Mac: How to forget wireless Networks

If you happen to be a person who carries Mac every time you travel, you are likely to find different WiFi networks. Places like Airports, railway station, or shopping mall, you will find many WiFi networks. What annoys most is that even if you don’t want to connect with these networks, you will find these networks on your device. It is an in-built feature that automatically remembers WiFi networks on your Mac or other iOS devices. These are the same WiFi networks that came across during the travel time or being in a restaurant or a shopping mall.

Sometimes, your devices’ policy to remember WiFi networks would frustrate you because you never wanted to establish a network connection with them, and still, they are visible on your network list. This feature usually helps you to connect with the WiFi network without needing any log-in credentials. However, sometimes, it can behave completely in contrast, leaving you frustrated with the WiFi networks that occupy unwanted space in the WiFi.

How to forget wireless networks

How to forget wireless networks

You might have noticed while using your Mac that it collects a large number of networks whenever you tried to connect your Mac with WiFi networks. Many times, you have been in a situation where you need to forget the WiFi connection that you are regularly using. The reason being, sometimes you cannot connect to the specific WiFi connection due to some bugs or network issues. Secondly, you may want to eliminate that WiFi connection just to make sure that you can add another WiFi connection on your network list.

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In this article, we have mentioned step by step procedure by which you can easily forget the wireless networks from Mac. Apart from this,  when you decide to forget the WiFi connection manually, you should need to change the Mac’s system setting that is used by the system itself to discover available WiFi networks. In the later part of this article, you will also learn how to set priority levels for any WiFi networks on your Mac.

How to forget wireless networks on Mac 

Follow the steps mentioned below in order to forget wireless networks on your Mac.

How to forget wireless networks on Mac 

  • Open System Preferences
  • Click on the Network option
  • Select Advanced
  • Next up, you need to choose a network from the provided list/
  • After that, click the “-“ icon which is placed just below the network list.

That’s all; if you have performed all the mentioned steps accurately, then you will be able to remove or forget the WiFi networks on your Mac. You can refer to the following images that would give you more ideas about how you can forget or remove WiFi networks from your Mac with adequate accuracy.

You can also change Mac settings before actually trying to forget the WiFi networks. Generally, your Mac has the preference in which it allows your device to make a connection with WiFi networks automatically. You can turn it to manual mode so that Mac will ask the uses whether they want to establish a network connection with a specific WiFi network or not.

How to forget wireless networks on Mac  2

Forget the WiFi network

In order to forget the WiFi network, all you need to do is click on the “-“ icon that is provided just under the network list. If you want to forget multiple WiFi networks, you can also do that. You need to hold the command keys while selecting the networks that you want to remove from your WiFi network list. This way, you will find that all the selected WiFi networks will be removed or forgotten from your Mac.

In case you ever want to remove the entire network list; you can easily do that too. To forget all the networks from the list, you need to press CMD ++ A, which will select all the available networks. After that, as mentioned earlier, click on the “-“ button to forget all the WiFi networks.

Forget the WiFi network

While using your Mac, you may want to set network priority so that you can always get the connection with your prior selection. In order to set the network priority, you can move the most important networks to the top of the list. You can refer to the image shown above.

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