Why is there an Orange Dot on my iPhone?

Orange Dot on my iPhone

Since you have upgraded to the newest version of the iPhone, you may notice an orange dot appearing on the right-hand side of the screen. This dot is the latest iPhone feature and not a faulty handset!!

The newest version of the iPhone gives the highest emphasis on privacy and security. Some apps will need to access your microphone (indicated with red dot) or cameras (indicated with a green dot) such as video conferencing apps like Signal, Zoom, and WhatsApp.

So, the orange dot signals the apps using your microphone or camera to know what is being recorded. So, even if the red dot seems alarming, nothing concerning it.

However, some shady apps will try to infringe your privacy by accessing your microphone or camera, which you will get aware of whenever the orange dot pops up on the screen.

How to Control the Access of Camera or Microphone

To find out the applications asking for your camera or microphone assess you can: 

Control the Access of Camera or Microphone

  • Go to the setting option 
  • Click on the privacy option
  • You will get the camera/microphone option here

You need to deny access to the apps that generally need to be used to provide the best outcome. To add to this convenience, you will also be able to look at all the apps that have previously accessed your microphone or camera using the control canter.

Once you deny access to shady apps, the appearance of the orange dot will start reducing. You also see this dot whenever on call or even using voice to text to dictate text messages to your family or friends.

Apart from the orange dot, you will also notice the green dot appearing in the same position as the orange dot. It represents the app accessing the camera. The green dot will keep appearing whenever any app gets access to your iPhone camera.

How Can you Disable the Orange Dots from Appearing on iPhone Screen?

Orange Dot on my iPhone

Since both orange and green dots are added to boost security and privacy, iPhone users can’t disable any of the options from appearing. However, those who have a hard time understanding the color can change the shape of the dot using the phone setting.

Use the following steps if you want to modify the way the orange dot appears on the screen:

  • Go to the settings option in the phone and scroll till you reach accessibility.
  • Click on the accessibility option.
  • Now, you find the display and text size menu. Tap on that.
  • Once you enter the display menu, you will get the option of “differentiate without color.” Tap the slider to activate the option.

option of differentiate without color

Activating the option will change the shape of the orange dot into a square, but the green dot remains the same in color and shape.

The primary function of the orange dot is to make the user aware whenever any app uses the microphone. You can see these apps swiping down whenever the dot appears.

To use the security features of the iPhone to their fullest potential, you can follow the following steps:

  • Set a strong passcode, making it difficult for the hackers to access.

Set a strong passcode in iPhone

Find My iPhone on

  • To help you get started, you can try accessing Apple’s websites or accounts.
  • For apps and websites requiring two-factor authentication, the code gets automatically generated within the iPhone, thereby eliminating the need for any additional apps to access the code.

Bottom Line

iPhone keeps adding new features with every update to boost user experience and control their privacy. The built-in features are enough to keep anyone from getting nefarious access to your data. The features also limit the amount of information available to third-party websites, and you can decide on the information you would like to share with the users.

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