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How To Use iCloud Photos To Sync Your iPhone Photos Across Devices

iCloud Photo Library: iCloud is the safest photo storing application. In today’s world, we click uncountable pictures and selfies to get that one best picture for posting online and end up consuming a lot of phone memory.

Instagram live, Facebook live, Snapchat story, WhatsApp status, Instagram story, Facebook story, Instagram IGTV, Boomerang, Camera Videos, Tik Tok videos, etc all these mediums we use to capture pictures and videos and end up with a lot of duplicate files, Gifs, stories which consumes lots of phone memory.

Tips To Use iCloud Photo Library in Photos

Tips To Use iCloud Photo Library in Photos

iCloud gives that space to store your videos and photographs with all safety factors. It has a lot of security and privacy which keeps your files secure. The only thing you need is an iCloud account in your devices where you can connect and sync iCloud account in all devices and thus sharing and saving becomes easy.

iCloud even shares with you, your old memories-photos, etc. which you can view in your Windows PC too through its Photo Applications, your iPhone photos application, music on iPod touch, and in MacBook on iCloud’s website.

What are these old memories which iCloud share? Well, when you save your photographs and videos in iCloud application, it segregates pictures and videos according to date, time, month, year, and occasion and automatically creates memories for you like- Birthday, Anniversary, Holiday, Halloween Party, Graduation ceremony, etc. and during that time of the year or on that date it shares you your old memories.

Sync Pictures Between Devices in Windows Computer

Sync Pictures Between Devices in Windows Computer

First, you need to have an iCloud account and sync this account with all your devices. When you synch iCloud account in all your devices then follow a few steps for syncing pictures between devices through iCloud account from your Windows PC.

Here are the following steps:

  1. First Turn on your iCloud Photos Application through the internet.
  2. Now you need to Download iCloud application in Windows Pc.
  3. After downloading now click on to iCloud Application of your computer.
  4. In iCloud Application go to Photos option and click on it.
  5. A photo library will appear, you need to click on the iCloud Photo Library.
  6. Click Finish and then Apply
  7. Now you will get an option to turn on iCloud Photos on all your devices.

Now you can use iCloud Photo Sharing Application which has Shared Album function in it along with My Photo Stream Application. In these applications, you can customize your uploads and downloaded files through locations.

You simply need to on your location and give access to iCloud. It will automatically trace the location of the uploaded file, if it traces the wrong location then you can mention the location too. This way it will help iCloud to segregate files easily and you will also stay aware of your data.

Sync Pictures Between iPhone and Mac

If you wish to sync photos between iPhone and Mac from iCloud library then first set up iCloud account and sync the account in both devices. At the top left of the screen on the Mac device, there is System Preferences Application- click on that and then click on iCloud. Now enter your Apple ID and password to log in.

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In photos, application check all the pictures and then select all the pictures to put into iCloud Library. Now again open Photos application and specify the storage option as Mac in the Preferences option which is at the top left of your screen. There will be two options that will pop up in iCloud application-

  1. Download originals to this mac and 2. Optimize Mac storage. Choose any one option and then start using a Mac computer like you use your iPhone. There will be All Photos album on the left side of iCloud Photo Library.
  2. Just click on it and all your photos will appear. You can even edit your photos by clicking on Edit at the top right. All the editing tools will appear so you can start editing as per your preference and then save in iCloud directly.
  3. All the edited photographs will directly get synced through iCloud application in all devices. You do not need to separately save it. Well, this is the advantage of using iCloud Photos Application. Also, here edit feature is non- destructive so you can change the photographs back to original too.

Pictures from Photo Gallery to iCloud Photo Library in Mac

Pictures from Photo Gallery to iCloud Photo Application in Mac

You can also import photos folder of Mac to iCloud Photo Library and all the pictures will be in one folder and easy to access. Once, these photographs are imported they will be synced to other devices through iCloud account. This process is very simple with the following steps:

Importing Pictures

  1. Go to File option in Mac.
  2. Select Import option.
  3. Select the images which you would like to import.
  4. Now, click on Review for Import. Here, check all the pictures correctly.
  5. Then, click on import all pictures. It will now import all the selected pictures to iCloud account.

All the pictures are here imported from the photo gallery of your Mac computer. In case, you want same resolution then you need to export pictures instead of importing them.

Here, the process is again simple with the following steps:

Exporting Pictures

  1. Go to File option in Mac.
  2. Select Export option.
  3. Select the images which you would like to export. You can export unmodified and original pictures too.
  4. Now, click on Preferred options.
  5. Click on Export all pictures. It will now export all the selected pictures to iCloud account with original resolution and un-edited and unmodified form.


You don’t need to worry about your edited pictures. It will automatically get synced with the iCloud account on all your devices. Even in the iPhone, you can sync pictures with the same process. Now you are ready to use! Keep visiting for more such articles.

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