget, screen saver and background on your smartphone. In addition to that, you can entirely change the system interface of your choice.

Similarly, you can set the background of your choice in Apple, but there is constraint over using widget in iOS that implies you won’t get the same level of liberty to use the widget with iOS operating system. One of the noteworthy features of the Android is that it allows user to install third party apps, and more importantly, you can use those app as default app on your device.

On the contrary, you are not allowed to install or use third party apps. Therefore, if you wish a distinctive feature with which you can personalise and customise your home screen, then Android is a perfect digital platform for you.


The observation that Android is more entangled than iOS wins, yet there’s no compelling reason to plunge into customization choices. The two stages offer a decent scope of availability highlights.

In case you’re searching for a gadget for an old relative or a technophobe then you’ll discover some expert contributions on Android, yet they will in general scale down what’s conceivable. Makers like Samsung likewise incorporate choices like “Simple mode” which make the interface greater and streamline the entire experience, or you can decide on an outsider application to do likewise. There are bunches of good applications gone for the old on Android and iOS.

Eventually, iOS is less complex and simpler to use in some significant ways. It’s uniform overall iOS gadgets, while Android is somewhat unique on gadgets from various makers. We additionally think iOS is not so much jumbled but rather more streamlined than most Android telephones, in spite of the fact that Google’s stock Android is just as exquisite and open.

Call and Message Functions

Essential calling and message configurations are great on both the platform; however, it tends to befuddle on Android. Google seemed, by all accounts, to be releasing everything into Hangouts, which permits messages, SMS, video visit, bunch talk, and more by means of Wi-Fi or your mobile data, yet then it to some degree confusingly released Allo and Duo. There’s likewise Android Messages, which used to be called Google Messenger, and it’s the default messaging application.


To exacerbate the situation, you’ll find numerous producers like to offer their own options. Numerous Android telephones accompany their own messages and dial applications notwithstanding Google’s informing applications, or they take out the Google applications.

Google's informing applications

It looks just as Chat, in view of the new Rich Communication Services (RCS) informing standard, will bring together things, yet it will be some time before it’s accessible on all Android telephones.

FaceTime and iMessage come pre-introduced on each iPhone and iPad, so it’s astoundingly simple to associate with your loved ones. While iMessage is anything but difficult to utilize, it works best when speaking with other iPhone clients. You’ll discover outsider application reconciliation, fun stickers, GIFs, and significantly more in iMessage. We give iOS the success for its consistency and usability.


Android and iOS both the platform consist of default email apps which are easy to use and the user can easily set up these applications on their devices. You can link multiple email accounts and subsequently watch in a single inbox. Here, you don’t have to worry about third party email in iOS since both Android and iOS have several third-party email apps.

However, as we know, Google Mail is more popular than any other mailing service available in the market. It is way better than iOS mail. You can easily link different email addresses from outsiders in Gmail. The one issue which can be considered while Android is that it also offers alternative apps for email that may or may not work as per your requirement.


Earlier it was pretty simple to choose between iOS and Android with regards to the quality of the camera. In past few years, we have witnessed that iPhone has been delivering better quality in its camera. It has very excellent capturing quality of lighting, colouring, and many more. But, recently, Android has come close to iPhone with respect to the quality of Camera.

Recently launched Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 Xl has attracted so many users by displaying immense improvement in the camera. Apparently, their cameras are one of the best in the market, but you cannot neglect iPhone form this race; iPhone XS and XS Max have also come up with the camera which are as good as any.


There is a quality issue in the camera of Android devices which are available in the market with affordable prices. Midrange Android devices do not provide such quality compare to iOS devices. Most of the law budget Android smartphone have cameras with average quality.

We can say that the camera apps on both platforms are very fast and effective. Here, iOS camera wins the race because it offers easy capturing and best image result. On the other hand, you can find many variations on Android since manufacturers of the devices try to add more features into camera and also develop their own camera.

Some of these features are really amazing and some are not needed. Therefore, we can say that iOS has upper hand in this case if we don’t consider Google pixel series of smartphones.

Photo Backup

If you are an Android user then you can easily store your photos by using Google Photo. With Google Photos, you can automatically store images. Having said that, because Google Photos provides unlimited storage space, you won’t mind uploading image of 16 Mb or a video with a resolution of 1080.

photo backup

You can store photos videos with their original resolution in both iCloud and Google Photos. The difference is iCloud has a storage limit of 5 GB, whereas Google drive offers 15 Gb of storage space which is considerably larger than iCloud. In addition to that, if you are a user of Google Pixel then you can store unlimited photos and videos at the original resolution.

The comparison between Android and iOS for this specific category is hard to evaluate because, iCloud is a default storage platform for Android. Moreover, you can use Google Photos on iOS devices, but if we compare such aspect of default storage then Android has slight edge over iOS.

Cloud Backup

Android is still leading the board when it comes to cloud storage and automatic backups. You get only 5 GB of space with iCloud whereas Google Drive offers 15 GB of storage space and it also has cross-platform support.

Apparently, if you want to use additional storage space, Google drive was one of the cheapest platforms for storing and backing data. You could pay $2 per month for 100 Gb storage. To match this, Apple has dropped its price. Apple has brought its price to $1 for using 50 Gb of space.

Android’s cloud storage is easy and effective compare to iOS storage. The main reason is that iCloud has only 5 GB of space and it is only available with iOS devices such as Mac and iPhone. Therefore, in terms of storing capacity, Android offers the best cloud storage facility

Security and Privacy

Much has been made of the as far as anyone knows toxic hell stew that is Android, however the risk of malware is overstated. In all actuality the clear majority will never experience an issue since they don’t go outside the Play Store for applications.

Explicit makers like Samsung have taken additional endeavours to amplify security for the undertaking market. Be that as it may, the messy idea of updates on numerous Android gadgets can truly defer significant security patches.


Quick updates are presently more significant than any other time in recent memory since security ruptures are winding up increasingly genuine. Android is behind in the update world, except if you have a stock Android gadget, as it’s less secure. Since a great many Android telephones are yet running programming that is years old. They can be powerless against genuine hacks like Heartbleed and Stage fright.

Comparision Of Security

Apple is as of now immovably settled in corporate America and has additionally taken a shot at improved security for general purchasers. Most quiet with Touch ID and Faced in the iPhone X and later.
Comparision Of Security

The tight oversight that Apple has on applications and the capacity to push updates out to more gadgets. Even more rapidly, gives it a complete edge over Android. The organization likewise encodes information in message and its different applications.

Apple organizes client security, so you can have a sense of security realizing your own information isn’t put away or perused by Apple. It is altogether scrambled, as well. In the meantime, Android scrambles a few information, however your security is less ensured. Google digs your information for data that it can use to offer better advertisements and market items to you. Your information is likewise put away and perused to furnish you with a superior A.I. experience.

Google guarantees it’s focused on completely ensure client protection and still give the AI administrations it offers, yet some security specialists and Apple contend that Google exhibits a bogus decision among protection and A.I. Apple even did battle with the FBI to ensure your entitlement to encryption. It’s difficult to beat that sort of commitment.

There’s no denying that iOS is the most secure stage and the one that best ensures client protection. On the off chance that you care about your protection and security, go with an iPhone.


Numerically, Android wins 10 classifications and iOS wins 8 classifications, yet iOS wins in a portion of the more significant classes — we don’t think to establish or elective application stores are as significant for the clear majority as openness or security, for instance. It’s hard to look at the two. Since Apple controls the equipment and the product, you’ll see that iOS offers a progressively uniform encounter crosswise over gadgets.

A straight examination of the most recent forms of Android and iOS wouldn’t be extremely illustrative of a great many people’s involvement, claiming most Android gadgets aren’t running the most recent adaptation. The experience you get is additionally entangled by the way that most Android cell phone producers include their own UI top of Google’s stock Android. Thus, there’s a serious enormous distinction between utilizing Google’s Pixel 3, the Samsung Galaxy S9, and the LG V40 ThinQ, for instance.

At last, various classifications will be essential to various individuals. So you should focus on the ones that mean you and settle on your choice dependent on that. On the off chance that security and protection are a significant factor, at that point the iPhone is the conspicuous decision.

However, battery life beat your rundown and you need to have the option to alter your telephone, at that point pick Android. Both Android and iOS are full grown, include pressed stages with a greater number of similitudes than contrasts, and we can generously prescribe either.

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