How To Transfer Contact list From Google Account To iPhone?

Transfer Contact list To iPhone: Nowadays, we are all hugely dependent on various forms of technology and mobile phones or rather smartphones are one of them. We hardly stay away from our mobiles throughout the day and now use it extensively for various daily activities from keeping track of exercise routine to order groceries. But the basic job of mobiles has not changed and it is calling.

Transfer Contact list To iPhone from Google Account

Transfer Contact list To iPhone

In the pre-smartphone era of feature phones, we used to save our numbers on the phone as well as SIM card memory. If we changed phones for some reason we used the COPY CONTACTS or MOVE CONTACTS from phone to SIM card and then use the above-mentioned functions to transfer the phonebook to the new phone.

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However, after the advent of smartphones and the widespread popularity of Android OS-based smartphones. Most of our contacts and details are usually merge with our Google account. So, that we can access all of them smoothly. But, almost every mobile user changes their phone after a certain time and a large number of the shift to iPhones which are based on iOS.

So, for them, it becomes really difficult to completely shift everything from Google to Apple manufactured devices. IOS by Apple is a completely differently designed operating system. So, it takes a little bit of time to change everything in the new setup.

Managing Both Accounts in Phone

A new iPhone user can face trouble managing Google account along with iCloud which provides equivalent services and features as Google account. But sometimes, due to both personal and professional reasons.

Users have to manage both Google accounts and iOS-based phonebook in their iPhones. To make their experience trouble-free, integrating Google account with your iPhone can be a great move.

With this procedure, from the calendar to contact everything can be easily managed by syncing your Google account on your iPhone. That is why here an easy process to Transfer Contact list To iPhone from Google account is described in a lucid manner.

Importing contacts from Google account to the iPhone is not a difficult task. By following a few simple steps properly, you can easily Transfer Contact list To iPhone from Google account. To elaborate:

If Google Account is Not Set Up on The iPhone

set up google account on iphone

In case, if you don’t have a proper set up a Google account on your newly purchased iPhone, then at first you need to set up the same.

The process of setting your Google account on the iPhone is illustrated through a few easy steps:

Step1: At first go to Settings and click on the Password & Account tab.

Step2: Then choose Add Account option from the Password & Account list.

Step3: Click on the Google logo to prepare a new Google Account.

Step4: Then enter the Gmail id and password and click on Next to continue the process.

Step5: After that, a message will pop up on screen asking you to authorize iOS for accessing your entire Google account along with the entire contact details. Then click on Accept to proceed.

Step6: Then you need to choose what information about your Google account you want to show on the iPhone. After selecting the contact list and other information you want to access tap Save to complete the procedure.

If you successfully complete this whole setup process. Then you can see that the entire contact list from your Google account will transfer to your iPhone smoothly. In this case, a thing you need to know that if you are using an iCloud or another Google accounts. Then, the contact numbers may appear as duplicate.

In such a scenario, you can either merge multiple contact heads having the same phone number under one contact head. There is also an option where you can choose the source for the display of your contact list. This will help to resolve the problem of duplicate contacts in your phonebook.

If Google Account is Already Set Up on The iPhone


Now, for those who have already set up their Google accounts on their iPhone.

This below-mentioned procedure to the Transfer Contact list To iPhone is applicable:

Step1: Go to the Settings option, then tap Password & Account and choose your Google account.

Step2: After that turn on the Contacts option and wait to complete the process.

By following these two simple steps, you can easily import the full contact list on your iPhone. You can see that your contact list on your Google account will place on your iPhone automatically.


Besides these simple procedures, you can also Transfer Contact list to iPhone from your Google account with the help of various software like CopyTrans Contacts and many more similar feature-based apps. However, it is always preferable if you go for the prior mentioned process of transferring the contact list from Gmail to the iPhone.

The seamless transfer of data across devices independent of OS platforms is a boon of Cloud Technology. Gone are the days of manually copying data such as contacts from one phone to another. Update yourself by reading the pre-mentioned info and enjoy any new device with ease.

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