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6 Things to Know about How to Use iPhone VR Headsets

iPhone VR Headsets

How to Use iPhone VR Headsets

Use iPhone VR Headsets

Who would not love the idea of virtual reality? You can explore the extensive mountains or the deepest ocean in the comfort of your living room by simply wearing a VR headset. iPhone users did not get a fair deal with the access to the headsets as they are not top-notch in quality and in fact the finishing has complained over many a times.

Must Know Before you Use your iPhone VR Headset

Not all VR headsets are compatible with iPhones

There are many VR headsets available in the market online. However only a few are compatible with the iPhone. To have the best VR headset experience you can try any one of the following headsets, Dodocase P2, Google Cardboard, Homido VR, View-Master, Zeiss VR One Plus. Before buying a headset for VR experience on the iPhone, be sure to check the compatibility or you may end up buying a headset that does not work with iPhone.

Apps to Use for iPhone VR experience

Google Play offers more VR apps than the App Store. Yet there are a few worth checking. Discovery VR: The Discovery Channel takes you around the world in fully immersive VR in this app. Download at the App Store such as Inception, Life VR, Jaunt VT, NYT VR, Sisters, YouTube, Within. These are some of the best Apps to download but there are few more options that you can also explore.

vr apps on iphone

Virtual Reality on iPhone

The VR experience on iPhone is not at per with HTC or Oculus experience. It is simple and a very rudimentary viewing experience. Not something iPhone users are used to. The experience may in fact feel bland and very passive due to little scope of interaction.

How to Use VR on iPhone

Once you have a VR App, you will have to click on it and launch it for the experience. Now place your iPhone on the viewer area. Make sure the screen is facing you. Once you put your eyes through the viewer, you will enter the world of virtual reality. You may or may not be able to interact with the content you are watching. It entirely depends on the hardware installed and the App used. It can have a game like experience or have a simple TV-like appearance.

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Design of the Headset

Many users find the headset design to be non-complimentary to the watching experience. It might be true as user variability is not highly taken into account when designing such headsets. If you are buying a headset, make sure you try a few ones before selecting the one to buy.

Each use is unique and can have very different experiences. So it is best to buy the one that does justice to you. Most designs are similar to Google Cardboard. The freely FF3 is one of the best choice for iPhone 8 or higher.

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Picture Quality

Another area of concern for using VR headsets for iPhone is the alignment with the retina. Many users find the picture quality blurry if they even a little. Such stiff watching will not give you a very pleasurable experience. This is an area where much improvement needs to be done. the positional tracking, unfortunately, can not be adjusted in all VR headsets so choose a headset that allows you to track. Oculus rift track does stand out as a great VR headset and many non-iPhone users who use it are satisfied with the experience.

Picture quality

Apple does not yet offer the best VR experience. Tim Cook the head of Apple has said they believe more in augmented reality. But VR is gaining popularity by the day and will surely gain the attention of Apple and give its user the best experience ever in the near future.

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