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Win­dows 10 Taskbar Not Hid­ing in Full screen ? 8 Ways to Solve It

Win­dows 10 Taskbar: The Windows operating system might have lost its hold over a mobile system, but when it comes to computers and laptops, it is still the widely used operating system. Windows 10, the latest, is so far a great system to use. However, people might face a minor issue and will need some assistance, for example, while hiding the taskbar. Here we will discuss the best methods for Win­dows 10 Taskbar Not Hid­ing in Full screen.

Fix Win­dows 10 Taskbar Not Hiding in Full Screen 

Watching videos or using the full screen on Win­dows 10 Taskbar is also a great experience. So, if the Windows 10 taskbar is getting in your way and you are unable to enjoy the full-screen mode, we have come to your rescue. Here, we have mentioned some effective methods to fix Taskbar-not hiding errors.

Let’s dive in!

Method 1: Update and Restart

Update and Restart

One of the common reasons for Taskbar not hiding in your screen is the Windows version. If you have not updated your system for long, do it now. It is pretty easy, you just need to follow the instruction mentioned below:

Step1: Open setting, to do it quickly use the shortcut key Windows key +I

Step2: Click on the Update and security option.

Step3: Click on Check for updates button to see if a new update is available

Step4: If you find a new system update download immediately by clicking on the update button.

Method 2: Auto Hide Taskbar

Auto Hide Taskbar

The Windows 10 system comes with many Pc personalization options. One of these options is to hide the Taskbar automatically for the times it is not in use. The Taskbar will only appear on your screen when you move your mouse pointer to the end of your computer screen. 

Step1: Open setting, to do it quickly, use the shortcut key Windows key +I

Step2: Now click on Personalization option

Step3: Tap Taskbar appearing in the left window-pane

Step4: You will find a toggle button, click it ON

Now, when you move the mouse pointer to the end of your screen, the Taskbar will disappear and for the second time appear again. There is a separate option for those using Tablet mode.

Also, see if you can use full screen mode while you are watching videos or playing games on your Laptop or PC

Method 3: Hide Win­dows 10 Taskbar with F11

hide taskbar with f11

If you wish to quickly hide your Taskbar and enjoy full-screen mode, all you have to do Press the F11 shortcut key. Pretty easy, Right! You can bring your Taskbar again by pressing the F11 key from your keyboard.

This shortcut works for all Windows versions. You can use this shortcut whenever you want to hide the Taskbar; when you are using apps like file explorer or when you are watching a video in a video player like VLC.

Note that in some laptops pressing the F11 alone will not work, you will have to use the Fn key along with F11 key as the shortcut. This depends upon the computer model you use.

Method 4: Disable Notifications of Apps

Disable Notifications of Apps

Constant app notification can be one of the reasons why the Taskbar is not being hidden from your browser. When an app sends you a notification, it will be displayed on the app icon on the system tray. 

Although Windows 10 has fixed the problem with the Action Center, sometimes the error still pops out. You can hide the Taskbar by clicking on the app icon from the system tray. If the problem is caused by a single app, then delete the app and reinstall it in your system. If that doesn’t work, try to turn off app notification and senders. Follow the steps mentioned below:

Step1: Click the Windows button and tap on setting icon

Step2: Next, click System 

Step3: Go to Notification and actions

Step4: Look for ‘Get Notification’ for apps and senders and turn off the notification.

If you wish to turn off notification for a single app, then scroll down and look for the app to close the notification.

Method 5: Close hardware acceleration 

Close hardware acceleration 

Many users are unable to use full screen mode while using Chrome, for instance, online streaming content from Youtube. If this is the case with you, try disabling hardware acceleration on your browser. Follow all the steps mentioned below:

Step1: Open Chrome browser and click on the three-dotted menus appearing on the top-right corner of the browser.

Step2: Select Settings from the menu

Step3: Next move to Advanced Settings options.

Step4: Go to system and look for ‘Use hardware acceleration’ option

Step5: Click on the option to close it

Step6: Now close your chrome browser and start it again, check if you can now use fullscreen mode.

Method 6: Reset Chrome

reset chrome

If closing hardware acceleration on Chrome did not fix your problem, then resetting chrome setting to default might. Follow the steps given below:

Step1: Open Chrome and head to setting by clicking on the three-dotted menu as you did earlier.

Step2: Scroll to find the Advanced option

Step3: Go to Reset and clean up option and choose ‘Restore settings to their original format’’

Step4: Select Restore settings to their original defaults.

Step5: A pop-up message will appear to click on the Reset setting to confirm the action.

Now, all your chrome settings will change to its original format. This might fix the issue. If you want, you can always change back to your prior settings.

Method 7: Restart Windows explorer

Another method to fix this issue is to restart Windows explorer on your computer, this takes less time than restarting Windows 10. You might have to wait for a bit, but it can fix the error of Win­dows 10 Taskbar not hiding. Follow all the steps mentioned below:

Restart Windows explorer : Win­dows 10 Taskbar

Step1: Move your mouse to the Taskbar and right-click, select Taskbar manager from the menu. Also, you can try this with a shortcut, i.e. Ctrl+Shift+Esc

Step2: Now in the Task Manager, look around for the Apps column and go to Windows explorer.

Step3: Next right click and choose to restart. This will make Windows disappear momentarily. It can also shut down some of your apps, but that is totally fine. At Windows explorer, you have GUI-Graphical User Interface that helps you locate and navigate with Windows’ file system.

If the process seems lengthy, you can also use shortcut keys. Press Ctrl + shift keys and along with that right-click. The options will now be displayed at the bottom called Exit explorer.

Method 8: Switch to Alternative

Still not able to fix the taskbar hiding error? Try switching to Chrome’s alternative. Chrome is amazing for a windows computer, but sometimes it may trouble you with some errors. If the error is persistent, you can use the Canary browser instead of Chrome.

Canary is also a browser from Google, which is designed for developers as well as early adopters. This browser may be new to you, but it works fine. Also, there are many other alternatives to chrome browsers like Firebox, Safari, opera and more, so try them out.


We hope the blog came to your assistance. Do let us know which one of these methods helped you. If you have tried other fixes apart from the one mentioned below, you can share them with us. 

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