How to Get Apple News App Outside U.S.

Get Apple News App Outside U.S

One good thing about Apple is that it always keen to launch new devices along with some amazing features. Recently, the inclusion of the News App has attracted many users, especially everyday newsreaders. With the availability of such an interesting App, news enthusiastic cannot hold them back when it comes to exploring more about it. However, this application has been rolled out in a few selected countries, so people leaving outside don’t have the option to use News App on their iPhone.

Since we have received many queries regarding the same issue, we thought of digging deep. And, guess what? We have finally managed to find out a way to use this app outside US. In this article, we have covered a simple tutorial to fix the issue. So, without any further delay, let’s jump on the solution.

How to Get Apple News App Outside USA

Every newsreader must have thought of exploring this app. But, unfortunately, being an outsider, they cannot use it directly. Don’t worry, follow the steps mentioned below to solve the issue:

Step 1: Open Settings App on your iPhone
Step 2: Next, tap on General
Step 3: Next up, scroll down and find the language & Region option. Then, tap on it.

open language in settings

Step 4: Thereafter, you need to tap on Region which is provided under Region Formats.
Step 5: Now, select the United State from the listed counties and thereafter, tap on Done.

Once you select the country name, you will see a menu that will swipe up from the bottom. It will prompt you to select either Change English (US) or “Language” (Live Country)

Step 6: Next up, you need to select Change to English (United States)

change english langauge in iphone

For a couple of moments, your iPhone will appear blank, after this, your mobile device will light up. Next up, you will find yourself on the Language & region screen. Here, you can see that Region is selected as the United States.

Now then, you can come back to the home screen of your device and check all the apps. Here, News App will be available for you along with other apps. However, if you don’t find such an app, then you should restart your iPhone and check once your device becomes active again. We are sure that you will find News App there only.

Important Note: There are two outcomes that we would like to mention whenever you change the Language & region and vice versa. Firstly, if you come back to your home country, then News App will automatically be removed from your device. Secondly, under the selection of US as Language and region, you happen to see your iPhone using US currency.

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