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How to turn off camera shutter sound on iPhone or iPad

A little shutter sound accompanies while taking a photo with the iPhone or iPad camera. That sound effect is due to the software. However, you can take photos with the iPhone or iPad camera in silence without hearing that shutter sound effect. There are a few ways to take silent pictures with an iPhone or iPad camera. There are several ways to suppress the shutter sound an iPhone or iPad makes when you snap a photo.

How do you turn off the camera sound on an iPhone?

When Apple added Live Photos to the iPhone, the camera sound that played when taking a picture disappeared by default. This change is beneficial because a Live Photo captures a few seconds of sound while recording a picture. If the camera plays the shutter sound, you also hear when viewing that Live Photo. When you use Live Photos, you can toggle the feature on and off in the Camera app. When it is toggled on, there is no shutter sound. Here are some ways to turn off camera shutter sound on iPhone or iPad:

turn off camera shutter

Ways to turn off the Annoying Camera Sound on iPhone

  1. Use the Mute or Ring /Silent Switch

The usage of the mute switch turns off the shutter sound of the camera app. But it also mutes the incoming calls and notifications. When you capture the photos, you ensure to turn off the silent switch to unmute the notifications as well as incoming calls sound. 

  1. Shut off iPad Shutter Sound

Like many of the other minor configuration changes that you make on the iPad, this is one that can easily be reversed when you are done. The method is basically meant to mute all of the sounds on the iPad. It is probably worthwhile to undo it when you finished taking your pictures without sound. Follow the given below steps to shut off iPad shutter sound:

  • You need to go to the iPad screen on which the camera icon is located.
  • Then tap the Camera icon to launch the app.
  • You need to slide the mute switch on the side of your iPad to the down position and the left position if you are holding the iPad horizontally. You can see the symbol when the iPad is mute.

You can now take pictures without the shutter sound playing. When you finished taking pictures with the camera, you need to slide the mute switch back so that you can hear sound on your iPad.

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  1. Turn Down Volume Voice

You can turn off the camera shutter sound by turning down your iPhone or iPad volume voice. When you turn down the volume voice, your camera shutter sound also turns down. Before taking photos, you can press the volume down button to turn down your iPhone sound. You can follow below mentioned two methods to turn down your iPhone volume: 

  • You can see three buttons on the left side of your iPhone, the upper one is the mute button, and another two are volume buttons. You need to press the volume down button until the voice is at the lowest level. Then there is no shutter sound when you take photos.
  • You can also adjust your volume voice from the control center by swiping up from the home screen bottom to enter the control center. Then you can see the volume bar and then slide it to the left to turn it down.
  1. Use Live Photo Mode

This method depends on how you have configured the Live Photos. When your camera has a live photo mode, there is no shutter sound. Also, you can turn on live photo mode to disable camera shutter sound. Follow the given below steps to use Live Photo mode:
Use live photo

  • You have to navigate your Camera. Then find and click an image icon with several circles on the top of your iPhone screen. When it is with yellow color, it means your camera is live photo mode.
  • Then you can take photos without shutter sound.
If you want to permanently activate the Live Photo feature, follow the below steps:
  • You need to go to Settings then Camera and then Preserve Settings.
  • Then turn on the Live Photo toggle switch.
  • You need to exit the Settings app and go to the Camera app.
  • If Live Photos enable and toggle on in the Camera app, you do not hear any shutter sound when you take a picture. The Live Photos feature basically activates by default.
If you want to temporarily turn off Live Photo within the Camera app, follow the below steps:
  • You need to tap the icon at the top of the camera screen that looks like three concentric circles. It is a toggle switch for the feature.
  • When the three circles are yellow, Live Photo turns on and the shutter sound suppresses.
  • When the three circles are white with a slash, Live Photo turns off for the duration of that photography session. In that case, you hear shutter sounds when you take photos.
  1. Use Hands-free

The best way to mute the camera shutter sound is to use hands-free mode while clicking pictures. Before you start taking photos, you can connect your headphones or lightning headphones with the female 3.5mm jack or lightning connector. You can use wireless headphones as well. This stops the camera shutter sound but the sound goes into your headphones. You can only listen to that click sound when you insert the buds in your ears. 

  1. Turn Volume Down in Control Center

The other method is to turn down the iPhone volume. If you want to keep the phone ringer on and keep Live Photos off but do not want to hear the sound when taking a photo, lower the system volume. You can start this by accessing the Control Center. On an iPhone X or newer model, you need to pull down from the upper-right corner of the screen. On an iPhone 8 or older, you need to pull up from the bottom of the screen. Then slide the volume down to near zero.

When the camera shutter sound is on, you can hear the shutter sound when you take photos. Basically, in this way, you can get to know you took photos successfully without checking your photo album. But some people want to make their iPhone or iPad quiet while taking photos. They need to disable the camera shutter sound. You can turn off camera shutter sound on the iPhone or iPad from the above-mentioned ways easily.

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