Top 5+ Android Launchers for Completely new Look of Your Phone

The popularity of Android is not unknown to us. In 2019, Android has dominance over mobile operating systems and it is ruling the market for sure. Have you ever thought what can be the prime reason behind it? According to various researches, Android is ruling market because of the flawless customization opportunities it provides to its user base.

One of such customizable parts of Android is Mobile Launcher. Before knowing about the best android launchers of the market, get a brief idea about what an Android launcher is and how it can be useful for your mobile.

What is Android Launchers?

An Android launcher can also be defined as mobile’s desktop. It is the user interface of the phone that can also be known as home screen of the mobile. Android launcher is the operating system of the phone that allows the customers to operate their phones for downloading app, making phone calls, accessing social media and so on.

Every android phone has a default launcher to get access to the basic features like the contact list, messages, clock, calendar etc. However, using a third-party launcher is good for you as it allows you to enjoy a plethora of customizable features.

To save you from the hassle of browsing through Play Store for finding the best Android launcher for your phone, here is the list of top 5 Android Launchers. These apps are described in details. Read on and decide which one can be the best for your device.

#1 Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

You can find Nova launcher topping the list of Google Plays Store when we search for best Android Launchers. This application can be easily downloaded and also be regarded as ‘butterly’ smooth. It is not only fast but also filled with customizable features. It supports notification badges, dock customization and more. You can create separate app drawer on your home screen.

Apart from this, brilliant features like icon and folder customization, support for app shortcuts, and many more are available on this launcher. If you are planning to download this launcher, do not forget to give a look at best Nova launchers themes and icon packs.

#2 Evie Launcher

Evie Launcher

If you want to use one of the fastest launchers for android, Evie launcher should be your ultimate choice. It has been found that recently more than 20% of Android users have switched to this launcher. Due to its hassle-free smoothness, user-friendly interface and classy themes, it has gained immense popularity among the youth.

It has a universal search feature that lets you search within your apps from one place. It also allows you to choose from different search engines. It is a lightweight app that guarantees speed. The surprising part is it comes for free! DOWNLOAD WITHOUT DELAY!

#3 Apex

Apex launcher

If you want a visually stunning launcher, Apex launcher is best for you. It has thousands of themes and icon packs that you can easily download from Play Store. You can optimize the app both from Android Smartphones or Android Tablets.

The best feature of Apex is that it has 9 customizable home screen options. You can hide your unused and less important apps in the app drawer. Additionally, you can also tally how much data it takes for downloading new apps. Go for it and enjoy a smooth app! You can also purchase the pro option to unlock many more brilliant features and many customizable options.

#4 Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher 5

The best feature of Smart Launcher 5 is its app categorizing facility. If you are a gamer and want a separate app drawer for your Android games, go for Smart Launcher today. When you go for initial installation, you can separate the default app into a separate category. Further, you can mute notifications from the default app while playing any game.

No pop-ups or notifications can bother you while you are busy to cross the 5th level of your favourite game. It is also smooth and fast and affordable at the same time. The basic version is free. However, you have to buy the premium version.

#5 ADW Launcher 2

ADW Launcher 2

This app will almost make you feel that you are the most privileged person. It gives you the opportunity to explore the plethora of customizable options. It supports a unique feature of changing interface color, according to your wallpaper.

Moreover, it also has icon badges, app drawers, app indexing and many more exciting features. It is also fast and affordable at the same time. Don’t you think using this app will make you a trendy person of 2019? Then what are you waiting for?

So which Android Launchers will be on your List?

Did you find this list to be useful for making your phone look trendy and smart? Go for one of these Android launchers and enhance the looks and performance of your phone. Do share your thoughts with us!

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