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21 Ways: How To Take Perfect Selfies with iPhone


The first-ever selfie was taken by Robert Cornelius in 1839. However, due to the lack of technology, we haven’t shot so many pictures in those days. But, nowadays, clicking a selfie is one of the latest trends going all over the world. With the advancement in technology and smartphones, a perfect click is just a step away. The recent pop culture also makes us use our cameras more than we think. You would be surprised by the fact that the word selfie is placed in the Oxford Dictionary.

taking perfect selfie

How to Take a Good Selfie with iPhone

Every social media platform, especially Instagram, is full of people’s selfie pictures. Why are selfies popular nowadays? The answer is very simple. It is the best way to show off your new look, make-up, and a new hairstyle.

However, just as taking a photo is an art the same is the case when you want to take a selfie. Not every selfie counts as a good one. A bit of facial expression and innovative ideas should be there if you want to click an amazing selfie. In this article, we have represented some useful and cool tips that can help you click a gorgeous selfie on your iPhone. Therefore, without wasting much time, let’s jump to the tips:


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How to Click a Best Selfie: Here are the Tips

The following tips are very vital in taking the perfect selfie. Once you go through all the tips, we are sure that your next selfie would be the best of all that you have captured till now.

1. Get the Light right

You might have noticed that sometimes the iPhone camera automatically changes the brightness level. Besides, it overdoes the exposure of the subject. In such a scenario, you need to be sure that the subject is your face. So, tap on your face in order to avoid capturing other objects of the room. This way, you will surely get better selfies.

Apart from this, to adjust the exposure levels, you can manually slide your finger up and down until you are satisfied with the result. For capturing the best selfies, you must stand in a way that the light source remains behind the camera. You should avoid direct sunlight while taking selfies. By avoiding unwanted light and reflection, you can always click a natural photograph.

2. Focus on you

focus in iphone selfie

While taking a selfie, it is necessary that the focus remains on your face. However, if you move the iPhone even slightest, it would notice the movement and lose its focus from your face. And, it is not what you want. Hence, you need to lock the exposure. To do this, press and hold on the screen in order to bring out the AE/AF lock on the screen.

Now, you are free to move your iPhone wherever you want. Due to AE/AF lock, you find that the exposure level would remain still until you tap intentionally on the screen again. This feature was added to the iPhone back in 2012 and is quite handy while taking selfies.

3. Flash the camera

Flash the camera in iphone

Since the introduction of the flash feature in the iPhone 6S, you can now shoot selfies even in the low light. While taking a selfie, you can use the device screen as a flash, and to do this, all you need to do is tap on the flash icon and toggle it on.

This feature analysis the surrounding light and then applies the right tone of light through the screen so the exposure level does not wash out. Sometimes, with a  regular flashlight, you tend to get an unclear selfie. However, this feature would only give the best result in low light. On the contrary, we still prefer that you move your phone to a brighter place rather than using flash in low light. Just a thought!

4. Change the color

Have you ever been in a situation when you have been suffering from a bad skin condition? It won’t be a good idea to take a selfie in such a situation as it can be unpleasant. Slightest change on your face can be noticed in the selfie due to the default color settings of your iPhone. Therefore, you must change the color settings.

color setting in selfie

Don’t overdo the Make-up or cover your face. You only need to adjust the color settings and filters. Ultimately, you have two options to set up the settings. Either do it before clicking the selfie or later edit the photograph by using photo editors.

5. Pick a Portrait mode

portrait mode

If you are lucky enough to own an iPhone X, then you would surely be used to taking astonishing selfies. The feature called Smart Portrait can bring much shine to your selfies. By using a TrueDepth camera, you can take a selfie as if it is taken in the studio. However, sometimes, with the low light, it won’t be able to generate a classic shot.

Apart from that, you always get a good shot, and you will be pleased with the amazing selfie. People don’t really believe how good an Apple device can capture pictures. Just in case you missed it, here is a fact! All images are taken in bright light, and appear decent. Moreover, with portrait mode, there will be a touch of beauty and liveliness. 

6. Go live

If you own iPhone 6S Plus or later, you can take Live Photos with the selfie camera: this takes a progression of stills when you press the camera button. On the off chance that you take a Live Photo and at that point open it in Photos, you can swipe between each still to locate the best picture – simply ensure you pick one that is in the center.

If you wish you can, at that point, turn off the Live component on that specific photograph so that you just get the best piece. On the off chance that you don’t have the Live Photos alternative, squeezing and holding down on the shade empowers burst mode, which takes a progression of pics in close succession.

7. Don’t touch the screen

More often than not, your selfie gets spoiled because you touch the screen to capture the image. Instead of tapping on the screen, you can use volume buttons or earpods as a camera shutter. This way, you can avoid taking blurry selfies in the first place. Moreover, if you use an Apple watch, then you can use any of the camera apps to take a perfect selfie.

It is obvious that the more you keep your iPhone stable, the better selfie you can take. Hold the Camera with both the hands to avoid blurry images. You can also use the self-timer feature so that, you can adjust the screen before you press the camera shutter.

8. Crop it

The best way to bring more beauty and liveliness into the selfie is by editing it. You would have the option to crop the image and remove unwanted details from it. Open Photos app, select any of the selfies, and press Edit. Here, you can crop, rotate, filter the image as per your need.

Take note that if you’re using your selfie as a profile photo, then you should delete additional background to make it more sharp. Moreover, if you want to click a selfie for Instagram, we suggest you take a selfie in square mode. This would save your time since you won’t have to crop your image while uploading it on Instagram.

9. Get on the express

You can download Photoshop express in order to take a perfect selfie. It has the best feature that automatically fixes the photo, and has an amazing filter to edit your selfie. You can always play around with the original image, and bring out the new image by applying different shades and filters. More importantly, you won’t lose the original selfie from your device.

10. Keep away from the bland

Since taking a selfie feels like a routine, why not to fill it with candid poses and facial expressions. One can add more value to the selfie with its crazy expression that carries some story behind it. A fake pose won’t always create a decent selfie, you should add different reactions while taking a selfie.

Furthermore, whenever you are sending a selfie to your friends or uploading it on any social media platform; you should add some character to it. Your facial image must speak your personality, so it is necessary to provide a touch of excellent filters. Moreover, as we know, every image shows emotion. So rather than giving a fake smile, it is better to input emotions that display a specific context.

11. Size up a square shot

We all are fond of social media, and moreover, we never miss the chance to upload photos on different platforms. Same goes with the selfies, every now and then, we upload selfies on Instagram and share with our loved ones. In such a case, it is better to have a fitting selfie so that you do not need to crop it. Therefore, it is advised to take a perfect sized shot using a square shot.

12. Use the volume button or a remote shutter

use volume buttons for selfie

Rather than touching the screen to take a selfie, it is apt to press the volume button. The latest iPhone comes with an appropriate size. Now, you can easily hold your iPhone while taking a selfie. The design of the iPhone enables you to place your thumb on the volume button whenever you position your hand for selfie action.

Once you arrange your iPhone in this manner, you will get a clear selfie. This way, undoubtedly, you can prevent your phone from slipping from your hand.

13. Click a shot from the right angle

If you ask any professional photographer for a few tips, he/she would admit that the angle plays a very important role in photography. Positioning and angles play pivotal roles in shooting amazing selfies. You might have noticed that you would get unpleasant selfies if you angle your phone below your face. On the other hand, if you keep the phone above your eye level, you will end up with weird looking selfies.

Have you ever heard about magical selfie angles? This is the perfect right angle that originates with the help of your arm and upper body. Putting your iPhone just above your chest would give you an astonishing selfie experience. However, if you want to capture more than two people in your selfie, we suggest you to use selfie-stick.

14. Freeze moving things with burst mode

Freeze moving things with burst mode

One of the prime highlights of the iPhone would be its burst mode. This feature is most used and popular among iPhone users. It is possible to capture a moving object with the help of burst mode. Moreover, with the iPhone, you will have the option to use burst mode in front camera. Nowadays, by using burst mode, you can capture a multitude of selfies at once.

Moreover, you are also given an additional feature along with burst mode. An extra mode lets you select the best click from the different versions of the photos. With burst mode, you would end up with so many amazing options to make selfie look excellent.

15. Adjust exposure manually

This could be one of the hottest ways to take a selfie. If you are able to adjust the exposure level manually, then you would happily take an excellent selfie. However, it is not quite tough to adjust the level. With a few easy steps and touches, you can adjust the exposure level. This will also make a huge difference in selfies.

To adjust the exposure manually, simply touch on the specific object that you want to focus on. Once you touch the screen, you would notice a yellow square along with the sun appearing on the screen. Now, swipe up or swipe down respectively for increasing or decreasing the exposure level.

16. Get the most out of flash

Low light environment could ruin your selfie, but not if you have a flash feature on your iPhone. In most cases, you will get a dull selfie with a low-lit environment. However, if you can use most of the flash features, then your problem will be solved easily.

Whenever you decide to click a selfie in low light, don’t forget to tap on the flash icon. This icon is provided at the top left corner. Tap on the flash icon, and then only press the shutter button for a perfect selfie shoot.

17. Mirror on the wall

Normally, whenever we experiment with our face and hair, we take a selfie to show it to our friends. Moreover, we upload it on Facebook and Instagram, to seek opinions from others. However, taking a snap with the back camera is not a bad idea. Just place yourself in front of the mirror, and you are ready to go.

There comes two advantages when you click a selfie with the back camera. First, you can clearly set the frame of the square. Secondly, the result will be sharper and clearer than the one that is captured by the front camera.

18. Lighting is more important while taking a selfie

selfie with lights

A dull photo is a result of poor lighting. Either you are shooting a normal photo or a selfie, lighting is a key factor. Even if you have good camera features and resolution, bad lighting always spoils your desire for a decent selfie.

Too much brightness can also ruin your photograph. Therefore, make sure that whenever you decide to click a selfie outdoors, you must turn off the flash. Having said that, if you are willing to take a selfie indoor, then do not stand with your back towards the light. An accurate level of lighting would be wonderful; try to avoid darkness and too much brightness. The best selfies would be those which are taken in natural light.

19. Use iPhone self-timer app

This is one such technique that enables you to take a perfect selfie. A technique called self-timer would work absolutely great for an amazing selfie. There are so many third-party self-timer apps available on the Apple Store. Once you install it, thereafter, there are only a few steps to get the magical selfie. To do so, stable your phone with rigid support. Next, turn on the timer and stand in front of the camera. The app will automatically do the rest of the work.

20. Use selfie stick


This is a modern way to take a perfect selfie. Imagine yourself on tour with loved ones, and with a selfie-stick, you can capture so many moments. Nowadays, Selfie-sticks are available as a tripod too so that there is no fear of awkward selfies. Moreover, when there are more than two people, selfie-stick would be the best tool to use to frame all the members in one single shoot.

21. Use a third-party camera App

As we all know that Apple does not have any loose ends when it comes to providing a complete package of camera. However, having a third-party camera app is not a bad idea. It only adds more options to the camera features. You can find many such apps on the App store. These apps come with some exceptional features. Hence, if you want to enhance your photography skills, then you should try them out.

Final Thoughts 

That’s all. These are some vital tips that we wanted to share with you to enhance your photography skills. You are the only one who can justify a selfie, and tell how good it is after knowing the tips. If you have any particular tip by which a selfie can become better, do share with us. Also let us know which specific tip you have used to take a perfect selfie from the above-mentioned hacks.

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