Ways to Solve Problem with Constant Headphone Mode in iPhone

Headphone Mode in iPhone: iPhones are one of the finest smart gadgets across the entire globe. The reason behind iPhone’s popularity is many among which the ease of use, accessibility, smart handling system, resolution, and many others are notable. However, iPhones are not problem-free. Many of its users have lots of complaints against it.

The problems with iPhones are sometimes weird and despite trying several times and in several ways, the users often end up fixing nothing. In this case, they have to take the gadget to the service center or think of changing the same with the latest model.

Before taking the hassle of visiting service centers or thinking of changing the phone, you must search for solutions on the internet. Often it gets solved with easy methods that you may not have tried before. In this blog, we are going to talk through a common but weird problem that happens with iPhones.

Did you ever face the problem of Headphone Mode in iPhone while using the iPhone? No matter whether you nod in yes or no, you must continue reading as the best solutions are here that will not require you to take any added trouble.

Getting Stuck in Earphone Mode?

Without Headphone Jack Headphone Mode is On

In this case, most users experienced that after using the headphones they are unable to change the mode on the phone. After updating the iOS to the next version most people have faced it.

The inbuilt speaker of the phone is not working. Be it call or playing a song, it is only possible through the headphone. Using headphones is cool and convenient but if it becomes a compulsion, it can get on your nerves.

Don’t worry, you can rid of the problem and get your phone back to its previous state if you follow the instructions mentioned here below.

Let’s address the Headphone Mode in iPhone problems one after another.

Stuck in Headphone Mode in iPhone

Stuck in Headphone Mode

To get out of the Headphone Mode on iPhone, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the settings and then to ringtone. With different ringtones, just check whether your speaker is working or not.
  • Clean the headphone port. Often the debris or dust accumulation to this port causes the problems.
  • Connect and disconnect the Bluetooth speaker or any other Bluetooth device.
  • In case of Bluetooth speaker, charge it up and check whether it disables the Headphone Mode on iPhone.
  • Try turning on and off the airplane mode.
  • Try making a voice recording using the existing apps of the phone.
  • Ensure that your phone is not running out of charge. Charge it up because the low power level often creates the issue.
  • Close and quit all applications which are running in the background by swiping up the home gesture bar and closing every app.
  • Press and hold the power button and restart the phone.

Problem with iPhone Speaker

Problem with iPhone Speaker

There must be an on-screen notification about the headphone when plugged in or connected. In case you don’t see it and you can’t get the sound in the speaker as well,

You have to check a few things to understand the problem and sort it out:

  • Ensure that you have disabled the mute feature of your phone. Doing this unknowingly can create a real fuss for you and you end up wasting so much of time finding solutions here and there. Therefore, disable the silent feature and toggle it to ring.
  • When we work or are busy in some other things, to get rid of the notifications and calls, we switch to ‘do not disturb’. This makes everything silent and forgetting about disabling the same can cause the problem with no sound in the speaker.
  • You can press the volume up key to address this problem. Otherwise, you can also drag the ringer slider up and down for a couple of times to see if that makes any difference or not.
  • You may try to adjust the volume accessing the control centre.
  • Ensure that AirPlay is not sending audio to another source.
  • If you are connected to BlueTooth, turn it off.

Without Headphone Jack Headphone Mode is On

Without Headphone Jack Headphone Mode is On:

  • To address this problem, cleaning the port of the headphones is the initial step that you must follow to avoid all possible troubles that the dust can cause.
  • Your lightning port can make your phone stuck into the headphone mode in iPhone and for the maximum and extensive use of this port, the problem may occur.
  • If you see the icon of headphones when you adjust the volume key for speaker volume, the debris can be the reason. Unplug the headphone and replug it again. Repeat this process several times to get rid of this issue.
  • Restarting your phone by pressing and holding the power button without any intervene of screen home button is called hard restart. Perform this after the process. Until the logo of Apple shows up on your screen press and hold it straight.
  • Many people try to solve the problems with toothpicks, cotton, hair dryers or suction to remove dirt from the port, but we recommend not to do any such thing that can enhance the chance of damaging the phone more. If any of these things goes slightly extra, you can end up damaging the phone and may not fix it ever.

Go Through the Settings

Access the settings of your phone from the general settings and tap on the accessibility. You will find the category ‘interaction’ there. Keep scrolling through the interaction options until you get the ‘call audio routing’ option.

It is supposed to be set as ‘automatic’. In case you find it is set as Bluetooth or speaker, toggle it to automatic immediately. If it is set as an automatic-only select speaker. After making the change, you have to check whether the speaker is working or not.

You can make a voice call to check the speaker’s functionality. Now go back to the settings and change it to automatic setting again.


These are the common ways that are helpful to solve the problem. If you find nothing of the above-mentioned ones are working for you, go to the service center to check for the problems.

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