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Red Pocket Mobile: Top Things to Know Before You Sign Up

Red Pocket Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), founded in 2006. Being virtual, it doesn’t possess or have its network towers. All things being equal, they purchase wholesale minutes, data, and text from significant network operators (for example, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T) to sell these to their customers under their brand name. 

So in the least complex of terms conceivable, Red Pocket is essentially an outside supplier that gives its clients access to one of the Big 3 carriers.

Red Pocket Mobile

Red Pocket Mobile

Their plans have customarily centered around catering to the individuals who need to call globally and communicate in different dialects. It’s, however, not compulsory for you to have worldwide calling needs to buy into Red Pocket Mobile. Red Pocket’s mobile plans are well-prices and can especially be useful to those who have low cellphone usage.

1. Network : 

Most more mobile phone carriers band together with just one of the significant networks, and those that work with every one of them normally don’t allow you to pick the network that you need to utilize. 

What makes Red Pocket stand out, is that you can pick your own network: 


CDMA = Verizon 

GSMT = T-Mobile 

CDMAS = Sprint 

So, for example, in the event that Verizon has the best network in your general vicinity, pick the CDMA network with Red Pocket Mobile, and you’ll gain access to Verizon’s towers at a small portion of the cost. Before joining, enter your ZIP code on Red Pocket’s site and cautiously check the maps for coverage.

2. Phone Plans : Red Pocket Plans

Red Pocket Plans

Red Pocket has a wide variety of monthly plans and annual plans. It also has multi-month discount plans, family discount plans, data-only plans, and even global data-only plans. Some of these plans may be sold only through online portals like eBay or Amazon.

There are seven monthly plans that a sold directly through the Red Pocket site. Their monthly data plans start at $10. In case you want unlimited minutes, texts, and 3GB of high-speed data, you might end up spending up to $20 a month. They also have annual plans at $30 per annum, available only on eBay.

However, it’s wise to take a monthly plan first and check if the network works well for you in the area you’re situated in before getting an annual membership.

3. Customer Referral Program

Red Pocket has a very liberal and generous referral program. The individuals who refer a companion procure up to a $25 account credit for every reference. The credit is granted after the companion recharges their plan for a subsequent month. 

A $25 account credit will be given if the friend buys a plan valued at $30 or more. A $7.50 credit will be granted if the referral buys a plan estimated under $30. An endorser can acquire up to $500 each year in references. 

Those buying into Red Pocket through a reference code/connection will likewise get up to $25 off in their first month of usage. A $25 rebate will be granted for buying a plan above $30 and a $7.50 credit if the arrangement is under $30.

4. Activation Process

Once you receive your SIM card, you will also get detailed instructions on how to activate it. First, you would need to enter a number from your SIM card on Red Pocket’s website. Post this, you will receive an email with instructions on how to program your phone for the activation process. 

In case you are a CDMA SIM card user, there are chances you might face hiccups in the setup process and in making calls. For this, the Red Pocket customer service will be handy, and they usually respond quickly.

5. Phone Selection : Red Pocket Phones

Red Pocket Phones

As a Red Pocket customer, you can use your existing device for the service. However, they do offer iPhones, which they sell at a discounted rate, provided you purchase a plan along with the phone.

The more extended your phone contract, the more you’ll save with Red Pocket, with the biggest gains coming when you lock in for two years. You’ll additionally need to open another cellphone line to fully enjoy Red Pocket’s phone bargains, with the best costs coming when you open a limitless data or 20GB line.

6. Red Pocket Deals

Red Pocket offers a few benefits with their plans. Here is a portion of the plans accessible right now: 

  • Get a free SIM card and free delivery with your first month of usage 
  • Purchase another iPhone at 0% APR 
  • Refer a Friend Bonus — you get $25, and your friend gets $25 
  • Online Red Pocket top off is easy with your mobile account and password
  • Simple online manual for the best network towers for your territory 

7. Call and Text Performance : gsma vs gsmt

Overall, we experienced good call and text quality for both  CDMA (Verizon) and GSMA (AT&T) SIM cards. You may have to watch out for spam calls and messages, though. It will be helpful to download a caller ID app so that you can identify and block spam. 

However, if it’s still an issue, Red Pocket says they can help you with this through their customer service personnel.

8. Data Speed : redpocket data

redpocket Data Speed

Red Pocket data speeds are good enough to stream high-quality videos, listen to music, and social media and business usage. Download speeds may average around 25 to 30 Mbps with both the CDMA (Verizon) and AT&T (AT&T) SIM cards.

9. Customer Service

When it comes to Red Pocket customer support, you may find that you need to contact them often due to spam calls or other activation issues. In such a case, it’s better to go for the live chat option as there may be a long hold time to get through to them via calls. They are quick on live chat. 

However, you may want to reconsider associating with Red Pocket, in case you want a more hassle-free experience.

If you want to try and see how Red Pocket works for you, we recommend going for the monthly plan first to test it out. It does have great deals on offer not only with data plans but also with their phone plans. It has all the major networks associated with it, and the service has its pros and cons.

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