8 Things to Know Before You Sign Up for Net10 Wireless

Net10 is one of a small bunch of prepaid network service providers under the TracFone umbrella. Like its parent organization, Net10 offers pay-as-per-usage month-to-month plans. It also has contracts with every one of the four significant cell phone carriers. So Net10 clients utilize the cross country networks of Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, or Verizon, contingent upon their phone models and where they live.

Net10 Wireless claims that it can provide its customers with everything that they love about their current network service provider – for a lower price. So let us take a look at what you need to know before signing up for Net10.

Must Know before Sign Up for Net10 Wireless

Sign Up for Net10 Wireless
Plans & Pricing : net 10 Service Plans

Monthly Plans:

Net10 offers month-to-month plans for cell phones and pay-only-as-costs-arise plans for basic phones. Cell phone plans incorporate limitless minutes and instant messages.

  • 1GB: $20
  • 4GB: $35
  • 8GB: $40
  • 10GB: $50
  • 10GB + international calling: $65
  • 12GB: $60

net 10 Service Plans

Pay As You Go Plans:

Minutes finish after 30, 60, 90, or 180 days, contingent upon the arrangement. Plans incorporate a blend of minutes and instant messages, with every SMS considering one minute. Much of the time, any unused minutes are extended when you renew your plan. 


The special case is the 1,000-minute, 30-day plan: If you don’t utilize those minutes inside the 30-day window, you lose them.

  • 200 minutes and/or texts (30 days): $20
  • 1,000 minutes and/or texts (30 days): $25
  • 300 minutes and/or texts (60 days): $30
  • 600 minutes and/or texts (60 days): $45
  • 900 minutes and/or texts (90 days): $60
  • 1,500 minutes and/or texts (180 days): $100

    Network Partners: net10 Reviews

Net10 Wireless doesn’t possess any cellphone towers, yet it works with the significant networks to offer its services – such as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. With Net10, you can keep your present network service provider when you switch.

Users gain access to one of the major networks on Net10, not all four. This is decided based on your location and the phone you have.

  • Getting Started

You can begin with Net10 Wireless by visiting or getting your SIM card from a retailer that sells the network’s SIM kits. Retailers like CVS, Walgreens, and 7-Eleven sell Net10 SIM cards, as do various more modest approved retailers. 

The Net10 Wireless SIM pack has step-by-step directions to set it up. In case you’re not well informed, you can generally call customer support for help. The number is 877-836-2368.

Here are the steps you need to follow to get started with your Net10 SIM card. Once you insert the SIM into your phone, you will need to go to their special activation website. 

Once you enter your SIM card number there, you can carry on with the remaining processes, such as confirming your phone compatibility and creating an account.

  • Phone Options

Most Net10 users will probably need to keep the cell phone that they have as of now. To ensure that is conceivable, go to Net10’s site and select the option to check compatibility. The network you’ll be assigned will depend on which phone model you have.

Net10 has a limited array of gadgets available online from brands like Apple, Samsung, LG, and Motorola for individuals who want a new phone. Most of the phones are estimated at under $50. 

  • Call and Text Performance

In general, customers have experienced a good network connection, without any call-drops, and zero missing texts. Wi-Fi calling is also available with Net10, provided your gadget has Wi-Fi calling enabled.

  • Data Speeds
    net 10 data speed

Net10 is known for very good data speeds, averaging at about 11.8 Mbps. That’s fast enough to stream videos, music, surf the web, chat, and check your e-mails.

  • Customer Service : net10 Services

Net10 Wireless has no stores, so client assistance is dealt with by telephone or live chats. Net10, for the most part, offers quick responses to any inquiries — with next to zero standby time. 

If you need speedy responses to basic inquiries like data use, dial 611611 from your Net10 phone.

  • Ease of Use with No Commitments

In case you’re attempting to leave one of the Big 4 carriers, Net10 makes it simple. As a rule, you can keep your network, keep your cellphone and even keep your number! 

Also, with a presence in significant retailers across the country, you can stroll into a store and buy a SIM card any time you want to. 

TracFone’s brands like Net10 have no activation expenses or long-haul commitments for those who are new to prepaid networks. In the event that it doesn’t work out, simply switch to another service toward the end of your billing cycle.

Overall, this seems like a good deal for those looking for a low-cost carrier with no activation or cancellation charges. Net10 has you covered!

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